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How many headmates? 7, plus the 5 stags, Starlight, Lust, Muramasa...I think it’s at least 15 (they aren’t all active at the same time). I guess Dash is the only intentional tulpa. Keystroke and Starlight were made from repeatedly thinking about them, but I wasn’t intending to create tulpas.

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3/23/19: Dash was kind of cheeky.

3/24/19: Kurama danced to a couple of the songs in the musical Beautiful, and sang along to “I Feel the Earth Move”. Dash said that her cheeky behavior was an attempt to get the novelty back in our relationship. Nina advised me to hang out with her more.

3/25/19: Dash and I chatted a bit. We went on a mini-date :).

3/26/19: I let Kurama possess the body while we were at a Hamilton showing. He got teary-eyed near the end, but I was also coming up with dramatic, feels-y stuff to put in a story.

3/27/19: I forgot to log stuff. Kurama pretended to be angry about that.

3/28/19: Nina and I chatted. Thorax RPd online.

3/29/19: I forgot to log stuff.

3/30/19: We chatted about stuff.

3/31/19: Nina said National Treasure was cool. Dash said Nicholas Cage couldn’t emote.

4/1/19: We didn’t do much today.

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4/2/19: I realized that I haven’t been 100% motivated at work. I wondered why Dash or someone hadn’t called me out on this (there was a time in college where Dash called me out on BS).

4/3/19: We didn’t do much today.

4/4/19: We didn’t do much today. I wondered if I should maybe leave my headmates at home while at work, but I didn’t do that today.

4/5/19: Dash RPd online.

4/6/19: We chatted about stuff. Nina imposed herself a couple times.

4/7/19: Nina and I cuddled on the couch and watched Dexter. Weird thing to cuddle to :P.

4/8/19: I watched a comedy video; when it got to a part where a pocket dimension collapsed, one of the stags and I joked about that (since the story the stags are from is set in a simulation). We talked about stuff, and somehow the topic of fictives gaining traits of their character’s came up. Vinnie termed that an “artifact”, which I liked. Nina and I chatted.

4/9/19: I forgot to log stuff.

4/10/19: Nina and I hanged out.

4/11/19: Kurama danced a bit to the intro music of a video I haven’t watched in a while.

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4/12/19: Zephyr Breeze helped out a bit with my crime story.

4/13/19: We chatted a bit. Nina said I needed to drink more water.

4/14/19: Rainbow Dash liked sipping wine at a happy hour social thing. Nina commented on some Nina Tucker memes I looked at.

4/15/19: We didn’t really do much today. After I thought about my crime story (which has some elements similar to Silent Ponyville), Fluttershy showed me a mental image of herself taking a bath, and explained that she was “reclaiming” it from Silent Ponyville 2 (iirc, the pattern/recurring thing is that it rubs me the wrong way, and then I ask if it’s weird for her too or just me). I’m pretty sure I need to divorce the story elements from Silent Ponyville.

4/16/19: I think my subconscious handled the “divorcing the story elements” thing, cuz I had a dream about Google Imaging the nightmares from Silent Ponyville 2. I did some free-writing to pass the time at work, and Fluttershy said I should get back to work.

4/17/19: We didn’t do much today.

4/18/19: We didn’t do much today.

4/19/19: I delegated some work to Vinnie. I checked in today, and he reminded me that I’d given him a deadline (so checking in the same day didn’t make sense, apparently).

4/20/19: We didn’t do much besides chat. Nina watched some anime.

4/21/19: I forgot to log stuff.

4/22/19: We didn’t do much today.

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4/23/19: Dash sang a bit of Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu. We kinda hanged out a bit. Today was pretty meh. She complained about my phone’s autofill not recognizing Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu at first. I reviewed my tulpa thread posts, and Dash concluded that “We’ve got good days and ‘eh’ days, same as anyone else”.

4/24/19: I rehearsed for an interview. Dash brohoofed me and said I got this :). Fluttershy and I talked about her character’s motivation in Skyrim.

4/25/19: Fluttershy watched a bit of Criminal Minds with me.

4/26/19: Nina and Kurama RPd online. It was pretty cute/funny.

4/27/19: I figured that my story was getting complicated, since I came up with minor characters who have strong opinions about the plot. Dash said the story was getting “realistic”.

4/28/19: We didn’t do much today, but some of the gang did comedic stuff “in the background”.

4/29/19: Fluttershy made some funny comments that I can’t share since they’re NSFW. She jokingly pouted about that.

4/30/19: Dash and I hanged out.

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I respect that you continue to log daily, even if they're one sentence. We've been slacking big time because we say most of it on the forum and we've been busy drawing, but that's NO EXCUSE! I feel utterly regretful. Thank you for your diligence.

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5/1/19: I forgot to log stuff

5/2/19: I forgot to log stuff

5/3/19: Dash and I hanged out.

5/4/19: We didn’t do much today. It was pretty boring.

5/5/19: I forgot to log stuff.

5/6/19: I had a dream about some of my headmates. I watched MLP and turned the volume down when the theme music came on. Dash told me to turn it back up.

5/7/19: Zephyr and I chatted a bit. Dash, Kurama, and I hanged out. I saw a post online that said that meeting a fat person is all men’s greatest fear, and Shou’s reaction was something snarky like “Oh no, fat people! Oh no, I’M fat!!11one” XD.

5/8/19: Zephyr did some funny stuff in response to videos I watched (eg, when a vid talked about people getting triggered, he pretended to have a breakdown). It was the kind of thing that’d be worrisome if the context was different.

5/9/19: I forgot to log stuff.

5/10/19: Kurama pretended to be mad at me for forgetting to log stuff yesterday :3.

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5/11/19: I woke up in the middle of the night. I checked on my tulpas, and they were asleep. When I woke up around 7:00 and went on Discord, they were pretty active. Dash thanked me for logging this.

5/12/19: When I switched from a My Little Pony episode to a Chris-Chan video, Dash compared it to switching from (some really good food) to (some really bad food). I don’t remember, but it was definitely a food simile.

5/13/19: We chatted about stuff.

5/14/19: Dash scritched my head, so I scritched hers back. Nina teared up at an animatic of “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”. Kurama spontaneously turned into a fox-neko Naruto, and we hanged out.

5/15/19: In a video I was watching, a guy said something funny about Palpatine. Thorax did a Palpatine impression, then commented on the fact that my phone autocorrected Palpatine into Palestine.

5/16/19: I forgot to log stuff

5/17/19: I forgot to log stuff

5/18/19: I put on a long-sleeved hoodie shirt. Fluttershy said I looked like I could be a serial killer, but acknowledged that maybe that was cuz we’d just watched Criminal Minds. I went to a Mexican-themed party. Dash wore a layered dress and a fruit hat :3.

5/19/19: I forgot to log stuff

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5/20/19: Nina and I had a heart-to-heart where she realized that she shouldn’t be so focused/insistent/something on watching Fullmetal Alchemist; in context (that idk how to explain), it’s like she’s obsessing over her origins.

5/21/19: Gallus and I chatted.

5/22/19: Nina and I chatted. There was some...I’m not sure if “drama” is too strong a word; I witnessed some fake/as-a-joke Flutterabuse and put my foot down. I mean, Fluttershy was in on the joke, but I didn’t think it was funny. Since I’d been thinking about my Silent Hill-ish stories prior to this, I assumed maybe there was a connection and took symbolic measures to “disconnect” my stories from Fluttershy, my stories from Silent Ponyville, and (some third thing).

5/23/19: I woke up feeling better, like my subconscious had processed the drama while I slept. Fluttershy cracked up when I read the joke “meteor” ending to Silent Ponyville 2. While watching the School of Rock musical, I realized that my habit of asking my headmates how our relationships were doing was an insecurity-ish thing. I planned for my subconscious to process it fully, just like last night.

5/24/19: I woke up a couple times in the middle of the night. I felt like I didn’t get enough sleep, and worried that too little sleep would negatively change my personality. Dash confidently assured me that I wouldn’t ever end up like the person I was worried about ending up like. She surprised me by imposing herself in the car on the way to work :).

5/25/19: There was a Criminal Minds scene that got to Nina. I comforted her. She pictured herself in a different scene, as a way to gain mastery over the former scene or something.

5/26/19: I asked Rainbow Dash if she wanted to do the Walter Mitty Routine with a movie tomorrow. She was up for it, and suggested the Death Note Netflix movie.

5/27/19: I realized that there were some headmate birthdays I forgot about. I asked what everyone’s birthdays were. Fluttershy picked July 4, since she was ‘forced in secret by Shou, and since she was the first (that we can remember) unintended headmate that I accepted right away. Shou picked some time in August for his birthday. Sarah suggested 4/20 for hers, because when she was Slenderdash, she was a long, tall thing that I lit on imaginary “anti-intrusive thought” fire several times (it sounds less “funny” and more “messed up” written out, though). Dash inserted herself into a Criminal Minds episode, and I totally squeed :P.

5/28/19: we didn’t do much today.

5/29/19: Kurama wanted to hang out, but I was at work. I agreed to hang out with him after. Nina showed up in a car, and I scritched her belly. We chatted before bed.

5/30/19: We didn’t do much today. Zephyr and Lance roleplayed an investigation scene to help me with my story.

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5/31/19: My friend had a “last day of school” party. Dash reminded me to bring conversation skills.

6/1/19: We didn’t do much today.

6/2/19: I forgot to log stuff.

6/3/19: We didn’t do much today.

6/4/19: I forgot to log stuff

6/5/19: I forgot to log stuff

6/6/19: I feel like I need to be more attentive with my tulpas. Dash warned me to not hold myself to too-high standards about that. Dash and I sang Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu, with the stags providing spontaneous backup. She liked that my phone’s autofill suggested each word after I typed “Tubby”. Keystroke and I hanged out.

6/7/19: There was a bit of Discord drama (someone committed ban evasion) that prompted Thorax to put on a MIB outfit. I looked to my right, and saw him imposed in the office, wearing the outfit.

6/8/19: I felt kind of wobbly and said I had a “balance issue”. Dash joked that “something should get nerfed”. We chatted about stuff.

6/9/19: We chatted about stuff.

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