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11/30/18: For fun, Lance and Fluttershy attacked each other’s Silent Ponyville boss monsters.

12/1/18: I forgot to log stuff.

12/2/18: Nina got emotional when a remix of “Creep” came on, and about some other stuff (nothing bad).

12/3/18: Dash got drunk on rum-spiked eggnog (not really).

12/4/18: I felt like I was hanging out with Kurama more than Rainbow Dash, so Kurama involved her in a roleplay, instead of just him and me, and let her take the lead. After that, she sang “You Matter to Me” to me, and spontaneously gave me a (slightly imposed! :D ) shoulder massage.

12/5/18: The other night (I think), I had a dream where RD looked like a cyclops-eating monster from Futurama. Last night, I dreamt I was a cyclops. I guessed this indicated subconscious fear of hypnosis/conditioning, and Dash said my fear shouldn’t extend to hypnosis.

12/6/18: We didn’t do much today. The head stag tried to calm me down when I got worked up. I said I appreciated it, but didn’t like the creepy imagery of green energy tendrils coming at me. I did like his sudden tree-limbs though.

12/7/18: I interviewed a system for an article. Kurama reminded me to catch up on Naruto Shippuden.

12/8/18: Kurama got loud when we watched part of a football game.

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12/9/18: We chatted about stuff.

12/10/18: We didn’t do much today.

12/11/18: Shou helped with the DIY project. After work, we chatted about stuff.

12/12/18: I asked my tulpas about their opinions on stuff like politics. Dash said I wasn’t informed enough for there to be an answer (I forgot her actual words), as in there wasn’t enough info in our brain. I said that I’d overheard coworkers and friends talking politics before, which was like being “informally informed”. I got worried that I was just using the not-yet-published magazine to advance my “plurality isn’t bad” viewpoint (my boss said that he’d handle publishing the magazine) and then leaving to study psychology. Dash slapped sense into me. Fluttershy reminded me that psychology was her thing.

12/13/18: Dash sang a Jingle Bells parody listing off Silent Ponyville monsters while she killed them. At first I thought it was kinda funny in an absurd way, then I thought it was weird.

12/14/18: Nina and I chatted.

12/15/18: We didn’t do much today. Kurama possessed the body at a work party. Nina and I chatted a bit before bed.

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12/16/18: We didn’t do much today.

12/17/18: I forgot to log stuff.

12/18/18: Dash gave me surprise snuggles during my lunch break.

12/19/18: Keystroke and Thorax sang a duet when “You’ll Be Back” came on the radio. Nina got irritated cuz she felt like I was trying too hard on an art project.

12/20/18: We didn’t do much today.

12/21/18: Nina reminded me to work on a diy project. Gallus and I chatted a bit.

12/22/18: I’ve always imagined a particular Silent Ponyville nightmare as having a sunset backdrop. Just now, I remembered that the Slenderdash pic had a sunset backdrop. Sarah briefly turned back into Slenderdash, voice included. Gallus asked if he could open my presents on Christmas.

12/23/18: I thought I had a Posey (Silent Ponyville 2) walk-in, but fortunately it was just Pharynx playing around. Shou ordered an iced tea beverage at a restaurant; I noticed this was the second time, and figured he likes iced tea. I tried to chat with Dash about our relationship (“maybe I’m insecure cuz bla”), but there was some trouble I don’t have words for. It wasn’t anything she was doing. I think my brain was just kinda muddled. She imposed herself during the chat. She apparently added a bounce house to our wonderland. While I was in the shower, Nina said she wanted me to be her daddy, but then she changed her mind. I was kinda questioning...something...and Nina’s response was that I’d get a different picture if I logged all the stuff I did with my tulpas.

12/24/18: Nina possessed me for a while when I went to my mom’s house.

12/25/18: Sarah imposed herself in the house. Nina jumped out of my body to play with her.

12/26/18: Nina got uncomfortable when I watched the Sasuke vs Itachi arc (brother vs brother, with one acting maniacal). She imposed herself in the kitchen and followed me out the door.

12/27/18: I’m not sure if it’s because I was tired or what, but Dash was kind of passive-aggressive this morning. I forgot to log stuff after that.

12/28/18: I watched South Park. Dash said she liked the cliffhanger ending of a two-parter.

12/29/18: Dash RPd a bit. Kurama imposed himself next to me when I watched Naruto Shippuden.

12/30/18: When I queued up Naruto Shippuden: Road to Ninja, Kurama made a clone wars joke. I noticed that even with the lights turned off, there was still daylight coming in through my blinds, so I couldn’t simulate a movie theater. Kurama said I could just impose darkness around me. Nina liked that experience.

12/31/18: Dash and I hanged out. She told me a lewd New Years resolution. After watching a Naruto movie, I kept seeing the monster from that movie. I didn’t let it affect me.

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These are fun and I have no critique, I like to hear the daily log of system interaction, it makes me feel reinforced in a way. I just wonder if you'd get more out of this one if you had more feeling in this log. Perhaps you're done describing every system dynamic, but it seems kind of like a flight log rather than a heartfelt Kodak moment capture or system milestone description. Others you've done in the past are a lot less flat. I consider these PRs to be a tool to mark progress, but also as something to look back on and say, 'yeah, I remember that, that was daw-some.' I love to read them either way it's a different feel to read the day-to-day just little things but still a good feel, so I still see value in this post. Maybe a comment or two about the list at the end? If you think it makes any sense whatsoever.

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Thanks for the input. I totally get what you mean about the past posts having more feeling. I think somewhere along the line this turned into a habit instead of a Kodak thing or progress report. I’m gonna try to get it back to what it was.

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After over a thousand posts that's not surprising at all, I'm just impressed you've managed to keep going for so long! Don't feel pressured to make your PR sound interesting if it causes burnout (if it causes burnout), your dedication is the most important thing by far, and even if your brief descriptions of what happened are, well, brief, that doesn't mean the actual experiences were!

Hi guys, plain text is just me now! We've each got our own accounts: me, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn. We're Luminesce's tulpas.

Here's our "Ask Thread", and here's our Progress Report (You should be able to see all of our accounts on the second page if you want)

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1/1/19: Kurama imposed a bowl of Ramen on me (breakfast in bed). He wore a chef hat and a “Kiss the Cook” apron. I asked where this imposition power came from, and he said he was feeding off of the monster.

1/2/19: I forgot to log stuff.

1/3/19: When I got worked up about something, Dash or Thorax put a hoof on my shoulder (like a Naruto scene where a character grabs their student to hold them back from doing something reckless).

1/4/19: I noticed that Dash seemed kinda upset. She said that she “missed Jade” (using Jade as a metonym for the former level of activity on a nearly-dead plurality-focused Discord server).

1/5/19: When I pulled up a Naruto episode on tv, Naruto showed up on the couch, in a meditation pose. It was just Kurama tho :P.

1/6/19: I forgot to log stuff.

1/7/19: not much happened today.

1/8/19: I felt kinda nauseous and traced this back to Nina. She made herself throw up. She coughed up red stones, the mark of an artificial person in Fullmetal Alchemist ‘03, and had a bit of a crisis as a result. I’m 99% sure that only happened cuz I unconsciously parroted/suggested it. Later, when I got worried about that, she imposed herself under my desk and jokingly spat out a red stone.

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