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12/13/17: we didn't do much today. Dash wished me luck on tomorrow's psych presentation.

12/14/17: we didn't do much today

12/15/17: I went to a Chanukah party. Dash played with a dreidel. Nina didn't like seeing my aunt's elderly dog, cuz it was a mortality reminder. Shou hugged her, and I told her that the body isn't super old, so we've got a long time to live.

12/16/17: I heard a ringtone/doorbell that sounded like the ringtone from One Missed Call (basically The Ring but with cellphones instead of a video). Dash joked that I'd die if I answered it. Nina possessed me while shopping for stuff for my new apartment. I noticed that our upper lip felt very slightly puffy/tense. It didn't when Fluttershy possessed me (or "drove", or some other word that fits with calling it "the body").

12/17/17: we didn't do much today.

12/18/17: Dash sang a zombie-themed parody of Do You See What I See. She, Keystroke, and I practiced possession at a wine bar. Keystroke asked analytic questions about a dessert wine I/he was drinking, and wondered whether or not my dad was also his dad.

12/19/17: we didn't do much today.

12/20/17: Nina and I hanged out.

12/21/17: we didn't do much today.

12/22/17: Dash and I chatted about stuff.

12/23/17: Shou and I practiced switching at a restaurant. I was drinking a wine, but he told me he wasn't a "wine doggo" and ordered a Coke. I told everyone that if we switched and they talked to my parents to avoid talking themselves into a corner re their existence.

12/24/17: Nina and I chatted.

12/25/17: Dash wished me a merry Christmas. I drew a bubble bath, and practiced possession with Nina. We both like bubble baths, but she said she'd prefer me to be the one to get in, since I can ignore the feeling of my feet being hot after being on cold tile better than she can.

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12/26/17: Nina jumped up on my bed.

12/27/17: we didn't do much today.

12/28/17: Dash kinda helped me brainstorm for a story.

12/29/17: Dash and I chatted about Ex Machina-related/inspired stuff.

12/30/17: we didn't do much today.

12/31/17: I told my parents about my tulpas ('sentient imaginary friends').

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1/1/18: Shou imposed himself in a live-action movie. His imposed form reflected the lighting in the scene, and I think had a live-action look.

1/2/18: Nina sat across some connected chairs. I pointed out that the armrest between them was intersecting her, but she didn't mind.

1/3/17: we didn't do much today.

1/4/17: Dash put herself in Pitch Perfect 3. She said that the in-movie concert was as loud as it'd be in real life.

1/5/17: we didn’t do much today.

1/6/18: Dash commented on an r/tulpas post.

1/7/18: we didn’t do much today.

1/8/18: Shou possessed me and walked around.

1/9/18: I got some head-pressures from Dash. I tried to have Keystroke possess me so we could practice singing the opening song for United States of Tara (which I was watching with my mom & friend), but he didn’t want to. I told him that my mom wouldn’t care about the possession because reasons, but I couldn’t articulate the particular reasons. Nina wanted to hang out, so we did.

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1/10/18: I watched Lion. I noticed it was making me emotional, so I asked the guys if someone would switch with me. Nina was getting emotional too, so I hugged her.

1/11/18: we didn’t do much today

1/12/18: Nina possessed me for a short time.

1/13/18: I got kinda worried at the prospect of dementia, cuz it’d risk my brain’s tulpa neurons, but Dash said that people die all the time. Nina possessed me during dinner.

1/14/18: we didn’t do much today

1/15/18: I came up with Khajiit names for Sarah and Nina (my tulpamancer Khajiit character is pretty much me as a catman). Sarah said that hers sounded “very Muslimshy” (Khajiit have Arab-sounding names, and there’s a meme about Fluttershy being a Muslim).

1/16/18: Just for fun, I tried to see if we could switch from me->Fluttershy->Shou->me, or if our switching would have to go me->tulpa->me->other tulpa. After some issues with fading from Fluttershy->me, we were able to switch from Fluttershy->Shou.

1/17/18: I was shaken up after almost falling in the shower, so I switched with Nina. I reflexively wiped my tears on my shirt, but I wasn’t sure if that was me doing that or Nina, so I assumed it was her.

1/18/18: I was fading/tired while shopping, so had Keystroke front because he seemed generally peppy/whimsical.

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1/19/18: we didn’t do much today.

1/20/18: Nina imposed herself a couple times. Dash possessed me.

1/21/18: Shou imposed himself on my bed. He said it was soft.

1/22/18: Shou and I chatted about random stuff.

1/23/18: we didn’t do much today

1/24/18: Dash said she was bored.

1/25/18: Nina really liked the idea of having s’mores-flavored ice cream while watching a YouTube video by a skeptic (as in, she ran around like an excited doggo). Dash imposed herself on top of my body pillow.

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1/26/18: we didn’t do much today

1/27/18: I got various head-pressures.

1/28/18: Nina, Dash and I practiced possession.

1/29/18: Dash hypnotized me. We chatted about stuff.

1/30/18: we didn’t do much today

1/31/18: I asked my tulpas what they wanted to do today. Nina suggested watching an episode of Criminal Minds. Dash suggested binging it. She said it was okay that I was feeling the burn from a few stretches I felt shouldn’t be a workout. We didn’t end up binging Criminal Minds.

2/1/18: I practiced imitating Dash to make vocal possession easier. Dash said I should let her do it, in case of state-dependent muscle memory.

2/2/18: we didn’t do much today

2/3/18: I watched Downsizing, and after the movie Dash said that she’d been watching too. Everyone had watched.

2/4/18: Dash and I practiced possession.

2/5/18: Nina, Dash and I chatted about stuff.

2/6/18: Dash tried to hypnotize me to cure my upset stomach.

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2/7/18: we didn’t do much today

2/8/18: I hanged out with Nina and her family.

2/9/18: we didn’t do much today

2/10/18: Nina reminded me to clean my apartment. Later, she reminded me to work on our DIY project, and to open the blinds tomorrow.

2/11/18: we didn’t do much today. Dash reminded me that the new Hellraiser comes out soon.

2/12/18: I proxied for Nina on Discord.

2/13/18: Nina had been ignored by some people online, as opposed to those people saying “no, I don’t want to rp with you”. I wondered if I was like that. She said I kinda was. I promised that tomorrow would be “her day”, but then I decided to watch FMA, which is something she wanted to do. Later, I thought about doing something I wanted to do, but didn’t because I remembered my promise. She said that I didn’t have to not do that thing (I don’t remember what it was. I was reminded of someone with something like low self-esteem, but she figured that maybe she was just normally like (something that I mistook for a bad quality).

2/14/18: we didn’t do much today.

2/15/18: we didn’t do much today.

2/16/18: Keystroke and I hanged out.

2/17/18: Nina and I hanged out.

2/18/18: For some reason, I got kind of upset when my mom checked in on how I was doing with the whole “having imaginary friends” thing.

2/19/18: I practiced switching with Dash during workouts. We held it for a few minutes, but kept having to restart when my mind wandered. Nina imposed herself and said I’d been forgetting to log stuff, growling a bit (I can’t put a precise name to the emotion, but it wasn’t anger). I discussed the idea of having a quesadilla + bottle of coke for dinner tomorrow, while switching. He suggested that watching Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) would aid the switching by keeping my mind focused on him.

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2/20/18: Shou and I practiced switching as planned, but it didn’t work out.

2/21/18: we didn’t do much today.

2/22/18: Shou and I worked on switching.

2/23/18: we didn’t do much today.

2/24/18: Fluttershy and I talked about DnD.

2/25/18: we didn’t do much today

2/26/18: I watched The Greatest Showman. Nina sang during “This is Me”, and Fluttershy strummed a guitar.

2/27/18: Nina imposed herself.

2/28/18: I walked into my bedroom and saw Dash on the bed. She hasn’t imposed in a while.

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3/1/18: stuff happened, but I forgot to log it.

3/2/18: Nina imposed herself in a live-action form. I wondered if that had any benefits, and she told me that outerworld stuff “feels more real”.

3/3/18: we didn’t do much today.

3/4/18: we didn’t do much today.

3/5/18: Dash and I chatted about stuff.

3/6/18: Nina still had a live-action form. I’m pretty sure she prefers it.

3/7/18: Nina and I chatted. She liked that I was working on our DIY project.

3/8/18: Fluttershy wished me luck on my job-search-related meeting/chat tomorrow.

3/9/18: we didn’t do much today. The meeting had to be rescheduled.

3/10/18: Dash RP’d a bit in Skyrim.

3/11/18: I chatted with Dash. Nina wanted to watch Dexter, so we did.

3/12/18: Nina nonchalantly called me “father” and said she was experimenting and that I’d “made up a precedent for family tree weirdness” (referring to a WIP novel). We tried to see if we could switch before bed and stay switched through the night.

3/13/18: we didn’t stay switched. A chat on Discord mentioned gun-wielding tulpas, so Dash imposed herself aiming a super soaker at me. She threw that away. I decided to practice imposition, meaning she walked up to/on me (I was lying in bed). I had trouble looking directly at her, so I raised a hand in front of her face, moved so it was centered in my field of vision, and lowered it. And then she booped me. I tried to pin down exactly why the switching hadn’t worked. Nina said that there were multiple confounds (such as my window being open a bit, which it usually isn’t). The only confound I could think of was the accidental nap I’d taken (the stuff Nina mentioned had first occurred after I woke up in the middle of the night).

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3/14/18: we didn’t do much today

3/15/18: I planned to go to a neighborhood dinner tonight, so Nina thought of using that to practice switching.

3/16/18: we didn’t do much today.

3/17/18: Nina and I worked on switching. It lasted from 12:09-12:23am.

3/18/18: we didn’t do much today.

3/19/18: Shou and I hanged out. Nina said a line from her source character, which made me wonder if she identified as that character, tragic story and all. I decided that if she did, I’d just have to get used to it. For a brief moment, walk-ins of Rainbow Dash’s canon parents showed up, and I had to remind myself that I’d just have to get used to it if Dash identifies as her source character. Dash revealed that the walk-ins were a fake thing she’d been using to test my integrity.

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