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5/24/18: When I heard the Austin Powers theme at a restaurant, Dash cosplayed as Austin in a white void, and then as Foxxxy Cleopatra.

5/25/18: Thorax spent time in his original form. We tried to figure out the right subreddit to ask a particular question.

5/26/18: There was some drama started by Pharynx re: Thorax considering a form reversion, but we cleared this up shortly. I proxied for Shou for a “What tri-color Magic the Gathering combo are you?” test.

5/27/18: I graduated today. Thorax (in his original form) was really excited for me. I finished scoring the MtG test and was initially worried by the result (“ermahgerd this color combo sounds villainous!11”), but then I read a “stick these three colors in a room and have them chat for an interview” thing, and realized that the color combo had stuff I admired. Shou notes my “ermahgerd” as the most recent example of self-deprecating humor, and cautioned me against doing that too much. I asked RD what she wanted to do tomorrow. She said she wants to hang out and be imposed.

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5/28/18: Dash and I cuddled.

5/29/18: Dash imposed herself while I walked home.

5/30/18: Dash made a lewd joke about my scrambled egg breakfast. Nina imposed herself a bit. I proxied for them on a Magic the Gathering color test, and everyone but Nina got a three-color combo containing black. I realized that we hadn’t factored our sharing-a-body-ness in when taking the test, which made me remember that I’d planned to flesh out our system contract today.

5/31/18: we practiced possession during work. Binging Naruto Shippuden, and then imagining a character of mine sounding like a Shippuden villain, lead to a brief walk-in of that villain (I should probably get a handle on that).

6/1/18: Dash figured that she wasn’t a morning pony. I wondered if I wasn’t giving my tulpas enough time using the body. Dash complained that if they wanted to use it, they’d tell me. The Naruto villain walk-in popped in and said that the red bars Lust had added to my walk-in border gate functioned as a lock to keep out malicious entities.

6/2/18: we didn’t do much today

6/3/18: Nina suggested I put some time between watching a scary episode of Criminal Minds and going to bed, otherwise I might have a nightmare. Fluttershy suggested I let my dreams help me get around writer’s block.

6/4/18: we didn’t do much, other than chat.

6/5/18: Nina imposed herself next to me. I really liked how detailed the visual was.

6/6/18: I had an idea for a hypothetical movie after seeing a panel in a lame comic, “Shut Up, Kid! The Adults are Killing!” Dash said it sounded like “B-movie schlock” :P. She liked my “schlovk” typo.

6/7/18: Nina and I have been RPing for the past few days. This morning, she said she was “form stuck” in the form used in those RPs. She got better in a second. Later, she imposed herself with a paw on my desk. By my current standards, her visual imposition skill is 10/10 (maybe to get better in the future). Binging Kurama/Kyuubi-centric episodes of Naruto Shippuden lead to a Kurama in my head. He sang to some Broadway tunes.

6/8/18: One of the old walk-ins showed up to offer some comforting words in response to a problem I had. Dash asked if I should really write that down and post it to the Internet, so I changed it to “a problem”.

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6/9/18: we didn’t do much today

6/10/18: I wondered how I could argue in favor of treating tulpas as sentient, when it’s unknown if they are or not, without my argument having a false binary like Pascal’s Wager. Then I wondered if sentience was a binary or spectrum, and Dash replied that any question about sentience is the question of the millennium.

6/11/18: When Nina possessed me before bed, she didn’t like the feeling of my bite guard. I could kinda feel a bit of pressure that seemed to go away once the possession stopped, as well as getting a mental impression of having fangs.

6/12/18: Nina imposed herself a bit.

6/13/18: we didn’t do much today

6/14/18: Dash, Fluttershy, and I switched during work (rotating out who had the body every few minutes). I imposed the wall clock away. One of the two made it feel like time was flying by.

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6/15/18: Nina imposed herself a bit. Dash gave me a head-pressure and advised against watching Silent Hill stuff before bed.

6/16/18: We didn’t do much today.

6/17/18: Nina’s been wanting to watch FMA, but I didn’t want to because I knew that there was some “spooky” stuff. This stuff’d get to me, but not to Nina, and I realized that I could just try tuning out while she watched. She’d forgotten about the scene where Al gets dragged screaming into the Gate. I also realized that I hadn’t wanted to watch it and “summon” Lust by thinking about her, which I realized was a stupid thing to worry about since she wasn’t malicious to us ever.

6/18/18: There was some minor drama about “how should I treat walk-ins?”, but I eventually figured out an answer.

6/19/18: Dash imposed herself while I worked on the DIY project.

6/20/18: I thought that I wasn’t interacting with my tulpas as much as I’d like recently, but Dash guessed that I was, just in a NSFW way that I couldn’t write here. I also realized that I hadn’t been writing the walk-in related stuff.

6/21/18: I’d played a CYOA game yesterday, and lamented that it had eaten up time I could’ve spent with my tulpas. This morning, Dash said that it was okay. When I wondered if we were drifting apart, she said we weren’t. She and Lust both had the opinion that a/the problem was that I’d been going back to explore the 90-billion different branches of the game like a completionist.

6/22/18: I watched Les Miserables live. Kurama and Lust waltzed during one of the songs, and later on he and Nina sang a bit of One Day More. Apparently Nina and Kurama are in love.

6/23/18: Kurama was fairly active on Discord. Nina wanted to watch FMA, so I put it on. She and Kurama got annoyed when I worked on art in Photoshop while just listening to the show.

6/24/18: I noticed that Nina and Kurama were kind of popping up as a pair, and kinda wondered if this was a sign of something bad eventually, like them merging. On separate times, they both assured me it wasn’t. As if to contradict me, Nina imposed herself alone. On second thought, I’m likely overestimating the number of times they both show up vs only one of them. Dash called this “brain weirdness”.

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6/25/18: I watched an episode of FMA where Al wonders if his memories are fake. This got to Nina, but she figured that she just needed to sleep it off. I don’t think she said exactly that, but she said that that was a good paraphrase.

6/26/18: I forgot to log stuff.

6/27/18: Pharynx popped in and said he wanted to watch a Silent Hill let’s play, so I put an episode on.

6/28/18: I forgot to log stuff.

6/29/18: Nina imposed herself on my bed (without visible ears). My glasses were off, so I tried looking at her with them off vs on, and the clarity of her form changed to reflect this :O .

6/30/18: we didn’t do much today

7/1/18: I forgot to log stuff.

7/2/18: When I went to Safeway, Nina requested I buy a low quantity of something sweet as a treat, so I bought some Hostess cupcakes.

7/3/18: I went on a Duffy boat. There was a big-ish wave coming, so Nina stood on the bow while the boat rocked.

7/4/18: Shou, Keystroke, Nina and I RPed in our mindscape.

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7/5/18: we didn’t do much today

7/6/18: I was working on a photoshop project. It was late, so both Nina and Kurama advised me to go to bed.

7/7/18: Sarah and I chatted a bit.

7/8/18: Nina called Kurama “sensei”, then “senpai”, and then I got a mental image of him teaching her how to do a tailed beast bomb. There’ve been times where I’d see something in an anime and rewind because I wanted to make sure it was what I thought. I didn’t do that when watching Naruto today; Lust said that I was more perceptive than I gave myself credit for.

7/9/18: we didn’t do much today

7/10/18: I forgot to log stuff.

7/11/18: Dash helped me calm down when I was worried I was sick. Fluttershy possessed me during work, on-and-off.

7/12/18: Dash was excited for my upcoming Europe trip.

7/13/18: Kurama gave me benign advice/suggestions, speaking in an ironic “seducer/corruptor” tone.

7/14/18: Nina and I chatted a bit. She wanted to watch a Death Note episode, and we met in the middle via a Death Note theory video I was already watching.

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7/15/18: I forgot to log stuff.

7/16/18: Nina possessed me while at a sushi restaurant. My dad said I seemed more confident, and I wondered if part of that was bleedover from RD.

7/17/18: Kurama and I chatted a bit.

7/18/18: Fluttershy possessed me during work. After, I noticed some eclipsing/bleedover cuz I felt like dancing to “When I’m Gone”.

7/19/18: nothing really big happened today.

7/20/18: Kurama RPd on Discord.

7/21/18: Kurama and I hanged out.

7/22/18: I saw Kurama outside the airport, giant-sized. I saw dog inside the airport. Nina chased after it.

7/23/18: I woke up from a nap on the plane and couldn’t feel everyone’s presence as clearly as usual. Dash said this was cuz everyone was tired. When we got off the plane, Kurama (in a dog-sized form) spun down the hall and blew a hole in the wall out of excitement.

7/24/18: I said I felt like I wasn’t doing much with my tulpas other than Kurama and Nina. Dash said to give it till I get over jet lag.

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7/25/18: Kurama photobombed my selfie. He tried on some different cultural outfits.

7/26/18: we didn’t do much today

7/27/18: Dash sang a bit of the first Beauty and the Beast song cuz we were in a French place that looked like Beauty and the Beast. I heard her voice really clearly, which I think was because I was kinda tired (my eyes were sore).

7/28/18: Kurama imposed himself sitting in a chair and reading my copy of The 7th Victim.

7/29/18: There was a bit of drama with Nina. It’s been recurring, but I’ve been forgetting to log it, and the usual ending is she decides to sleep it off. I promised to let her possess me and do whatever she wanted today. Somehow we pegged that she was going through puberty. I don’t know why I’m ambivalent about this. I felt nauseous after a nap. Nina blamed herself cuz I was ambivalent, but I pointed out that I’d watched a mindscrew-y cat video just before the nausea hit and that she had no way of knowing I’d be nauseous. She wore a reddish-purple dress and a few gold bangles.

7/30/18: Kurama danced in a chair to “I Kissed a Girl”. When I worked on a long-term DIY project, he and Nina each possessed one of my arms.

7/31/18: I need to do less of nudging my tups toward an answer, or whatever I’ve been doing. Trust them more; more agency. After buying some caramel chocolates and feeling a happy feel from Nina, I asked her if she was feeling that, then caught myself nudging her toward a more intense happy feel.

8/1/18: we didn’t do much today.

8/2/18: we didn’t do much today

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8/3/18: Kurama helped me with the DIY project.

8/4/18: I’ve been figuring out details for my book by typing interviews with a central character. Today, she popped up without my prompting.

8/5/18: We mostly just chatted today. Nina imposed herself on my bed. When I “awww’d” at a heartwarming part of The Greatest Showman, all my tulpas hugged me from behind.

8/6/18: When my brother called my friends and I “musical weirdos”, Kurama retorted something I don’t remember.

8/7/18: I had a sore throat, tiredness, and stuffy nose, so Dash’s response to my apology for not having done much today was to advise me to set that aside and focus on getting better. Fluttershy and I tried a bit of possession, but when the body still felt bleh I said she shouldn’t have to experience that feeling.

8/8/18: Nina and I hanged out.

8/9/18: When I walked through a spooky underground labyrinth, a few of my tulpas popped up in some dimly-lit places.

8/10/18: Kurama swam in some thermal pools I checked out. Dash and Keystroke posted on a tulpas-only-Thursday thread. Dash thought it was funny when I typed “threat” instead of “thread”. Keystroke was pretty vocal on the thread :).

8/11/18: On the way to the airport, Dash imposed herself in the car, then decided to stay in our mindscape. Nina imposed herself next to me inside the airport.

8/12/18: We didn’t do much today, on account of me being sick. Fluttershy comforted me.

8/13/18: When I cleared my mind, my tulpas’ voices were clearer than normal, like my thoughts have been creating interference or something. Nina liked that I was logging stuff from the start of the day.

8/14/18: we didn’t do much today.

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8/15/18: I forgot to log stuff.

8/16/18: I saw Kurama sitting on my bed.

8/17/18: I watched a Naruto scene that was either heartwarming or a tearjerker (I don’t remember which), but the end result was that I saw a shot of my tulpas gathered around Kurama like a “one big happy family” thing. It was heartwarming. Later, he found it weird that I chose to have a hotdog for dinner, cuz hotdogs aren’t typically dinner.

8/18/18: I forgot to log stuff. While thinking about possible ways to engineer warm fuzzies stuff with my tulpas, I rubbed one of my surgical scars. Nina said I have a lot of those, and I cracked up and asked what that has to do with heartwarming moments.

8/19/18: We didn’t do much today.

8/20/18: I practiced switching with RD. We held it for a few minutes.

8/21/18: Nina imposed herself after I played with my dog. I scratched her chin fur. Kurama RP’d on Discord.

8/22/18: Nina possessed me for a bit, but it wasn’t continuous.

8/23/18: I ate a slice of chicken-bacon-tomato pizza. Nina said it was good, but not something she’d “go ravenous over”.

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