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9/27/17: Dash and I hanged out. We didn't do much else aside from chat. I had a brief moment where I couldn't sense them, but it resolved itself. I think I was sensing them, but faintly.

9/28/17: Nina imposed herself and followed me to my psych class. Shou gave me a head-pressure, cuz I'd emailed my psych professor an outline of a psych paper wherein I'd said "I'm doing my paper on plurality. I got this idea because I have non-disordered plurality" and he was worried how it'd be received. Dash felt the same way. I said that the outline had already been emailed (so there wasn't any turning back).

9/29/17: I wondered if it would be good to aim for dissociative amnesia when switched, and Dash said that I was "wondering" and not "sure that" because I had trust issues. She said that the DIY project would help with that. I saw a YouTube thumbnail of Chuck Huber sitting next to a guy cosplaying as Android 17. Shou jokingly asked how I knew the guy wasn't a real Android 17.

9/30/17: I forgot to log stuff.

10/1/17: I forgot to log stuff.

10/2/17: Fluttershy chatted on Discord.

10/3/17: We didn't do much today.

10/4/17: Dash and I hanged out.

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10/5/17: I noticed that the receipt for the soda I'd bought yesterday said the cashier's first name was "Misa". Keystroke jokingly wondered if she had shinigami eyes.

I got a walk-in a few days ago, but I didn't write this down. I wondered why, and he said even if I didn't have control, I wanted to make it look like I did.

10/6/17: I tried to decide between getting a breakfast sandwich or a fruit/cheese pack from Starbucks. Nina wanted the breakfast sandwich, and everyone else was neutral.

10/7/17: We didn't do much today.

10/8/17: Dash and I chatted about stuff.

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10/9/17: I watched the newest MLP episode. Dash liked the way her character looked in a dream sequence.

10/10/17: Dash gave me a pretty intense head pressure. By the time I asked why, she forgot.

10/11/17: We didn't do much today. Dash joked about how my phone's autofill knows to type that.

10/12/17: Dash RPed with me in Skyrim.

10/13/17: We didn't do much today. Dash wanted me to work on the DIY project.

10/14/17: Dash imposed herself when I went out to eat. We had a bit of interference from a Nightmare Fuel-y thing from Yugioh Season 0.

10/15/17: Dash imposed herself in Happy Death Day for a second, but then left because the movie was too creepy. After the movie, she said "I don't do horror flicks".

10/16/17: Starlight and I talked about the last three episodes of MLP season 7. Dash said the finale was good.

10/17/17: We didn't do much today.

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10/18/17: Sarah gave me a head-pressure and reminded me to pay attention during my anthropology lecture. Nina imposed herself outside and followed me to the cafeteria. She reminded me to finish my annotated bibliography for my anthropology paper.

10/19/17: I tried sausage for dinner. Nina had guessed that I wouldn't like it based on my memories, and she was right.

10/20/17: I thought about listening to Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu while working on a creepy papercraft, but Dash suggested not doing that.

10/21/17: I commented that we hadn't done much today, and Dash imposed herself hovering in front of my bedroom door.

10/22/17: Dash and I chatted about stuff. I unintentionally proxied for her on Discord (I was typing stuff, but then I noticed her mindvoice was saying it). I got pretty upset, and noticed that I automatically addressed her as "Mistress", like my brain was using pet-ness as a comfort thing.

10/23/17: Fluttershy and I talked about RP.

10/24/17: Nina possessed me during dinner. She sat down at a table and chatted with the people sitting there.

10/25/17: Shou imposed himself in the kitchen, then in my room. He was a head taller than me. Dash asked about the old "no teleporting" thing we'd tried to achieve once.

10/26/17: I practiced sounding like Keystroke.

10/27/17: Dash said she liked the song "Morning Has Broken". She danced at a party.

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10/28/17: I thought about how to RP magic in Skyrim. Dash said I should let my dreams figure it out, "like that old chemist who dreamt about a snake and figured out butane was a ring". We chatted about random stuff.

10/29/17: we didn't do much today. I sang in Dash's voice, and ended up singing a revised bridge for one of my songs. The bridge had super-motivational lyrics, which I interpreted as Dash wanting it to be a motivational song. She cheekily noted that this had happened just after we'd listened to "Time to be Awesome", so maybe that had something to do with it.

10/30/17: We didn't do much today, aside from small talk. Dash reminded me to pay attention in class, and assured me I'd do a good job facilitating a discussion tomorrow. She agreed to possess me before I fell asleep, cuz I was struggling to come up with lyrics and a melody for her to sing and figured she knows her voice better than me (even though it'd be her voice as approximated by my vocal folds) and we wanted to use dreams for inspiration. She called me a pedant in response to the "even though" part :p.

10/31/17: We didn't do much today. Fluttershy possessed me to kick off the discussion.

11/1/17: Dash and I were pumped to see The Man Who invented Christmas, since we figured it was plurality-related.

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11/2/17: I watched the Jigsaw movie. Dash thought the twist was good, but kind of repetitive (it had been done in a previous SAW movie)

11/3/17: we didn't do much today.

11/4/17: When I watched a video where a guy said he didn't know what Skylanders was, RD jokingly reacted with "oh my god, WAT?!"

11/5/17: Dash wondered why my phone recognizes "didn't do" as one auto-complete suggestion, but "we", "much" and "today" as separate.

11/6/17: Dash liked how my phone finally recognized "much today" as a pair.

11/7/17: Shou imposed himself behind me when I brushed my teeth. He said not to be overly worried about a weird molar.

11/8/17: Dash wondered what we'd do for her birthday. Nina said something, but I forgot to log it.

11/9/17: I wondered how I'd react if an fMRI showed that tulpamancy was fake. Dash said that was ridiculous ("dear hostey: shaddap -.-").

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11/10/17: We didn't do much today.

11/11/17: Nina imposed herself. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my having gotten 5 hours of sleep. She had me hold my bedroom door open so she could get into my room, because "it's a realism thing". I went back to bed with her lying on top of me. We hanged out for most of the day.

11/12/17: Nina told me to leave my door open so the room could air out. She asked if she could possess me during dinner. I said she could. The possession took the form of her communicating her desires in tulpish and me acting on them, so we both considered it a failure.

11/13/17: we didn't do much today. Nina agreed to possess me before falling asleep so we'd have her dream. She did something gross/NSFW just to try it out, and snapped at me for being a hypocrite when I was all "ew" (I'm big on personal freedoms, yet didn't like what she was doing and tried to nudge her to stop/change).

11/14/17: I wondered why MLP ponies have orange tongues. Keystroke said "pastel-coloured magical ponies."

11/15/17: Nina imposed herself a few times.

11/16/17: I walked into my bedroom and Nina imposed herself by my bed. In my mind's eye (different from the concurrent imposition), she ran up to me. When I said "the human brain is weird" in response to the concurrent imposition + visualization, she replied "and water is wet". She possessed me and tried cider and wine.

11/17/17: I checked out an apartment complex, and Nina said it looked "very movie set".

11/18/17: We didn't do much today.

11/19/17: Nina imposed herself on top of me.

11/20/17: Nina imposed herself next to me. She was kinda grumpy, but we worked past that. She said that "worked past" was more accurate than "worked through". I turned on my PS3 because I wanted to switch from watching South Park to playing Skyrim, but Dash wanted to watch South Park. I turned off the PS3, but Dash said that I didn't have to.

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11/21/17: Nina imposed herself, in her peach/skin form. She watched me work on our diy project.

11/22/17: Nina imposed herself in the car, first laying across the back seats, then sitting up in one. When she was sitting up, her head touched the top of the car. I chatted with her and Fluttershy.

11/23/17: We didn't do much, aside from make small-talk. Muramasa popped up very briefly, but I forgot what exactly happened.

11/24/17: I went to Disneyland. Dash really liked the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and talked like a pirate a bit. I thought I had a Soarin walk-in during the Soarin' Around the World ride (remodel of Soarin over California), but it was just Shou messing around.

11/25/17: I worked on vocal possession & on sounding like Dash without possession. I'd originally written "I attempted vocal possession", but she said "worked on" had a better outlook.

11/26/17: we didn't do much today.

11/27/17: we didn't do much today.

11/28/17: Nina and I chatted a bit. Dash wanted to watch Rainbow Dash Presents: My Little Dashie, and advised me to rest my sore throat.

11/29/17: Shou wanted to possess me and chill, but I had a bad stuffy nose which I figured would get in the way.

11/30/17: Dash kept telling me to rest and not be active cuz of my cold. Nina commented on the Nina Tucker arc/subplot in FMA. She wanted to play, but I was too sick. I'm not sure if it had something to do with being sick, or having FMA on the brain, or what, but the close-up images of her in my mind's eye were really clear (I normally suck at close-ups of my tulpas). Lust "got in on the action" (her words) too.

12/1/17: Dash and I chatted. She reminded me that the FMA live action movie was released today.

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12/2/17: Nina imposed herself by my bed, in the live-action form seen in the FMA live-action trailer. She had a bloody wound, which I healed with a fancy Skyrim spell (because symbolism). The wound was related to a gross pic we'd seen of the Nina chimera wounding an anthro.

12/3/17: Nina imposed herself in the live-action form. She said she kinda likes it.

12/4/17: I thought about maybe having my tulpas possess me throughout my anthropology presentation on tulpas/plurality. Dash advised against it.

12/5/17: I hanged out with a "random Minotaur" that turned out to be Shou messing around.

12/6/17: we didn't do much today.

12/7/17: Dash reminded me to work on my finals essays.

12/8/17: I was worried that I was being too loud in my dorm, but Dash said I most likely wasn't.

12/9/17: Dash liked the direction one of my stories was going.

12/10/17: Keystroke possessed me during breakfast (he likes bacon & scrambled eggs). Dash and I chatted about stuff.

12/11/17: I was about to have a political debate in the YouTube comments section, but Dash said to let her do the talking.

12/12/17: Dash said something about my philosophy final, and I noticed that I had a strong sense of "she's speaking from this direction" even though I wasn't hearing her with my ears. She figured my professor wouldn't care about not hitting the minimum word count, because that wasn't mentioned on the grading rubric.

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