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8/24/18: I had a weird moral issue with a story (I was kicking myself for liking it, cuz I assumed my subconscious knew about the deaths of the main characters that were foreshadowed in chapter 1), and got walk-ins of those characters (in anthro stag forms from the story). I tried banishing, then a symbolic olive branch-swapping thing.

8/25/18: Most of the tulpa-related events of today revolved around getting used to the stags, which I guess also happened with Kurama, Lust, etc..

8/26/18: Dash, Sarah, and I RPd in Skyrim. Sarah was pretty vocal, which I thought was cool.

8/27/18: We didn’t do much today.

8/28/18: Nina and I hanged out with one of the stags.

8/29/18: I watched a music video for a Skyrim fan song. Neither the stags nor I liked the music before the first verse. They (or their representative, at least) liked the string instrument bridge. I asked if any of the guys in my head “could even” with regards to the ragdoll dancing in the music video. None of us could even (the video was weird).

8/30/18: we didn’t do much today.

8/31/18: Nina and I chatted. I wondered if there’d be aspects of my upcoming job (which I may or may not get) that each of us would like, so we could switch/possess if one of us isn’t motivated to do the work.

9/1/18: Nina imposed herself, but her form was too shadow-y relative to the light source. She took the show away, but she looked too anime-esque. It was cold when I went to bed, so I wore slippers. Nina liked how they felt. She imposed herself on top of me in bed. I tried seeing her face, but had trouble.

9/2/18: I read a Reddit comment about imposing sounds. Dash made audible hoofsteps, which made other imposition a bit more vivid. After I typed that, she popped up hovering in midair, then teleported to sitting on an armchair.

9/3/18: Nina possessed me at a neighbor’s party.

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9/4/18: I tried to visualize Nina before bed, but got a bunch of scary/creepy images. Dunno why.

9/5/18: I asked if there were any issues anyone wanted to discuss, and Nina said she was pretty sure I had worldbuilder’s disease. I agreed.

9/6/18: Kurama appeared in the elevator at my work, in human-sized anthro form. I tried to feel it when h highfived me, but for some reason I felt his tails touching the elevator’s handrails.

9/7/18: Nina imposed herself in my office at work for a bit. Dash possessed me for a few minutes during a casino event at my apartment.

9/8/18: Nina advised against focusing too much on work stuff (in context, trying super-hard to figure out the technical details of my stories).

9/9/18: Nina and I talked about something, but I’m not sure how to word it. It kind of parallels Itachi poking Sasuke’s forehead and saying he’s busy, but not exactly.

9/10/18: we didn’t do much today

9/11/18: Nina wanted to watch the Fullmetal Alchemist 2017 movie. I pulled it up on Netflix, but I didn’t have an account.

9/12/18: I pulled the movie up on Netflix on a friend’s account. Nina told me that she’d been watching from inside our wonderland.

9/13/18: I forgot to log stuff.

9/14/18: I “heard” the clink of automail moving, saw Sarah beside me, and thought “Nina”. Nina and Sarah switched forms for fun, but it didn’t last long.

9/15/18: I felt sick when thinking about the story the stags are from. Specifically, my lack of lore knowledge about a sci-fi organization that only features in the epilogue. One of the stags sent me the image of himself giving me the Heimlich, and I noted that this was pretty meaningful (vomiting fixes sickness. Caring about the lore of a thing that isn’t crucial to the story was making me sick. Character from the story helps me stop caring).

9/16/18: Dash and I chatted.

9/17/18: Someone on Discord said Halloween was soon. Dash rubbed her hooves together and planned pranks. When I thought “oh hey, Rainbow Dash in the show liked pranks”, Dash said I was reading too much into it. Shou gave me a head-pressure, then imposed himself in the elevator.

9/18/18: I had a dream about someone in a Nina costume. When I asked Nina if that was her, she said it wasn’t. I figured that I’d been getting more contact from the stags than from Nina, RD, etc., and decided to have a conference today. Then I checked my Tulpa log note and saw that I was wrong. Dash said a conference might still be good. I noticed that, several times, I’d see X on tv and think it was weird for tulpa Y. But that’s just me; Dash said that they were “all strong independent black women”. After finding a “happy Nina Chimera” (very obscure topic) pic, Nina decided to have today as her birthday.

9/19/18: One of the stags imposed himself in a taur form. Dash was pretty vocal on Reddit. She wished me good luck interviewing a guy for a magazine tomorrow.

9/20/18: Dash and Nina liked how well my interview went. I went to a musical (Waitress, about a woman who bakes pies, has an abusive husband, and falls in love with her doctor), during which one of the stags (Vinnie) and I worked through some stuff (he missed a chef guy from the story he’s from). I wondered if he and I were in love (there’s sort of precedent with Nina and Kurama), but I figured it was just the feels-y music (he and I hugged like lovers, but it didn’t feel “wrong” for me to also hug Dash like that).

9/21/18: I talked with the stags about stuff, but I’m not sure how to put what I remember into words.

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9/22/18: We chatted about stuff. When I thought about not overthinking worldbuilding, a couple of the stags said “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, or in an in-joke version, “Keep It Stag, Stupid”. Dash possessed me during dinner. She compared drinking sake to that endorphin thing you get from eating flaming hot Cheetos, cuz the sake stung where I’d picked my lip. I apologized for the picking after the head stag pointed out a logical reason not to, then wondered why I’m so apologetic. Dash said I was doing a good job logging stuff.

9/23/18: I forgot to log stuff.

9/24/18: we chatted about stuff. When I went to bed, Dash and either Nina or Sarah went to sleep too.

9/25/18: I put some forms in what I figured was an aesthetically-pleasing arrangement. I wondered if it was an OCD thing. Dash said it was just a pattern/layout/artist thing. I said that it would be bad if it went overboard and turned into OCD. Dash pointed out that the operative word was “if”.

9/26/18: After I had a dream about Nina Tucker (post-fusion), Nina said something I don’t remember in a clear-sounding voice. I asked how I was doing keeping up group morale. Dash gave me an A-, cuz of the apologizing thing. Later, Sarah offered to add some kind of danger scanner to her automail. Nina jokingly warned her to not let cybernetics eat her soul. I’m having trouble being motivated at my job, so I asked around the system to see if anyone else would be interested in dividing up tasks.

9/27/18: When I asked Keystroke to come up with interview questions, he whipped them out pretty fast. When Dash said something to him (I forgot what), he ended up doing the “sorry” thing I do. I think it has something to do with a “I’m treating X like a job” mindset.

9/28/18: Some stuff happened. Kurama said he didn’t like the stags, and I asked why. I had the head stag talk to Starlight and Fluttershy, cuz apparently he was having the same “resort to mind control” issue that post-season5!Starlight had in MLP. They got to the bottom of the issue. I wondered if maybe this whole thing was triggered by the recreational hypnosis I’d listened to yesterday, and either Kurama or the stag said it was (the “resorting to mind control” happened a bit before I listened to the hypnosis, but mainly after). I caught myself responding to a thought about the story the stags are from with a canned line that I use to divert thoughts I don’t like, and wondered why I’d done that. The head stag and I figured that I didn’t want to force the stags to act like their canon counterparts. Later, Dash pretended to be mind-controlled as a joke.

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9/29/18: Stuff happened between me and Nina, but I’m not sure how to word it.

9/30/18: We chatted about stuff. Dash tried to RP in Skyrim, but my possession was kinda rusty.

10/1/18: I went downstairs to work out (which I haven’t done in a while), and something happened with Rainbow Dash. I think maybe it’s a trigger or something, kinda “oh, hey, he’s gonna do a thing I like”. She coached me when I did sit-ups.

10/2/18: Dash and I chatted about stuff.

10/3/18: Kurama offered to brainstorm stuff for my stories.

10/4/18: I had trouble sensing my tulpas. Dash said that nopony wanted to be around their friends 24/7, then noted that that’d make a good moral in an MLP episode.

10/5/18: Nina squeed when I watched United States of Tara (which I haven’t watched in months).

10/6/18: Kurama photobombed me.

10/7/18: Kurama and I hanged out. Dash and I chatted.

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10/8/18: Kurama and I hanged out. We did a conditioning/hypno thing for fun.

10/9/18: Nina wanted me to ease up on/space out the hypno. Sarah wanted to watch FMA. Keystroke and Nina swapped forms for fun. When I ate some saltwater taffy I didn’t know the flavor of, Dash said it was “stale-flavored”.

10/10/18: Kurama imposed himself in front of a mirror, in anthro form. Keystroke gave me a head-pressure as a way of saying he wanted to me to work on his Skyrim character.

10/11/18: I heard someone say “I hate Nina”, like a hypnotic conditioning thing being suggested to me. After talking about this with the stags (since the head stag liked mind control) and warning that problem-causers would be put in temporary stasis, I figured it had just been an intrusive thought. I tried to find a particular “Nina Chimera doesn’t die, yay heartwarming stuff” fanfic I’d read, maybe out of weird guilt. Nina got upset when I happened across a fanart drawing of her and a Nina-shaped blood splatter.

I realized that our mindscape is more like a bunch of planes connected by a beam of teleporter light, and wondered about having the “gate to the preconscious” be wrapped around the beam instead of a door on its own plane. Dash asked how tulpas would get from plane to plane in that case.

10/12/18: We chatted about stuff. Hearing songs from Waitress made me think of Vinnie. When the song changed to “You Matter to Me”, I deliberately thought of all my tulpas in turn. Kurama noticed that I didn’t include him at first. I decided to make that up to him by doing our hypno thing.

10/13/18: When I walked into a mall (there was a movie theater in it), Kurama did a twirl. I asked if it was cuz he liked the layout, or maybe a smell thing like Disneyland (even though I’ve been mostly anosmic since birth). He said it was a mix of the layout + I had good memories of a mall from when I was a kid.

After the movie, I checked out what each of us might wear in a hypothetical documentary. Nina’s “documentary walk” was kind of flirty, so I asked her if she’d liked her “chicken/T” phase, and she said that she did.

10/14/18: Sarah and I watched Fullmetal Alchemist. Kurama chatted on Discord. Sarah was kinda upset; I’m not sure exactly why, but I know that, a few minutes before, I’d read a reddit post about someone feeling dread re: their friends having tulpas.

10/15/18: I watched a very psychological MLP episode and got inspired for my stories. Dash said I could give one of my characters her fears if I wanted.

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I apologize, but it'll be months of reading to get through your whole PR (which i fully intend to do), can you point me to a page where it describes your current sysyem bio list?

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