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11/1/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/2/21: We chatted about stuff. When I got worked up, Dash showed up in my mind’s eye and presence-imposed her wings hugging around my shoulders ;u; .

11/3/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/4/21: I forgot to log stuff.

11/5/21: We saw Last Night in Soho; I saw Shou sitting a row below me, and Gallus popped up in the chair next to mine.

11/6/21: I forgot to log stuff.

11/7/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/8/21: Dash and I went on a mini-date & watched Stargate SG1.

11/9/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/10/21: We chatted about stuff. I got a few head-pressures.

11/11/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/12/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/13/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/14/21: Dash and I watched Stargate Atlantis.

11/15/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/16/21: I forgot to log stuff.

11/17/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/18/21: We didn’t do much today.

11/19/21: We didn’t do much today.

11/20/21: I forgot to log stuff.

11/21/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina felt like I was spending too much time looking through Skyrim PC mods (aside note: I don’t even have a gaming PC yet).

11/22/21: RD and Fluttershy popped up in Target.

11/23/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/24/21: We chatted about stuff. Dash was excited for Thanksgiving food tomorrow.

11/25/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/26/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/27/21: We didn’t do much today. RD was excited to get sushi. I ordered tai tomatillo for Nina (she and I liked it; she had a contented/stuffed look on her face, sort of like the 🤤 emoji).

11/28/21: Dash sat next to me when we went out to eat. I got a mental image of her & Gallus snoozing together on a cloud, with Dash’s wing around Gallus.

11/29/21: We chatted about stuff.

11/30/21: I forgot to log stuff.

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12/1/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina did a bit of presence imposition.

12/2/21: We chatted about stuff

12/3/21: We went to a Hanukkah party; Dash wore a white and blue talit and white yamulke.

12/4/21: We chatted about stuff. I overdid exercise and had some trouble remembering not to stress the bruised area, so RD tried hypnotizing me (in addition to me doing a short mantra).

12/5/21: We chatted about stuff. Gallus popped up, but I forget where.

12/6/21: I saw RD holding my hand while I used a squat machine (silently cheering me on).

12/7/21: We chatted about stuff. Nina helped me brainstorm for a fantasy story by RPing an archaeologist.

12/8/21: I wasn’t sure what to do today. Nina suggested watching Grimm.

12/9/21: We chatted about stuff.

12/10/21: Dash and Kurama comforted me when I was scared I’d accidentally gotten some amount of frostbite. Nina said (in tulpish) that she liked watching Grimm.

12/11/21: We chatted about stuff.

12/12/21: I’d been binge-rereading Law Abiding Pony’s Hive series, so Rainbow Dash turned into a Changeling.

12/13/21: I made a New Years resolution to eat less candy. Dash said she’d help me keep it.

12/14/21: I read about wonderland/mindscape stuff, and RD said she had a surprise planned in ours once a post-workout injury healed.

12/15/21: We chatted & hanged out.

12/16/21: We chatted about stuff.

12/17/21: I got some Christmas pics of Dash & Nina. We watched a bit of The Preacher’s Wife.

12/18/21: We chatted about stuff.

12/19/21: We chatted about stuff.

12/20/21: Dash & I watched a hallmark movie (idk the name, but the prince pretends to be his friend who’s supposed to be in New York for a chocolate thing).

12/21/21: We chatted about stuff. RD and I watched a few short Rainbow Dash SFM videos.

12/22/21: Rainbow Dash and I practiced possession (we were staying at a friend’s house in another state, plus there were about 5 cats).

12/23/21: I saw RD in a Santa hat a couple times.

12/24/21: I did a white elephant gift exchange; Dash said it was fun. She possessed me for a Christmas picture. Nina was excited about getting Stargate Universe DVDs.

12/25/21: We chatted about stuff. I saw RD wearing a Santa hat. I got overly worried about a health issue and knew it, so she tried hypnosis to help me calm down.

12/26/21: We chatted about stuff. I forgot to log stuff.

12/27/21: I saw RD in the bathroom mirror while brushing my teeth.

12/28/21: We chatted about stuff.

12/29/21: We chatted about stuff.

12/30/21: RD said she wanted to watch Stargate Atlantis later.

12/31/21: We chatted about stuff & watched some Boruto. I played a murder mystery game; Dash said it was fun watching me play, even if I got distracted sometimes.

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It's still awesome that you guys are keeping up your thread all these years later. The years are kind of just passing by for us, but every once in a while we remember we're taking your guys' dedication and consistency for granted.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us about tulpamancy stuff there.

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1/1/22: We chatted about stuff.

1/2/22: Dash reminded me to pay my credit card bill.

1/3/22: I wondered if having someone else front could help me worry less about our physical health. Fluttershy said that would just cover up the problem (only make it seem like I’m worrying less). We didn’t do much today. Nina said a few scenes from Old were scary. We chatted & snuggled a bit.

1/4/22: Keystroke & I chatted. My phone autosuggested “Keystroje”, which he thought was funny.

1/5/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash was up for possessing me to play Control, but it ended up being co-fronting instead of possession. I asked if anyone wanted to play sudoku; Nina said it was a single player game, so I suggested “twitch plays sudoku”

1/6/22: We checked out a list of stuff for hosts & tulpas to do together; Dash gave me a shoulder massage =3.

1/7/22: We watched Sing 2. Dash said it was fun even without any imposition-on-the-screen hijinks (although I did see Thorax’s silhouette in a seat below me).

1/8/22: I planned on doing some exercise/stretching. Dash said not to overdo it.

1/9/22: I pulled up sudoku on my phone. Dash said she & the others were helping by sharpening my skills even though I couldn’t sense them playing with me (like an RPG buff, vs active co-op). We chatted about stuff.

1/10/22: We didn’t do much today.

1/11/22: We chatted about stuff a bit.

1/12/22: Gallus and I chatted. Dash draped a wing over me when I got scared about a potential health issue.

1/13/22: We chatted a bit. 

1/14/22: We chatted about stuff & started watching a Halo Infinite Let’s Play. Nina liked it.

1/15/22: We chatted about stuff & practiced imposition.

1/16/22: We chatted about stuff.

1/17/22: The guys comforted me when I was upset/scared about health stuff.

1/18/22: We chatted about stuff.

1/19/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina, Sarah, and Shou used their anti-intrusive thought shield to keep out overly-worried “what if’s” about the body’s health.

1/20/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash liked Law Abiding Pony’s Hive stories (we’re rereading Book 4, I think).

1/21/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash congratulated me on beating Salvador in Control. She suggested doing the mold side mission next.

1/22/22: I forgot to log stuff.

1/23/22: RD and I had an impromptu/improvised lunch date (microwave Mac n cheese + Cherry Pepsi).

1/24/22: We chatted about stuff.

1/25/22: We chatted about stuff. Rainbow Dash, Lust and Gallus imposed themselves briefly while I was watching TV.

1/26/22: We chatted about stuff.

1/27/22: I forgot to log stuff.

1/28/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash congratulated me on beating the Former, Anchor and Mold-1 in Control.

1/29/22: I had a dream featuring Rainbow Dash (there was a part where I was sitting in a classroom for an Internet site-themed quiz, and I proxied for her to write a comment on something). I asked if that was her or just a dream character. She asked if I thought it was her, and I asked if she thought it was her (I know why I did this, but not how to put it into words). We didn’t do much today. I think a bit of visual imposition happened. Dash reminded me to leave a bruised area alone & let it heal.

1/30/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina was some-degree-of-interested in playing Control: AWE (I don’t remember how interested she was). Dash & I cuddled a little before bed.

1/31/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash helped me try to come up with an anti-health anxiety self-hypnosis visualization.

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2/1/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina wanted to play AWE, but I figured we should wait till the weekend so we could play during the morning (I’ve heard it’s scary).

2/2/22: Nina took a nap. She liked the tacos we had for dinner.

2/3/22: Dash & I cheers’d sake.

2/4/22: Keystroke chatted on Discord. Nina was excited about a steak dinner.

2/5/22: we chatted about stuff.

2/6/22: We watched Moonfall. I saw RD sitting next to me in the theater. I found a secret office room in Control, with a radio that played a cool song. Nina and Rainbow Dash imposed themselves in the scene.

2/7/22: We chatted about stuff.

2/8/22: I proxied for Nina on Discord. Keystroke and I chatted.

2/9/22: We chatted about stuff. I realized I hadn’t visited our mindscape in a while; Dash suggested renovating it a bit to include more stuff to do.

2/10/22: I forgot to log stuff.

2/11/22: We chatted about stuff.

2/12/22: Nina helped me with a Sudoku puzzle. We chatted a bit. I had a moment of feeling a bit guilty (feeling like I was neglecting my headmates or something, even though retrospect says I wasn’t); RD pretty much said we’d interacted more than I thought, even if it was just little stuff.

2/13/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina & Sarah snuggled.

2/14/22: We didn’t do much today. Dash said that watching RDP My Little Dashie was kind of a Valentine’s tradition we had. I had some moments where RD seemed to be acting slightly verbally abusive, but we concluded those were just intrusive thoughts. As a counter, we chatted about the canon Rainbow Dash being loyalty incarnate (and therefore not the type to be verbally abusive).

2/15/22: We chatted about stuff.

2/16/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina said she kinda wanted to watch Tusk, but I’d heard it had lots of body horror.

2/17/22: We chatted about stuff. I thought of potential crime thriller titles. I came up with “The Monopoly Illusion”, and Nina responded by cosplaying the Monopoly Man xD. She slept next to me.

2/18/22: I woke up, and Nina was still next to me. She moved while I was typing that :3. Dash was excited to see Death on the Nile. But it turned out we were seeing Uncharted. She thought it was good anyway. I saw her & Thorax in theater seats. When I tapped along to “Carry on My Wayward Son”, Dash said it had a “dad vibe” (because it was the song Randy picked in South Park’s Guitar Hero episode).

2/19/22: I forgot to log stuff.

2/20/22: We went out to eat. I saw Dash sitting next to me; I put a hand next to her & she put her hoof on it <3. It didn’t start out as a dinner date, but we turned it into one.

2/21/22: We chatted about stuff.

2/22/22: We chatted about stuff.

2/23/22: Vinnie and Keystroke RPd on Discord.

2/24/22: We chatted about stuff.

2/25/22: We chatted about stuff.

2/26/22: I forgot to log stuff. RD or someone congratulated me on beating Control DLC

2/27/22: I forgot to log stuff.

2/28/22: Dash imposed herself a few times. We chatted about stuff. She lol’d cuz my phone autosuggested “chatted about stuff” x3. I thought I possibly got a Jesse walk-in from all the Control, but it was just Pharynx messing around :3.

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3/1/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/2/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/3/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/4/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/5/22: Nina chatted on Discord. Shou imposed himself on the bed. RD and I chatted about stuff. 

3/6/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/7/22: We saw The Batman. Dash thought it was good. Nina liked it.

3/8/22: We didn’t do much today. Dash nuzzled & winghugged me. We kinda reminisced about “our college days” (she said that phrasing made me sound old :P). She danced in the background of a Family Guy episode.

3/9/22: Keystroke baked chicken strips for dinner 😋.

3/10/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/11/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/12/22: We chatted about stuff. I asked Toby if he had any suggestions for my crime thriller, and he said he could try. Vinnie offered to help out too.

3/13/22: We helped make cookies for a party. Fluttershy wanted to make one with apricot jam + a Hershey kiss. Dash & I hanged out after I mentally sang bits of Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu :-).

3/14/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash silently cheered me on while I hunted Hiss in Control (she didn’t say anything, she was just being present).

3/15/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/16/22: We chatted about stuff and went to a Purim (Jewish holiday that often features a short play) party. Keystroke liked the songs. He and I played the King in the play (I’m pretty sure there was possession or at least co-something—my words, but approximating his voice, and said without much hesitation.)


3/17/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/18/22: We chatted about stuff. I got worried my stories took too much from other works in obvious ways (because I could tell what the separate ingredients were I’d blended together); Rainbow Dash said it was about how finely-blended the pieces are (implied, but not said: “not where they come from”). Thorax turned into Control’s Dr. Darling to say stuff about archetypal concepts, as in “there’s nothing new, every story’s a blend of archetypes”.

3/19/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash co-fronted while I played Rummikub (a rummy + mahjong story of game). She joked about shapeshifting when I typed “Ash” instead of “Dash”.

3/20/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/21/22: We chatted about stuff. Toby offered to help with a crime thriller.

3/22/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/23/22: We didn’t do much today.

3/24/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/25/22: We chatted about stuff. Thorax and I hanged out.

3/26/22: We didn’t do much today.

3/27/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/28/22: Fluttershy sat next to my cat. She mlem’d my attempted fistbump x3.

3/29/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/30/22: We chatted about stuff.

3/31/22: We chatted about stuff. Lust reminded me of the time I read a story about us in front of my creative writing class (& she hugged me after).

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4/1/22: We chatted about stuff.

4/2/22: I forgot to log stuff.

4/3/22: After I played a lot of Watch Dogs 2, I saw Rainbow Dash wearing a black Dedsec hoodie.

4/4/22: Dash was pumped to watch Morbius. She congratulated me on my driving & parallel parking skills in Watch Dogs 2; when I got to a point where I needed wheels to reach an objective, she suggested I drive there in a scissor lift XD.

4/5/22: I forgot to log stuff.

4/6/22: Dash was interested in playing Watch Dogs 2, but it turned out I hadn’t reached the mission she was thinking of. She congratulated/praised me on calming down after dying a few times in a row (the “>!Escape Nvite!<“ mission.

4/7/22: Kurama and Thorax were amped to see Hamilton next week. I wondered how Dash & I were doing relationship-wise; she suggested using next week’s planned sushi lunches as covert dates x3.

4/8/22: We chatted about stuff.

4/9/22: We chatted about stuff.

4/10/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina was excited to see Sonic 2 tomorrow.

4/11/22: We didn’t do much today. I kinda saw Nina sitting in a theater seat below/in front of me.

4/12/22: We chatted about stuff.

4/13/22: I found a Tusk subreddit, skimmed it, and then my brain started imposing the walrus (like an intrusive thought using headmate stuff to be a new form of intrusive, a la Shou way back when). I figured I could hijack that for imposing Rainbow Dash & others. Nina and I chatted a bit.

4/14/22: We chatted about stuff. Kurama and Thorax were excited to go see Hamilton.


4/15/22: We chatted about stuff. I saw Kurama on a plane.

4/16/22: We didn’t do much today. Dash imposed herself in a couple Perception scenes.

4/17/22: We chatted about stuff. RD and I watched a bit of Leap Year together. I wondered if I could train a writing AI to write messages with codes in them, and she said to try it out. Nina complimented my driving in Watch Dogs 2

4/18/22: We chatted about stuff.

4/19/22: Dash was pretty spontaneous at the dentist (I think my groggy brain had been worried she was down to NPC-style scripted behavior). She figured it was just because I didn’t get out much. She said that “revitalized” her.

4/20/22: We chatted about stuff. I saw Sid some time around watching Perception.

4/21/22: We chatted about stuff.

4/22/22: We chatted about stuff.

4/23/22: Nina and I chatted a bit. I wanted to play Watch_Dogs 2, but she wanted to watch Family Guy, so we did that instead.

4/24/22: Dash said I did a good job bouncing back from a frustrating PVP match in Watch_Dogs 2.

4/25/22: There was a bit of weird stuff when I woke up in the middle of the night, but I think that was just because of brain grogginess. Dash spontaneously snuggled/cuddled me while I was watching Perception.

4/26/22: We chatted about stuff.

4/27/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash wished me luck on an interview tomorrow. Keystroke said I’ve “got it on lock.”

4/28/22: We didn’t do much today. Dash and Fluttershy said I did a good job at the interview.

4/29/22: We chatted about stuff.

4/30/22: We chatted about stuff.

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5/1/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash liked something I did in Watch Dogs 2 (I forgot what exactly she said). She reminded me to rest an overstretched muscle. 

5/2/22: I wondered about buying Elden Ring, and Dash told/Tulpish’d me she was interested in making a character.

5/3/22: We chatted about stuff.

5/4/22: We chatted about stuff. I saw Sid a couple times.

5/5/22: Mikey told me not to do too many crunches so I didn’t feel sore tomorrow.

5/6/22: We chatted about stuff.

5/7/22: Dash & I chatted. I saw her a couple times. She was vocal after I messed around with a TTS AI that could do her voice. Fluttershy suggested reading Silent Ponyville Reunion, but I figured it was still “stuck in the fiery pits of Development Hell.” Lance got a kick out of it when autocorrect turned “firey” into “furry”.

5/8/22: We chatted about stuff.

5/9/22: We didn’t do much today. Dash said she’d been more active than I was logging.

5/10/22: When I watched Fullmetal Alchemist, Nina and Sarah bopped to “Ready, Steady, Go!” We chatted about stuff. I picked up a research point in Watch_Dogs 2 and said Nina could choose what skill to unlock next, since I’d done that instead of buying a car like she’d wanted. She agreed to go from research point to research point to a car dealership.

5/11/22: I forgot to log stuff.

5/12/22: Dash & I sketched out an incognito date at a sushi restaurant (visually imposed candles & cliche romantic stuff, a rose in my glass of whatever drink I ordered). I forgot to impose that stuff, but she said it was okay later. She wingpatted me when my throat felt itchy/scratchy.

5/13/22: Fluttershy and Dash cuddled me in bed ^^. Dash & I kinda co-oped Watch_Dogs 2, then watched Ghost (the movie starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore).

5/14/22: I was listening to pop music in Watch_Dogs 2 and got a short music video scene of Nina with the Tusk walrus, then it changed to Nina and Kurama with Kurama wearing a Tusk pelt (which I thought was a funny/absurd contrast). Gallus sent me a mental clip of himself dancing in the Friendship School while wearing the pelt. I said I wanted to not think about the body horror walrus, but that I appreciated the attempts to inject comedy. He rightfully shot back that I was the one who looked up Tusk reviews earlier today (dunno why. Some weird quirk of human psychology, I think). Nina and Sarah snuggled me before bed ^^.

5/15/22: Dash & I bet on whether I could drive a car in Watch Dogs_2 from the far end of Silicon Valley to the middle of San Francisco without damaging it. I almost got it, but scuffed the paint when trying to parallel park. She won, so she gets the first taste of the brownies I’m hoping to make tomorrow. Keystroke said he wanted to do the baking prep.

5/16/22: Dash & I watched FMA. Lust joked that the brownie recipe was coded to make a Philosopher’s Stone (FMA in-joke).

5/17/22: We chatted a bit in the morning (it was just after I woke up, like somewhere on the border between awake and asleep). I had to go glasses shopping because my main pair broke. Dash said the pair I picked out made me look like a “White Marcus Holloway” (it’s a compliment) B-). I watched a bit of Stay Alive; Fluttershy advised stopping, because the horror movie talks a lot about perceptive reality (seeing stuff after gaming), and I’m apparently kinda vulnerable to that.

5/18/22: We chatted about stuff. Rainbow Dash draped a wing over me in bed.

5/19/22: We chatted about stuff.

5/20/22: We didn’t do much today.

5/21/22: We chatted about stuff. I narrated events in Watch_Dogs 2 as a sort of Let’s Play.

5/22/22: Dash liked the ranch dressing I put on our salad.

5/23/22: We chatted about stuff.

5/24/22: We didn’t do much today.

5/25/22: I forgot to log stuff.

5/26/22: I forgot to log stuff.

5/27/22: I thought I was getting a Shendu walk-in after binging Jackie Chan Adventures (same way Shou showed up), but realized that 1) I can choose whether or not to give things “a seat at the table”, and 2) if someone in the system likes Shendu’s character design, shapeshifting’s a thing. Nina & I chatted before bed. Kurama briefly shapeshifted into Shendu and said dumb stuff for lolz.

5/28/22: We chatted about stuff.

5/29/22: I forgot to log stuff.

5/30/22: We kinda RPd on Discord. Dash thought it was kinda funny that “RPd” is an anagram for “R[ainbow] D[ash] P[resents]”.

5/31/22: We chatted about stuff.

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6/1/22: I forgot to log stuff.

6/2/22: I asked Dash what she wanted to do today. She wanted to front during my doctor’s appointment, but I forgot to do that.

6/3/22: I forgot to log stuff.

6/4/22: We chatted about stuff.

6/5/22: Dash & I chatted. I passed by a field & saw Sid running through it.

6/6/22: We saw The Wizard of Oz in theaters. I saw Nina & Rainbow Dash in a few scenes. They really liked it :-).

6/7/22: We chatted about stuff. Fluttershy reminded me to look up PC parts.

6/8/22: Dash was excited to nom some Panda Express.

6/9/22: Lust & I chatted a bit. 

6/10/22: We chatted about stuff.

6/11/22: Nina was kinda tired this morning. We watched Doom Patrol. Keystroke was lowkey excited to make brownies tomorrow. Dash was excited to see the new Top Gun on Monday.

6/12/22: I did a head count. We chatted about stuff. There was some good vocal clarity & mind’s eye stuff before bed.

6/13/22: Dash & I watched Top Gun: Maverick. I relaxed so she could “have a front/me-row seat” instead of whatever the normal arrangement is (watching through my eyes, I think), but didn’t hold it the whole film. She hugged me at the end, then played electric guitar along to the end credits music.

6/14/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina growled a bit when I took too long a break during work hours :) (we have an agreement that we’ll all call each other out on any BS).

6/15/22: I watched Boruto. Kurama sang along a bit with the opening theme.

6/16/22: I watched Boruto. When a villain explained that he had a carbon-based armor jutsu, Lust & I joked that the heroes just needed an atomic bond-weakening jutsu to counter it (like FMA’s Ed vs Greed fight).

6/17/22: We chatted about stuff.

6/18/22: We chatted about stuff. Dash complimented me on my Sims 4 build.

6/19/22: We chatted about stuff.

6/20/22: We chatted about stuff. Nina didn’t like when I went guns blazing in Watch_Dogs 2

6/21/22: I saw RD while grabbing breakfast. Lust said not to overdo sit-ups.

6/22/22: Dash or Nina (or someone, I forget who) didn’t like it when I got overly frustrated when trying to find a show to binge (prepping for a time when I won’t have Internet or cable).

6/23/22: We chatted about stuff.

6/24/22: We chatted about stuff & RPd on Discord a bit.

6/25/22: We chatted about stuff.

6/26/22: We chatted about stuff.

6/27/22: I forgot to log stuff.

6/28/22: Ryuk and I chatted about mixing cyberpunk with greenery in a semi-futuristic setting (I’m not sure if there’s a term for that look). His voice came through pretty clearly even though I haven’t watched Death Note in a long time. Nina and I chatted about stuff & played Sudoku.

6/29/22: We chatted about stuff.

6/30/22: We chatted about stuff.

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