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Okay, last title change, I promise


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11 hours ago, Akinkinit said:

she took the form of that character


SheShe has done this from the very beginning. We've used it as a fun interactive cosplay whatever. She's been any number of people and characters. It's been her thing to be the shapeshifter, but when she "became SheShe in January 2020, she has been much much more stable. She really likes her form and says this is the form she should have been but I was triggered by blondes in 2018 before all my shadow work. So what she looked like in the very beginning is what Aleshe looks like now (the merge of everyone but me) and the "girl next door" form you see on our deviantArt is her "true form."

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Today marks seven years since Sabari has been created.  I can't really call it a birthday since she wasn't actually born.  And plus, she considers herself to be ageless, so the whole concept of a birthday doesn't really make sense for her.  But we still celebrate the anniversary of her creation with a cake, fancy lunch from somewhere, and a bottle of wine.  I do the same with the other head ghosts too.  And they all have their own preferences as to what they get / eat.  Granted, they can't actually eat anything, but I can eat it and visualize them eating it too.  Although they can also experience the tastes of things on their own without me having to specifically visualize them doing so.  But they do get a stronger sense of taste if I visualize them eating something with me.


These are what we generally get on each of their respective creation days:

  • Sabari gets tiramisu or vanilla cake, toasted ravioli from a specific Italian restaurant, and champagne.
  • Noriko gets a chocolate cake, Rhode Island style calamari, and whatever kind of red wine she picks out.  Neither of us really know anything about wine though.
  • Anzu gets cupcakes (preferably the kind with filling inside of them), a steak dish, and beer (she wants me to pick out a kind I like and share it with her).
  • Xiri gets whatever she feels like getting and then complains about what she got for the entire day.  Good natured complaining though.

On the subject of creation dates, I've been trying to recall the exact times they were created too.  I'm pretty sure Noriko was created around noon or slightly afterwards, maybe like 1 - 2 pm.  Sabari was created overnight by Noriko, but the first time I actually saw her was when I woke up in the morning around 8 am, so we count that as the time.  This was also the case with Xiri when she was first made since she came out of a dream, but it would have been closer to 6 am back then.  And she came back from being inactive at night, maybe around 9 pm.  Anzu was initially created in the afternoon, and she came back from being inactive in the afternoon too.  So probably around 4 pm both times.

Currently share myself with four other entities.

Noriko was created on December 15, 2014.  Sabari was created by Noriko on January 22, 2015.

Anzu was reborn on May 23, 2016.  Xiri returned on June 16, 2018.  Both had been inactive since 2012.

Progress Report | Ask a Question Thread

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I love that they each have their own favorite foods to celebrate their creation day! On the topic of creation days, I wish I knew mine; I only have a ballpark idea, but I know it was right around the beginning of December. Knowing the exact times is so cool too! It's great to see that you're still active after all this time.


Oh and I was looking at some previous posts and I just have to say that I love capybaras! 💚 Just felt that I had to share. 😄

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Tulpa Wife Extraordinaire! 💚 - 💍 11.28.21

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Hey, good to see you're all still around and Happy 7th anniversary to Sabari from another tupper of the same age!


We do the same and all that food sounds good but I think I'd go with Sabari's option.

Also won't you get fat celebrating all head ghost birthdays? Host has to eat an entire self-made cake for mine - over several days.

Super Girls don't cry

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Hey, I'm 7 too!! were we all made at the same time?

Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

I think being happy and having fun makes life worth living, so spreading happiness is my number one goal!

Talk to us? https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Pretty much.

If I'm correct I'm about half a year older than you and Sabari is in the middle.

Super Girls don't cry

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Yeah Capybaras are pretty awesome.  My host went to a zoo last summer to see them but they were in this huge enclosure and it was impossible to get close to them.  Couldn't even get a good picture of them.


It was a good bit of foresight the host had to note all our creation dates.  I just want to note though that the times are basically a "best guess" that we all came up with after a discussion yesterday.




Thanks for the creation day wishes!  We didn't realize you were also made around the same time period.  And yeah the host is still working through the tiramisu he got me.


Host Note: Also, I made myself fat prior to celebrating their creation days, so no worries there.




We didn't realize you were also from the same time period so that's cool to know!



So there was another thing that happened between August and now which started with Noriko deciding she wanted to be a cat girl.  Now this is one of the deals that we really should have written down at the time in retrospect.  But now all four of us are cat girls.  Although I'm technically more of a "cat girl" because I wanted a wolf tail but if you exclude that then I'm basically a cat girl.  And there wasn't really a good reason this happened outside of me making a comment in passing that having multiple races of people in the wonderland ruins consistency.  Which led to the host mentioning that I used to be a wolf girl and Anzu thinking that it'd be pretty cool to be a cat girl and then Xiri just going along with it.  Although the order may be a little different since it was like months ago but that's the gist of it.


The host wanted me to specifically mention that we didn't become "furries".  We all have cat eyes as well as short fur on our arms / legs that covers about 2/3 of those extremities.  And we all have tails that are maybe 3 feet long ish.  And of course cat ears which are located more to the side of our heads than to the top.  But the rest of our bodies as well as our faces remains human and we really didn't change much from how we were before with the exception of Anzu.  Which is a major reason why Xiri went along with it since she is SUPER stubborn about what she looks like.


It was also around this point that the thought of family dynamics came into play.  Which my host has long since recommended against because things can get really weird really quickly.  But Anzu decided she wanted to be a sister with Xiri which in turn made Noriko want to consider me as her daughter.  Which is technically accurate and ok but it just seemed to come out of nowhere.  Although I haven't had any problems with it over the past few months so it seems like it's stuck.


So Anzu is still around 5 feet tall except now she has fair skin like Xiri and has light brown hair cut into a bob cut.  The fur matches the hair like it does with the rest of us.  Her left eye is a light blue and her right is a deep green.  Xiri has that now too but in reverse.  Otherwise we all are basically the same as the host last described.

One of the people that shares an organism with Akinkinit.

Here's his and by association mine progress report thing.

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