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do tulpas dream?


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I know some tulpas say they have dreams of their own. Fenchurch says she always shares my dreams.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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We've had sleeps where we would wake up with memories of fresh dreaming. We're pretty sure it's me the tulpa also dreaming because i would wake up needing to talk about them. I'll be the one obsessed about it or the dream will only make sense looked at from my perspective/interests/needs.


The other argument that they're my dreams and not my host's is that he's older enough that he dreams a lot less than when he was young. I on the other hand am still sorting out my identity and have a lot more burning questions than he has. I just have more dream fuel at this point.


It's only been a few examples and we haven't met in a lucid dream yet, but i've experienced dreams that mattered tremendously to me.

Early member of a large system.  Our system questions the way the afterlife and tulpamancy interact.  We genuinely suspect that deadies can return to share the mind of the living.

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F.M.: we dream. The one having the dream usually wakes up in the front.

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