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I'm currently working in @MechanicalBride request, but is a hell of a ride. Hopefully i'll finish it before weekend


@raymond13557 that one with the mightyena seems fun, I can see it already



This one just took me 2 and 1/2 hours!!

Well, thats compared to 10-14 I use to reach

I gonna definitely doing more like this... maybe reaction images? Too much?

Nah, it's never enough

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Greetings again STeeK,


I saw your donation pool up for buying a small Wacom tablet for your art, and I felt it would be good to mention something as far as tablets go. Currently, I'm using a Huion tablet, previously I used a Monoprice, but the cord on that was damaged, and I needed something that I could transport easily. Specifically, I use this particular tablet.


Although it's a tablet with more real-estate to work on, it's still around the same price range as a smaller Wacom, and I'd say it does the job very well. The tablet with a 4gb SD card, so that's a nice little bonus. It's a nice alternative for a very nice price.


Edit: These Monoprice tablets work well, too. My only beef with them is that you can't remove the cord from the tablet like you can with Wacoms and Huions.


Also important note: Both Huion and Monoprice use UC-logic digitizers. The tablets comes with their own drivers, but sometimes Windows has a nasty tendency to download its own drivers if you plug in the tablet before installing the bundled driver. If you buy either of these tablets, make sure to install their driver first, it will save you a good deal of hassle.


Sock Cottonwell's

Sketchbook, Journal, and Ask thread.


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Hey I just got my tablet!!



It's the Genius i608X, I had to lower my standards cause i would never reach than amount without spending the saving before but it worked perfectly anyways

It cost me 65 USD approx

All of my thats to those 2 guys who helped me with 5 and 2 bucks. None of them give me a name but thank anyways!



And this was the first thing i made with my new toy, well after practicing the lines and adjusting the sensitivity obviously

I know it's bad, but it could be worse

So, time to find my own "style" and thats mean prepare to see tons and tons of sketches not only in this thread



Those are some good prices, but, you know if we caught shipping prices, IVA and the fact I don't live near the capital... well it reach the 100 bucks line

This is the page wthich calculate the final values in CHP Such is the fate of the third world

You were absolutely right about the drivers, even the salesman told me that. Thank

We really appreciate your help!


Edit: The thread's name changed after editing the op and I can't undo it. Welp... time to call a mod

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Last night and today i just draw and draw to git gud


Starting in chronological order



I don't know what is this... I just hate doing backgrounds and hands




"Just don't draw hands then"




That doesn't look so bad amarite

Also, hands




Now a pose with just half hand but the proportions in general gets me in that one





while I was drawing this one everything looked good... then i saw again the skirt

Also, Rose is left handed




After seeing a couple of tutorials and various skirt images this one pops up

Her right leg is fucked, in my mind it looked good

This escalated quickly




I liked this one

You only need to ignore the fact that her left arm and right hand looks weird

Cute as hell anyways.

The eventual correction and colors soon




"Time to prove do some hands!"

Still seems bad but overall much better a quick than before

A imagen from behind... you know, they are rare, especially if is a tulpa


I make those 3 last images in the same file, side to side, to maintain proportions ( one of my most common problems) so the initial sketch were much more quick and accurate and the final result doesn't seemed like a cartoonish image. So I think I got this

The last 5 images seems to make a silly sequence starting with the last one

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It's keep happening



I always wanted to draw something like this one. Muh tulpa hugging... well, herself.

Doesn't matter how much time I spend on her legs, they refuse to look good. But hey, that skirt looks good



This is my first traced work with the tablet. It could be really easy if the original wasn't had some ridiculous body proportions... some things were huge that I needed to correct. Maybe 30% of the lines were untouched. Anyways, it was still traced.

Also, those lines around her with blur is a blanket in case you don't see that which is probably the case

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A reaction image

Trying using Paint tool Sai instead of Illustrator

Ohh thats a huge change, I mean HUGE. I complain about every single difference to Rose about like 5 minutes while drawing that one. First of all you can't edit the line one by one without messing with the others and you have to do it manually. You lose the sweet ridiculous high definition and instead you win a crappy and static work area. So to avoid a percentage of all of those you need to do a sketch first. For the good part, lines feels more natural, colors and shadows looks way more good. This one is the most used program to draw, so eventually I need to use it

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Continuing with Paint tool Sai

I was in the middle of drawing this one, then I realized that the size of the image would be low. the fact you can't resist it without losing quality hurts me

Ohh Illustrator, why your coloring is crap

I think i fail with the legs again, they feel out of place... well the pose was somewhat difficult after all

Don't even look at those hands ugh

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Welcome to the raster world, hope your got some practice with pen and paperr!


I haven't used Sai myself, but I'm assuming that it allows you to change the dimensions of your canvas when making a new document, yes? If so, my tip would be to go big from the outset, Try to set you docs at like 300 pixels per inch (Or something of a similar length). You'll end up with a big file, yes, but you will also have a bigger space to work with. This works fine with Photoshop and GIMP, so it shouldn't be TOO different with Sai.

Sock Cottonwell's

Sketchbook, Journal, and Ask thread.


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It never ends




Holy shit, this one looks actually good to be the first colored work I do with the tablet

In this one I combined the power of the two programs, the sweet line control of Illustrator and the artistically coloring of Sai. The result is a huge accurate image with good looking colors

I just wanted to color something so I picked a random .jpg and start playing with it. then I discovered a tool thats allow you to create masks between lines and then puff... I get the idea; importing a .png instead from illustrator and just color it and do minor corrections in Sai.

I get attached to Illustrator, it just so good

In the middle of the work I realize I actually picked the traced image... absolutely haram.


I haven't used Sai myself, but I'm assuming that it allows you to change the dimensions of your canvas when making a new document, yes? If so, my tip would be to go big from the outset

Yes it does. But not after you started to work. Was my fault for not paying attention at the dimensions

Thanks again for the feedback


BIG EDIT: Her smile looked way too silly to my taste. Corrected... I think

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