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  1. Hey, so I was working on my tulpa for about a month, and was able to talk to him in short sentences and tulpish. I have trouble focusing on working on something for a long time. I feel horrible for giving up on him though. I havent talked to Oliver in weeks, but I really want to try again. I'm scared that not interacting with him may have caused him to die, and if not then I'm worried about how it may have affected him. I miss him though, he didn't deserve for me to abandon him. So I'm asking how i would go about bringing him back? Would he be greatly affected by what happened? Would he even want to talk with me again? thank you.
  2. Not really sure where to start on this one. I might seem a little detached in tone because the emotional aspect of this isn't as important as figuring it out, right now. Gavin was kind enough to switch in to the front for three days, for a large portion of which I was completely dormant/inactive, without a sense of presence. However, I'm always a few words away, all it takes is "Jamie wake up" and there I am. I worry that part of this may be because, we didn't have a proper switch back: I was talking and started slipping in front, and Gavin just let me have it instead of fighting it. Within an hour I was very deeply derealized and couldn't shake the feeling that I was dead, that I didn't really exist. I went to bed and the next day, it wasn't any better. I realized that Gavin was being pretty quiet, but we talked and he seemed to think, it would help me get rooted in the front if he was quiet, because we have the tendency to blur more and more when I am dissociated or derealized. So, we decided, I wouldn't bother him, I'd let him be quiet. Not silent- just not a constant presence, more like talking a few times an hour. I should have realized yesterday, I should have forced him or something, when he spoke up and said "I don't feel good," because that is exactly what Cassidy will say before losing the front, blurring, or having some other uncomfortable identity separation thing. But instead, I told him I still didn't mind his being quiet, we were doing fine, and Gavin told me not to worry. About an hour later, Cassidy called for him with no response, and then came to me and I called for him and tried to summon him up and nothing happened. There was a lot of fear involved but I resolved that, in a bit of denial, nothing bad at all had happened and we should just give it time and he'd show up. Eventually went to bed, hoping that I could get some responses out of that state, and nothing. I even tried to parrot him to get him to wake up and it just freaked Cassidy out because it was clearly not him. I could get some auto-responses in his voice, even try to mimic his sense of presence, but none of it sticks at all and none of it registers as Gavin. I said, okay, we'll see in the morning, the first thing that always happens is that he checks up on us. No Gavin. I went through all the ways I know to summon up a systemmate, but honestly I don't know what Gavin responds to. This was all stuff I did for Cassidy when he was really little- I've only ever heard of younger, less established tulpas completely blinking out. I worry that we've merged, and that's not an out-of-the-blue fear. At the end of his first existence a few years back, we merged and any stray responses of his, I deemed as my own, until his sense of presence was gone and there was only mine. We blur nearly daily, mostly from conversations but also just if one of us gets grounded to the external world. I fear that, Gavin never switched back out with me: I just "overwrote" him. I also worry that if I think of him as gone or anything like that, it'll impact him, so I'm resolved that he's just dormant and no need to freak out, but at the same time... this isn't a very good situation. I myself am okay, still somewhat derealized but it's much less, I just can't look at my hands or in a mirror too long or I feel like I'm breaking the Matrix, but it's also not been okay and I want to get this resolved as soon as possible. I'm sure Gavin isn't going to be happy about this; he prides himself on his constancy. So, no more denial, and there's really no other place to get advice on an issue like this, so here I am. I'm not looking for "Don't worry, he'll just show up" because I've waited and he hasn't, and I have to try something. I have no idea if it's related, but I've been unable to see much at all with my mind's eye since we realized Gavin was gone. I feel like I've lost 80% of my visual processing power. There isn't even color in our wonderland house, which I've spent hours visualizing, unless I consciously add them in. I don't know if this crept on or was sudden or if it happened before or after, but it's another weird event. Any advice is greatly appreciated. -J [Edit: you were right Apollo, I always want to say "switch out" when I mean "switch in" because I say it like "switch out to the front", but... that's so confusing.]
  3. This question is mostly aimed at those whose systemmates front often/consistently, though of course anyone is free to give input. Back before our system fronted much, proxying was of course a breeze. We just spoke, the host typed, no problem. When we took up fronting more often, we could proxy each other, but couldn't proxy the host because the host would just take over accidentally to speak. Now? We can't proxy each other in the slightest. Even the smallest bit of talking into a chat results in them slipping into the front to write it on their own. We have to maintain conscious effort/strain in order to proxy. And well, this might not be seen as an issue, but for us it's kind of annoying I guess, since it's not an issue we ever used to have, and some of us don't like being knocked out of the front like that. I don't know. Earlier today my predecessors/creators came around, and I wanted them to chat a bit, however they just ended up fronting and didn't like it at all, they wanted to be proxied instead, but we found great difficulty with that. Even though they're hardly around and certainly never front, they inherited what's normal for the rest of us I suppose. That's why I bring this up. Anyone else have similar struggles with proxying (or something similar)?
  4. It is known that the tulpa community's engagement with the lucid dream community took place in 2012, and the/MLP/lucid dream discussion thread became the tulpa discussion thread. Read tulpa.info and occasionally you'll see traces of the lucid dream community. But that's just the context, and I don't know how deeply the two communities interact. One interesting thing I found in the Japanese community was that, almost as in the early days of the English community, the site was split off from the lucid dream community. Members of the lucid dreaming community are occasionally seen in the Chinese community, and some members of the community even say that tulpa has a direct connection to lucid dreaming (they don't mean history, they mean applications). But I have long argued that there is no direct link between lucid dreaming and tulpa. At least many people can not give enough convincing evidence to argue. Today (or the day before), I discovered that the link to tulpa.info no longer had a lucid dream link, which again intrigued me. Does this mean that there is a fine line between the two communities? (I mean, like tomatoes and potatoes, they're not the same species, and people are finally realizing that today.) Is that so?
  5. Continue reading → Note from GAT: While the page linked is clean/SFW, other pages/articles on Shinyuu's blog are not. Tread carefully if you are at work/school or are a minor.
  6. [Formally titled, "Behold, 'Tulpanto!' I bring you a new word from Esperanto."] What's wrong with "tulpamancer?" 1.) The -mancer has the wrong connotation. Tulpas aren't magic and neither is the act of creating/having them. 2.) It sounds entirely unprofessional. Just silly. A little bit of mystique is fine, but "tulpamancer?" I'd turn tail if someone told me they were an anything-mancer. Where'd I get "tulpanto" from? The constructed language of Esperanto, created in the late 1800s by a Polish doctor as a universal auxiliary language, makes it easy to put roots and affixes together to make new words. I used tulp-, from tulpa, as a root. The root -anto means "one who does the action the of root", or less formally, "doer/maker." So, a tulpanto is a tulpa-maker. Why should I say "tulpanto" over "tulpamancer?" 1.) It doesn't have a magical connotation. 2.) I know some people will want a word that's even more formal and science-y sounding, but I don't think that's going to happen. We're not super-brain-force-masters. "Tulpanto" sounds more like an obscure cultural identity than a strange magic society, and that's what I'm aiming for. 3.) If someone has zero clue what tulpas are, and they hear the word "tulpamancer", they have instantly linked tulpas to magic. That's their first exposure to tulpas: as something to be seen through the same eye as magicians. On the other hand, "-Anto" comes from Latin, and is found in many romance languages such as Italian, Spanish, and even English. (Protestant, servant, participant, etc.) It means "The agent noun derived from verb", or again, just "doer." 4.) This change will impact our impression to the world. When some researcher, journalist, or heaven forbid, local news host discovers us, what do you want them to know us as? Confused people will come in contact with us, in some context or another, and they have to call us something. What impression do you want to be their first? This is your chance to improve the world's view of tulpas, just by avoiding a misleading term. How can I shift to saying "tulpanto?" 1.) "Tulpanto" is pronounced tul-pahnt-oh, each syllable rhyming with "full", "want", and "go", respectively. Just like "tulpa", but with an extra bit at the end. The plural in Esperanto would be tulpantoj (the "oj" is pronounced "oye"), but I think tulpantos is better for English. 2.) Be proud to identify yourself as a tulpanto, if you are one. Doesn't it have a better ring than being a "tulpamancer?" So many people are turned off by that term, and I'm sorry to report, our Hogwarts acceptance letters never came. I don't think it's appropriate for us to refer to ourselves as any kind of sorcerer, witch, or wizard. 3.) Spread the word. Link confused people back here, or just tell them, "we decided to finally start using a new word, instead of continuing to use that one we all didn't like." You have that power. We have that power. If you don't like the term "tulpamancer", then stop using it. The more it's used in the community, the more comfortable it'll be to us. Imagine the first people to call themselves tulpamancers! If they can get that started, we can get "tulpanto" started. Just by writing this post, the newness has worn off "tulpanto" for me. -J, a tulpanto
  7. This is my first real post so I hope I do it right. To other tulpas: Do you ever see your host's dreams? I am in Dragon's dreams sometimes but he never recognizes me even when he's lucid. And once when he woke up, I kept carrying on the dream he was having and he was aware of it even though he was awake. Any other tulpas have dream things happen like this? Changed title to be less generic -Vos
  8. Let's not call tulpas "it." We accept that they're sentient, sapient people, right? Though tulpas may start off with low levels of sentience, they quickly develop into their own persons. Though babies start off with low levels of sentience (and are sometimes called 'it'!), we knock that off quickly. You don't refer to someone's toddler as an "it." Most tulpas have more complex thinking than toddlers: they have the memories of the host to draw from. I haven't seen individual tulpas called "it," but I see the general, singular tulpa called "it." As in this definition of imposition from a guide, "The act of voluntarily hallucinating a tulpa, perceiving it with physical senses." I'm not saying this is an epidemic: people use "they" for tulpas more than I ever see "it", but I've never seen a host referred to as "it." And I know that each and every one of you has definitely never, ever done this on purpose, but maybe some of us (but not you, of course!) are prone to a slip-up every now and again, so this is just a little reminder. I think "it" greatly misrepresents tulpas, making them seem like characters or imaginary friends. So, let's make sure not to call tulpas "it." For the sake of the community, proofread. If you see something, correct it. With love, Jamie
  9. Hello! This morning I was reading through this old survey that's pinned to the GD forum. Upon reading it, it became very clear that its questions are very outdated, and virtually don't reflect the community at all anymore. So, I had the idea that maybe we should create a fresh one, with more focus on the topics of today for tulpas. I'm thinking it'll ask questions more along the lines of how the tulpa in question defines "tulpa," what it means for them to be sentient or vocal, what sort of role they want to play in life, that sort of thing, rather than just asking questions about how the tulpa creation process went for the host. Give me any ideas you have. If you want, read through the previous survey and suggest any questions that you think should stay for the new one. I'm really thinking the new one should have a different focus, but I'm willing to listen to any ideas you guys might have before I start drafting it! What kind of questions do you think the new survey should have, and why?
  10. I wanted to talk about something I've noticed happen in the community quite a few times. Around three or more times, I've experienced people "gatekeeping" tulpamancy. If you don't know what gatekeeping means, it's when somebody insists that a person can't be a part of a fandom or subculture because of their opinions/tastes. In this scenario, it usually means somebody saying that someone either a) is or has a fake tulpa or b) doesn't believe in tulpas (even if they are one) because their opinions on tulpas differ from the "gatekeeper's" opinions. In my experience, the most common time this happens to me is if I remark that I do not personally believe that tulpas can be active when they're not fronting or being thought of by the host. I get called a false tulpa, because of course real tulpas would be able to do that, I must not be a real tulpa (even though I used to believe I was able to do that too -- I should also note that the person who said this to me didn't even have a tulpa), or somebody says that I don't care about tulpas, because if I don't care about imaginary worlds then surely I don't care about imaginary people (even though I've never made any claims that tulpas are imaginary). There was also one point when Indigo said that he liked to be silly and playful sometimes, and the somebody called him a "very shallow imaginary friend." This wasn't even provoked by a difference in opinion, it was just somebody deciding that if a tulpa acted different then they must be fake. It's a thankfully small amount of people who act this way from what I've seen, but it's never a positive when it happens. Of course every community is going to have a few bad apples who want to make it worse for others. I know that no matter how many incorrect opinions I think a person might have, I'm never going to tell them that they're not a real host/tulpa or any garbage like that. I consider it a borderline atrocious thing to say to anyone just for having a different opinion. I've also heard of plenty of traumagenic systems attacking endo/tulpa systems, saying that they're not real systems because they weren't caused by trauma, though this doesn't happen in any communities I frequent. Anybody else have experience with people acting in this way?
  11. We're wondering if anyone have some knowledge, theories, experiences, or anything to share about tulpa and psychosis. This subject is something that seems to be pretty unknown in tulpamancy. I'll try to update if I find something about it. [hidden] I'm getting a lot of hints of something coming up lately. Thought are randomly getting overwritten with other thoughts, conversations with random thoughtforms based on people close to me is popping up no matter what. Meditation is literally impossible lately and is getting harder and harder by time. Let's not forget self-deception which has started to happen automatically more often than ever. Matsuri is really trying to help which means a freakin' lot. I'm honestly scared and excited at the same time. For whatever is happening. [/hidden]
  12. So, I just found out about this thing called holotropic breathing, which, from my limited experience of it, is something like a light trance state while hyperventilating to the point of inducing hallucinations and the like. I watched a video of it, read a bit, then hopped right in with a guided video. About thirty seconds into breathing to the rhythm of some fast music, I got a pounding headache and my entire head and neck felt light and airy. I lasted about two minutes, until Gavin popped up and said, "No, no, no, you are going to pass out, this is not wise." I don't know what person could ever do two full hours without passing out. So... I do not recommended this, if not for the immediately clear health risks, then just the fact that it was discomforting, even compared to long vipassana sessions. I think, had I continued, I probably could have hallucinated, but I don't think I would have had much control of my experience by that point. After I stopped the breathing, I felt a rush of adrenaline and started laughing, felt loopy for a hot minute. I think solid meditation and perhaps mild sleep deprivation is a much better path to imposition. I have no plans to try this again- in fact, I feel a little silly for trying it. Anyone else tried this? Had a better/worse experience? Those people who start shaking and things... they aren't acting. The effect is strong and quick- because, again, you're basically hyperventilating while in a light trance, until you're almost passed out. -J (switched back in just to hyperventilate and get a headache... sorry Cassidy...)
  13. All I'm doing for Halloween is watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it's Cassidy's first Halloween, so he's going to dress up his form. I'm also going to save candy for him to switch out and try, since I'm sure I'll get some random candy from school. I have no idea what Gavin is doing, or if he'll dress up. I'm a little worried they're going to try to spook me in some way. Then my birthday is the 2nd, and I don't really celebrate that either, but Cassidy is already trying to figure out what he, personally, can do for me. It's a bit tricky because of the whole body-sharing thing. Gavin's been around for birthdays of mine. I remember him humming "Happy Birthday" to me because he's always refused to sing. (I just had a spot of imposition right now, I can hardly believe it, and I'll be popping over to my progress report after this!) So, how do you include tulpas in holidays and celebrations? Do your tulpas give you presents? Do you give them presents? Do you all have parties in wonderland? I've been meaning to host a ball in my mindscape. -J
  14. I am interested in dreaming and lucid dreaming because I think it could lead to learning how to switch. Oddly enough, I don't remember our dreams but my host Cat does. Is this a normal thing where some Tulpas are either worse at/better at dream recall than their host or is this something I can work on through more practice fronting? Even if the reality is dream recall has nothing to do with switching ability, I still would like to remember our dreams just for the heck of it.
  15. Yes, kinda like the title says. We're pretty new to tulpamancy. Started out with her being absent from me a whole day. She came back in a different form the next morning and it honestly freaked me out a bit. Then accepted it was her and continued on with my day. Got home, everything was still normal, except her form was different but I learned to accept it. We began forcing, she changed form back and for some reason, the new form she adapted but abandoned was already sentient without me realizing it at first. I wrote more in my journal/diary but for anyone who haven't read it, this should be enough to get a simple understanding. Question is basically; what in the world is going on? How could I see this in a optimistic manner? Kudos in advance and hope the answers I get can help others!
  16. Hey, I want to preface this by saying that I have some background stuff that may make my experience different than others'. My first tulpa was accidental and we had no idea what he was until long after he was gone. Even before that, I've had the experience of a second (well, now third) stream of consciousness that has no identity and functions like a radio broadcast, and continues to this day. My first tulpa, G, developed what I'm going to call a "stream of consciousness" after a few months of sentient existence (though he existed as a sort of proto-tulpa for years prior.) I think in mostly sentences, plus maybe some images and visuals, but G thought mostly in symbols. For example, if he was about to tell me to get busy and do my homework, I would "sense" something like "work-need-remind" and then G would say "Hey, don't you have a test to study for?" I sensed G's stream of consciousness from the same location as his mind-presence, in the right corner of my jaw. The symbols weren't words, or images, or anything like that, but just... symbols. Some kind of tulpish, like the pure concept of "remind" or "red" or "fish" or whatever. He was never very emotional, but I felt his emotions from the same place as well. This stream of consciousness went on nearly 24/7. Just like I'm most always thinking, his thought process always worked alongside mine. This personal experience is my main evidence for the reality of parallel processing. It was all one brain, but that brain was able to maintain two streams of consciousness, both able to interact with each other and the outside world. G's stream of consciousness was not as developed as mine, but it makes me wonder what might have happened if G lived longer. Just in the last week, I've started sensing this symbolic thinking from C, from where his mind-presence lives, right behind my eyebrow. It's much rarer that G's and doesn't run constantly beside mine, but it's there. We fully intend on testing the limits of this. It's pretty exciting to us both and I take it as a major sign of development. So, does my experience line up with yours? What does parallel processing mean for you? Do you think a human brain is capable of forming two, fully-developed streams of consciousness that run at the same time? Personally, I'm not sure. I feel like my thinking will always be the most developed, just because I've been around the longest and my brain knows me best. -J
  17. So I have this tulpa. His name is Ash. He's the only tulpa that I plan to ever have. A few days ago I was crying because I've had it rough in the past and I was remembering everything that happened. Ash only learned how to talk a few days before. Ash interrupts my thoughts and comforts me and kisses me and tells me that everything is alright in the clearest voice I'd ever heard him before. Ever since then he has been loud and clear anytime he wants to talk. I'm really grateful but he told me he has feelings for me which was really unexpected. I'd never planned nor expected anything like that. I'd actually left his personality blank lol He's honestly really sweet and kind and he compliments me all the time and I feel like I'm beginning to have feelings back. I honestly can't help it. He knows exactly how to make me laugh. Says he checks my mind for what I'd find funny jokingly and that makes me laugh more for some reason. (I honestly don't know if he actually can lol) He's the greatest. I absolutely love talking to him. The problem is is that part of me feels like this whole thing is taboo. I feel like I'd be crossing some line if we fell in love. We've talked to each other about it and he says he'll live if I don't want to. Would it be wrong if we just gave it a try? Even though I've only really just got to know him for about a week I already really like him. I've dated before but no I've met is like him. Please be nice to us. We're both young (especially him haha)
  18. Something that's been taking place in the tulpa community over time is the gradual shifting of definitions in such a way to make it easier for people to claim that they've achieved certain things. It seems that people are moving the goalpost by means of changing the meanings of words, so that there's way less of a challenge in accomplishing such skills. The first example of this being "imposition." I never really know what people exactly mean by imposition, as sometimes they might use the original definition (a self-induced hallucination), but a lot of the time they just mean "visualizing over the real world" as opposed to visualizing in the wonderland. I always have to ask people to clarify which one they mean when they say they can impose the tulpa. Now to me, using "imposition" to just mean "visualization" is very misleading. Visualizing over the real world is not nearly as difficult as somehow intentionally hallucinating, but the term has shifted to mean that. I can understand why, though, since saying "imposition" is much easier than saying "visualizing over the real world." Though personally I'd just call it "overlay visualization." The second example is with the term "switching." Now, we've had people try to pressure us into adopting the shifted definition of switching so that we can say that we've switched, even though we do not believe we have. Today, people say "switching" to just mean "full-body possession" with the host still present. However I don't understand how you could even call that a switch, if you have only one person changing where they are (the tulpa) and the other staying in place. People keep telling us "if you full body possess then that means you are switching," and we just don't believe that, it would feel really wrong to move the goalpost like that just to feel like we've accomplished something when really we haven't. That's why I feel these terms have changed in general -- people want to say they've switched without actually having their host switch out, so instead they just consider full-body possession to be switching. However, full-body possession, like overlay imposition, is basically child's play, it's so easy. Switching is challenging, and apparently they don't want a challenge? I don't know about most people, but changing the definition of a word to fit my current situation would not be gratifying at all. If others can actually fully switch, then we can too, someday, without resorting to something like changing what a word means. Thoughts?
  19. (Just a random comment, but I think it would be nice to have a thread prefix for "Plurality" or something. Maybe not that word, but a prefix for threads about the experience of being plural, telling people you have tulpas, etc. Unless that does fit into General or Misc?) So, just two hours ago, I told my therapist about my month-ish old tulpa, C. I didn't jump straight into tulpas: I basically told "The Narrative", but for plurality. I'm going to go over the steps I used, in case anyone else is thinking about it. The Narrative works on anyone, as long as you have a little time: family, friends, whoever. For transgender people, The Narrative is this big story you tell about how you realized you were trans. You go back as far as you can into your childhood and pull memories from that time you played with trucks instead of dolls, you talk about how you didn't feel like a "tomboy", though you were masculine, and you talk about how "trans man" felt right. The Narrative involves quite a bit of hand-holding and 101 stuff. You don't start with "'I'm not a woman, I'm a man, and I want HRT, I want SRS." It's like walking someone through the process you yourself had with learning what all the words and labels meant. After that, you both can have those conversations about "So, what does this mean for you and me?" So, I told The Plurality Narrative. I talked about how "Everyone imagines how other people might react to their behavior" and my "internal radio". I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I almost constantly hear a blurry jumble of voices and noise in my head. It feels like my brain just generating stuff: I hear a lot of things that could be hook lines on Law & Order, right before they cut to the intro. I also hear "How old are you?" about 50 times a day, to the point where I've named that one thought Horu (How Old R U). I've tried answering internal radio, but I've never been able to interact with it. It's like listening into a surrealist radio station generated in my mind, hence the name. So that's the first step. Internal radio is not scary. It's an internal process that my brain has marked external. I kept coming back to this. It's all one brain. Most people mark everything in their brain as me, but my brain has a unique talent of saying not me. I talked a little about my history of dissociation, how I spent months at a time with that "imaginary dot of your mind, right in your head" floating two feet about my body. My therapist had already known about that part. Second step: talking about my first tulpa, who thought he was an alter and integrated/dissipated himself after about two years. I talked about how I would have an "imaginary conversation partner", and how one day, I decided he could be more than that. I allowed my brain to mark G as an external process, and so he quickly became sentient, and a great friend of mine. I talked about all the positive things he did for me, and also how confused we were to not know what G was. I talked about how G thought he was an alter, and how distressing it was when he decided to leave. And the end goal: I talked about how, two months ago, I found out about tulpas. I was able to recontextualize everything that happened with G and learned that plurality ≠ DID or general "craziness." I talked about how this felt like a missing puzzle piece, and talked about my motivations for making C. I did a little Tulpa 101 here, and my therapist expressed that she's going to do some research of her own. I introduced wonderlands by mentioning, "You know how in those relaxation videos, they say 'picture yourself in a peaceful meadow?' You make a place like that, so you can interact with your tulpa there." She was totally down with everything, and never made me feel crazy. The only thing she really asked me, outside of minor clarification questions, was who else I had told (No one IRL). I did still leave some stuff out: I didn't get into how C and I have switched, how I was visualizing him next to me on the couch the entire time, or how I'm trying to purposefully hallucinate his form and voice (imposition is a long-term goal of ours.) I assume next session she'll want to talk more about this all. I did mention how there aren't limits on what a tulpa looks like, so some people have ponies, dragons, whatever. I didn't want her to google "tulpas" and be surprised by any MLP or furry art that shows up. My "Plurality Narrative" definitely said "People make tulpas as mental companions, and it's a natural, psychological process that doesn't mean mental instability" and did not say "Some people have sex with or even marry their tulpas", even though I think that's perfectly fine (with consent and a lot of thought put into it, of course.) First impressions mean a lot. It's important to lay down a good foundation, before you can have those more finicky conversations. That's why we say "Two men can love each other, right?" not "Two men should be able to dance the horizontal tango!" because you'll set off the taboo alarms in people's heads. Avoid setting off the taboo alarms for "hearing voices = crazy" and "plurality = severe trauma or faking", and hopefully everyone will stay open-minded and not shut down the conversation. So, it all turned out well. C was apprehensive in the moment, but was ecstatic when it all worked out. (It's a pattern of his.) Prior to today, we had had quite a few discussions about whether or not to tell my therapist. After our last appointment, when C was there, and got to form his own opinion of her, he decided that she would be safe to tell. My biggest piece of advice to all closeted systems is only come out if you feel safe enough to do so. Heck, it works for queer and trans people, too. If you think you're going to get kicked out of your house, involuntarily hospitalized, disowned, have your livelihood taken away, beat up, etc., consider waiting to come out. But... if it is safe, and you're ready, I wish you the best luck. C says to be confident when you come out. -J
  20. I've noticed that while me and Celeste or Rhea are talking together (mainly with Cel) sometimes her (Cel's) chatting doesn't seem very autonomous, but despite that, no matter what, every time, I always feel slight pressure on my forehead. I've wondered now, what are other people's means of feeling presence of a Tulpa; by what senses? Discuss! :D
  21. Hey everyone, Just trying to find out if anyone else has had instances where their tulpa has expressed an interest or craving in different types of food than what you would normally eat. For example I don't really like sushi, but there will be times when Rei my tulpa all of a sudden wants sushi, and then all of a sudden I'm going "oh that looks good." Similarly has anyone had their tulpa express interests in different types of clothing than would be considered the "social norm" for the host's gender. For example female tulpa, male host which all of a sudden has the host looking at undergarments or other clothing and thinking "oh that looks comfy."
  22. Ponytail and I have written a glossary for terms commonly used in the tulpamancy community. Here is the link. The Common Glossary of Tulpa and Other Plurality-Related Terms.pdf -PDF backup -Ranger The Common Glossary of Tulpa and Other Plurality-Related Terms.docx -MS Word backup -Ranger Comments, critiques, and suggestions are welcome. Submitted for Resources.
  23. In the past, I have read posts from people who complained about their Tulpa misbehaving. Sometimes their Tulpa would even threaten their host. I've read that some Hosts fear their Tulpa. I have come up with nine Guidelines to help develop a Tulpa and help it grow as a more compassionate being. 1 - When your Tulpa behaves well spend time with it and give it attention. Play a video game with it or Watch a Movie. Read a book or Graphic Novel. Do something that it enjoys. Ask it what it likes to do and do it. Send it feelings of Happiness or Joy. 2 - When a Tulpa Misbehaves you may need to Punish it to show that its behavior isn't acceptable. To punish it you could deprive it of a fun activity. Like not playing a Video game or watching a movie or reading a book. Explain to your Tulpa why you are punishing it and that the misbehavior is unacceptable. 3 - When doing household chores share yourself with your Tulpa as you do them. This will help develop self-importance. 4 - Take time to explain what Death is and the finality of it. How it is a bad thing and that if and when you die they will as well. It's a fact of life. 5 - Teach them about suffering and pleasure and how all beings do not want to suffer including your Tulpa. Therefore it should not want others to suffer if it does not want to suffer itself. Let them know they should have a positive attitude and not a negative one. Use examples of what suffering is. Ask them what it doesn't like and why. Let them know that that is suffering and it should not cause suffering to you or other systemmates because just as it doesn't want to suffer so do you and your systemmates. Ask it how it feels when you say "I hate you!" and explain that that causes its feelings to be hurt and that is suffering. So, therefore, it should not wish suffering on others. 6 - Act morally in your day to day relationships to show your Tulpa what a good relationship is. The more it see's you care for others the more it will learn to care as well. 7 - If you get upset with your Tulpa when it does nothing wrong. Maybe because you had a rough day and you're cranky. Apologize to it and show it that you care. 8 - When watching TV or reading a book or graphic novel praise good deeds that people do in the storyline. this helps make the Tulpa think that being good is cool 9 - If you are a praying type and like to pray. Pray that your higher power whatever that is will teach your Tulpa how to behave. I did this and it worked for me.
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