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  1. Hi - I think it best to give a brief introduction to myself and what I'm doing. I've lurked on these forums and browsed the web about the concept of tulpae for about 6 months now (I hope I don't receive a cold shoulder like most new members receive in online forums), as the subject *deeply* interests me. Only very recently have I decided to see if I can prove the skeptic inside of me wrong and go ahead and start. I'd say I'm skeptical yet open and fascinated by the whole idea. My tulpa is based off the Halo character Cortana, both physically and mentally. I fully understand to give 'her' room to deviate and become her own entity, but she will be heavily influenced by both her look and her personality. I also think that it will help me solidify and speed up the process somewhat, since I know the character very well already. I'm not at all expecting the Cortana, just something roughly along the same lines. Today I decided to start trying, starting with personality. I wrote down a list of traits that I would want her to have, some of those are those the actual character has, some of those are there out of personal taste, such as being encouraging and motivating, since I have trouble with motivation. When I sat down, closed my eyes and let my mind come to rest, I started imagining her in front of me, with me imbuing a ball of energy with said trait and firing it into her chest. I did this for around 5 minutes or so before I realised, I don't fully comprehend or understand the traits I'm trying to imbue her with, for example I grasp the concept of wit and I know what it is when I see or hear it, but I can't seem to 'fire' it into her in any meaningful way. Or at least all I seem to be doing is imagining the word and saying the word, filling the ball of energy with the word and releasing it. But its just the word. It doesn't feel like I'm doing it right. I guess my question is, is that how you do it? It doesn't feel right, and it certainly doesn't feel as if I'm achieving the desired effect of filling her personality with the desired trait. This was felt across the board, even with obvious things like humour and sarcasm. It may be useful to know for any reason that I have Asperger's Syndrome and fall into the INTJ personality type. I find visualising images in my imagination very simple and easy, which is why I chose symbolism over narration, which I will probably end up doing as well so I give more energy to her. Sorry for the long winded post, I'm new to this and I'm trying to be as thorough as I can. -Grizzly To add onto this, something slightly disturbing has occurred. I've continued with imbuing a ball of energy with the word, and releasing it but its brought up an odd visualisation and mental sensation that I used to have nightmares about - except it isn't scary, its just concerning. I've never, ever been able to accurately describe what those nightmares I used have as a kid where and I still can't to this day, but the only way of describing it is the concept of an imperceptibly colossus cylindrical giant mass, that is moving/rolling. Thats the best way to describe it and its more a concept than something you can describe with words... I used to have nightmares that it would chase me or that it was just moving, but I'm sensing something highly similar to that sensation - devoid of the fear it usually contains - that originated from the ball of energy I had between my hands, and it was bigger than I could conceive of. I tried visualising myself, and then myself and 'Cortana' shutting it down forcibly but it didn't work, and whenever I have intrusive thoughts or thoughts I don't want I visualise myself shutting it down or chasing it out and it always works, but not in this case. It happened less than 5 minutes/ 2 traits through and tried to persevere but I stopped because it was making me feel weird - not scared though, like the image usually makes me when I dream it. I bet I'm going to have nightmares tonight. I don't know what to make of this, can someone give any sort of advice?
  2. In many guides, the author states that a good way to make a solid personality is to write down a list of personality traits(one said 15-30 traits) and focus on each one and how it applies to the tulpa. The catch is that you have to focus on each trait for 10 minutes minimum. Focusing isn't a problem for me. It's just that in a few minutes, I've thought of about everything that can be said about it. So what I'm asking for is some advise on what to think about(in some sort of detail if you can) when I'm using the list of traits to help me tulpa force. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  3. Okay, I get different reactions from my Tulpa when I ask her questions sometimes. In some situations she'll be quiet and simply nod, but other times she'll get this great grin on her face and jump up an down like a typical little girl in an anime. It's confused and I'm wondering if I'm either accidentally making two tulpa unintentionally, or if my tulpa actually has multiple personalities... The explanation that comes to mind when I think about it is simply that her personality is developing and we honestly just need to sit down and force for a few hours to help settle things down and get a solid idea of her personality. Thoughts?
  4. Kellen is an extremely tidy person and willing to do anything to keep things clean. I've never really been like that, if my surroundings were dirty, they were dirty and that was fine because I'm a bit lazy. But lately I've noticed that I've had the urge to clean and to keep things clean, no matter what I had to do. So my question is: Did your tulpas influence your personality in large noticeable ways even before vocality?
  5. Warning: Pony I have been forcing for under a week and am still in the personality stage. However, my tulpa is a pony, and as such the personality has a great influence on the appearance of the pony. Therefore, I am designing my tulpa's form before I start the visualization stage. And so, my question is: should I give my tulpa a cutie mark? I want my tulpa to be the master of her own being, and forcing her special talent upon her may not make her happy. However, is it even possible for a pony tulpa to get a cutie mark? Would not giving her a cutie mark leave her a confused blank-flank forever, always searching for a meaning in her life but unable to find it because she is a tulpa? And so, I ask those with a pony tulpa: Did you give your tulpa a cutie mark? If the answer is yes, then are they happy with it (explain)? If not, did they find their special talent and get a cutie mark, or are they still a blank flank (if so, how do they feel about this)? Thanks for your help! -ExtraExtrapie PS: I outlined my tulpa in the pony creator (http://24.media.tumblr.com/5b730975a70472781930eb216b10bdb8/tumblr_mms112uIPK1sq67bpo1_500.png) and use that image for when I force her. However, if I get distracted for a second, I end up imagining Milky Way (the milk mare milkmare-of-trottingham.tumblr.com). Is this just my ADD and hormones, or is it the tulpa? I don't think she's sentient yet, but I can feel her presence.
  6. I had started making my first tulpa quite a while ago, and I gave up on it. I'm now making a new one, she´s already moving around, changing the wonderland occasionaly, and now, my first tulpa has appeared in my wonderland again. How could my old one just appear again? How am I supposed to force 2 non vocal tulpas? I have felt emotional responses, but now I´m never sure from which of the two it came from, and not alot has happened ever since my first appeared. I´ve told them that I´ll regulary force, so nothing horrible can happen to them, and it seems they aren´t mad at me. I have no clue what to do while forcing. Should I do force personality on them?
  7. Is it a good idea to build in flaws into your tulpa's personality? Say why, please. I say no. A tulpa is a human (-style) consciousness. Humans have flaws. Why put in flaws directly when they will arise from the neutral-leaning traits anyway?
  8. First of all, I am typing on my phone and second of all this is the first thread that I have written (how exciting!). Well the title says it all really, but I was wondering if I really needed to heavily focus on Reina's personality (tulpa). I mean she's vocal via mindvoice and seems to have her personality already (I focused on her personality before but very lightly, I only gave her a few traits and left the rest up to her). Anyways, should I focus more on her personality or is she fine the way she is? Sorry if this sounds stupid :/ Actually this does sound stupid now that I reread it but I'm going to ask anyways.
  9. Need to compile a list of altered traits, please post traits that deviated and what they deviated into. It might also be useful if people include at what stage they deviated (before sentience or after sentience). Thank you.
  10. I am having trouble..... I have started making a tulpa today, but I just cannot seem to think of enough things to make even 30 minutes of forcing, Its just I run out of things relevant to its personality
  11. Yeah... When I was first working on my tulpa (a few days in), I (thought I) realized that the process I was using (Fede's; sorry Fede) wasn't working. So, instead of simply switching the process, I (possibly retardedly) made some changes to her personality and changed her name (from Ria to Lyrra). I thought that was the end of it; however, recently, the multiple answers I've been getting occasionally while working on Lyrra have escalated into full-blown conflicting answers, and I think that Lyrra said that she 'felt' another 'presence' once, though I may have misheard her. So, did I accidentally make 2 tulpas/tulpae/tulpi, or am I just going crazy? Sorry that the title isn't a question, but it is relevant.
  12. So Aigis decided to make a tulpa for himself. He decided to make one based on Labrys in persona 4 arena. In the original persona 4 storyline, Aigis called Labrys "big sister". My Aigis decided to do the same and treated the Labrys he made as his older sister. It doesn't feel right for him, considering he was made before her, and so decided to treat Labrys as his younger sister instead. This is similar to how I treated Chloe as my younger sister. Now, here's the interesting part. At first, Aigis treated Labrys as his older sibling. Aigis's voice in my head and Labrys voice is still distinguishable. Then, Aigis decided to treat Labrys as his younger sister and shit hits the fan. Aigis voice slowly became similar to mine, and his personality also. I almost felt as if I'M Aigis for a moment, as if he merged into me. Labrys's voice also slowly became similar to Chloe's and their personality also became similar. We got it sorted out now. Aigis came up with a theory that the "Character Archetype" caused a confusion in my brain. Basically, when Aigis started to act like a big brother to Labrys. Just like how I acted like a big brother to Chloe. The "big brother" archetype clashed and so we almost merged. The same could be said for Labrys and Chloe. What do you guys think?
  13. I was messing around with a way of generating a character stats chat for my tulpa this evening, almost as a joke, so I can stick it on my signature. What I found was an amazing little tool that (while I already have a sentient tulpa) I felt would be sure to aid others in developing a more straightforward, top-down view of their tulpa's personality. http://www.cthreepo.com/writing/character.shtml Her is an example of how mine came out: --------------------------------------- Character Name: Vixen Description: She just kinda... showed up. And her and I have been together ever since. Age: Height: Average/Medium Weight: Average/Medium Body Type: Mesomorph Eye Color: Violet Skin Color: light - light-skinned European Hair Color: Black hair Hair Length: Short Skin Issues: Birth Mark/Mole Arm Issues: Ring/bracelet Home Life/Family type: Adopted Education: Self Taught Town/Urban Life: Hermit Domicile: Institution Employment: Slave ;3 Military: Never Served Criminal Background: No wants or warrants Place in Time: Present Language/Accent: Slight Israeli Accent Love Relationship: Committed Myers-Briggs personality inventory: Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception - Dreamer. Idealistic, loyal to their values and to people who are important to them. Want an external life that is congruent with their values. Curious, quick to see possibilities, can be catalysts for implementing ideas. Seek to understand people and to help them fulfill their potential. Adaptable, flexible, and accepting unless a value is threatened. Big Five personality traits: Has a vivid imagination, quick to understand, appreciates beauty, art and Music. - - Likes people and starts conversations with strangers. Enthusiastic and naturally draws attention. - Compassionate and cooperative. Interested in others' feelings. Likes to see the best in people. Bleeding heart. - Conventional
  14. I am going to try tulpaforcing, and am wondering if there is anything that could go wrong with this process. For example, can it eventually grow evil and hurt the owner in some way? Any info about this welcome! Thanks~
  15. I've read about making an imaginary friend into a Tulpa and I'm wondering if anyone has tried this. I once wrote a small string of short stories centered around one character in different situations. I used character interviews and writer's building tools until I could know his every move and exactly how he would act and speak. Then he just kind of....got away from me. He took a life of his own and even though his stories went basically as him being HIM, I found myself no longer controlling the plot and just almost observing him in my head as he went about his business. Has anyone ever tried perfectly nailing down personality like this, or is a futile effort with natural deviation? I'm thinking writers character building tools like interviews could be very helpful in some ways.
  16. I was wondering if tulpa could be religious, and if they can, what religion are they? Also, if you wouldn't mind telling me your religion, that would help as well.
  17. I have written down what I'm doing for personality creation here VVV http://lateralintrospection.tumblr.com/post/36995224530/my-current-approach-to-personality-creation Again, sorry for the whole tumblr thing, it just really is easier this way. Not sure if this is interesting to some people, just thought I would put it out there.
  18. Salutations, Tulpa.info forums! first time poster and generally new lurker here with a rather simple question. As the title of the thread suggests, I'm looking for other personality development methods. I've looked around the forums and read a fair amount of guides, but there's only generally 2 methods people seem to use when in personality creation. Those being.. 1: the ol' an' simple explaining to said tulpa the chosen personality traits, how they effect their morality, outlook, etc, etc. 2: the 'ball' method. Where you think about the traits and whatnot and smoosh em' up into a visulaized ball in your head and do whatever. I wasn't too fond of this method, so I never even really attempted it. (I have trouble visualizing things so abstract like that. I need to work on that) Anyways, I've been using method 1 since the 7th, so 5 days and about 7-8 hours of personality work so far. Now, this method works fine and dandy, I was just wondering if maybe anyone out there had any other tips or methods they could share. If so, it'd be greatly appreciated. Regards, ~Octavia
  19. First off, allow me to apologize. I'm sorry that my first post is a question in a new thread, but I guess that's just how that goes. Okay, so I only heard about tulpae ~3 weeks ago, and it took me a week to overcome the fear of a forced hallucination and mental schism. However, I've been passively working on personality for ~2 weeks (on paper, not forcing) and I've gone through several revisions of what I want in a life-long friend, starting from a character-based tulpa, and moving to one not resembling the character in the sleightest. But over the revisions, my tulpa's planned personality seems to be veering closer and closer to my own. My concern is, if the personality if too different, my tulpa could become very grating on me, but if the personality is too similar, my tulpa could become very boring, so I was wondering: tl;dr How different is your tulpa's personality from your own? Do you have any specific examples, and could you give your feelings on how that difference is a good or a bad thing? I'm just trying to get a general feel for how differences manifest in the relationship between a tulpa and its creator. I mean, this thing's for life, and I plan on living for quite a while still, but perhaps I'm just a little over cautious. I greatly appreciate any responses in advance.
  20. Basically, I have an idea, and I'd like to hear what you guys think- that the subconscious is actually better at making Tulpae then the conscious mind. I thought of this due to how the creation of my Tulpa, Kay, has turned out. See, I set out with a specific primary goal- I wanted someone who would help me be a more productive person. I've always had trouble accomplishing things, whether it be important things, like work, to casual things, like personal projects. So I wanted someone who would help motivate me to get off my ass. My initial strategy for this was to make a personality that was very sensible and thought out- someone who knew how important it was to not slack off, and knew the consequences of not doing things. But as we got further and further along, I noticed that Kay was being the exact opposite. She was rash and spontaneous, with a taste for adventure. And I realized- that's exactly what I needed. I already did enough thinking of my own accord. I needed a do-er, someone who didn't hem and haw about things, and just DID them. So Kay turned out to be perfect, by going against everything I did to try and make her that way. My subconscious did a better job then my conscious would have done alone, and I find this interesting. I also find it encouraging- even if you are doing a bad job, it will still work out, because the Tulpa creation process doesn't really pay attention to your means, it pays attention to your goals.
  21. my tulpa seems mad at me? i keep asking her whats wrong and she wont tell me? she's 8 days old. I think she thinks im going to get rid of her or something. what can i do guys? it might help if i added a little more detail. well ever since i made her she was so affectionate with me, but for the past 2 days or so she seems so distant and frustrated. she's not being herself. Any number of things could have caused this and shes not telling me whats wrong....how can i get her to tell me? i want her to be happy.....
  22. hey, today i went tulpaforcing, ive been doing this for about two weeks now. When i work on my tulpa's personality, i picture an orb, it glows and i can stick my hand through it and grab little pieces of paper with traits written on them. Today when i went tulpaforcing to work on personality a bit more, the orb wasnt glowing any longer, and had a black crown like object in it, the orb itself seems like white plastic and i can no longer reach inside it, i cant even picture it back to how it was. So, did my tulpa gain sentience already and limited my acess to its personality or is this just my brain being a dick?
  23. Here's the blueprint I'm going to use for my tulpa. First, I have several broad and important traits I want my tulpa to have, including Loyal, Respectful, Selfless, and Courageous. I'm writing each one as such: "You are Loyal." Next, I have more traits that stem from the broader traits. I'll list these underneath the trait they stem from in this form: "Because you are courageous, you are adventuresome." Additionally, some behaviors based on these traits will be added on, like this: "Because you are selfless, you are eager to help others. Because you are eager to help others, you often offer your opinions and advice." Further more, some behaviors and specific traits have will be tied together as such: "Because you are respectful, you expect to be shown respect by others. But because you are selfless, you are not demanding of it." Intelligence is very broad, so I'm using Phi's guide on multiple intelligence and breaking it down in a similar way to the other broad traits. Finally hobbies, interests, and tastes will be added and given reasoning related to traits, behaviors, and types of intelligence. For instance: "Your musical intelligence and open-mindedness mean you have a wide taste in music." I'm writing in a conversational manner (you, you're) instead of a descriptive one because several people have said that it's good to treat a tulpa as sentient before sentience is achieved. This is nowhere near finished; I plan to spend several more days to a week to finish this, but of course it will be done when it's done. I'd greatly appreciate feedback on my blueprint, and suggestions on improvement. Thank you for reading!
  24. To begin I will say that yes, I have read the guides. All of them. I also understand that they are vague for a reason, and that coming up with my own methods for tulpa creation is best. I have also searched "personality" and read through several pages of topics on personality. That being said, I'm still gonna ask this question(s), redundant though they may be. I'm kinda just looking for reassurance that I'm on the right track, and possible get advice on tweaking my process. So far I have not forced at all, I've actually resisted doing so. I know this may sound a bit silly, but I want to make sure I have a good plan laid out before I start. Right now I'm trying to figure out what I want my tulpa's personality to be. I have a general idea of what she will be like and I have listed a bunch of traits and such. I'm trying to get her personality all sorted out before I even start forcing, so when I do force, it will be productive, and I will have a clearer direction. However, I don't really know how I'm supposed to formulate all the intricacies of her personality. Such as, how trait X and trait Y cause her to think Z and see the world in XZ way. I'm not very familiar with how certain traits and aspects of her personality should or would lead her to think this way or that, or perceive the world in this way or that. It all seems extremely complicated and intermingled, everything affecting everything else. Almost like the sum of a million tiny parts add up to equal something greater, with a multitude of possible outcomes. Like a circuit board or something. If that sounds like a bunch of garbled crap to you, well that's because it is. My brain is all jumbled and twisted thinking about the complexity of this whole idea. Basically, I don't want to start forcing, only to say "You are kind because...uh, well....." Am I supposed to know how all of her traits, quirks and nuances work together to form her personality as a whole? Because I'm not sure I could successfully do that. I'm not sure anyone can. For one trait, sure. But for all of them? And not just in a linear fashion, like trait Y causes her to act in X way, but how two or more traits combine to form different outcomes and how all of her traits work together. Also, if I am supposed to know how all of the parts of her personality fit together to form the whole, and how all of them work together, what if I get it wrong, or not all of the parts of her personality are compatible? Am I over thinking this, or is this actually as hard as I'm thinking it is? Do I have to know her whole personality, down to the smallest parts, inside out, backwards and forwards so that her thought process, behavior, world view, self image and everything is entirely mapped out? Or if I have a pretty good idea of what her personality is like, and I have a good amount of traits and behaviors thought out, should I just go from there and the blank spots can be filled in along the way, either by me or her? I've been kinda struggling to get her personality formed, and have been thinking a lot about what she is like, how she would think and act (in general and in specific situations) and specific traits that define her. But I'm just not sure exactly how complex the whole thing is and how specifically I am supposed to map out her personality. So any advice would be appreciated. Right now my mind is a bit scrambled and I'm sure I sound like a babbling moron, I just wanna know if I'm over thinking this or if it really is an extremely complex process. Also, I don't have a name for my tulpa yet. I've read that it helps, even if it isn't the name she ends up with. But choosing a name at random doesn't seem like it would help if it doesn't feel right... so should I pick something largly at random or wait until something comes to me?
  25. Helix would be a mix of Raven, from Teen Titans, a show I used to watch as a kid, and Zone Tan, Toph, from the last air bender, Marceline a character from Adventure Time. and a girl created by a hentai artist. Note: Helix is similar to Zone Tan in both personality and form. Pixel is similar to Starfire, also from Teen Titans, and Pinkie Pie. I would say she's most logical and cautious, sort of like Twilight Sparkle from MLP but not as cautious.
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