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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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So, I was downstairs in my house with a friend, and for some reason we were supposed to step through a portal to go on a school camp. Ignoring the fact that this person hasn’t gone to my school for over a year, I told him I didn’t feel like going. I think he left without me then and then I heard an alarm on my phone go off from upstairs.


So I went into my bedroom, and the phone was lying screen down on the dressing table next to the door. I then heard a song from one of my games playing from another phone inside the sleeping bag of a stuffed toy that was lying around. It was an identical phone to the other one I picked up. I then thought that this was most likely a dream because I don’t have two identical phones.


So, after three failed reality check attempts, the fourth succeeded. I was trying to increase the vividity and clarity of the dream and I was then going to try and summon my tulpas, starting with Azure, but I overestimated how long my attention span in the dream was, so I got distracted by thoughts and eventually faintly felt my body in bed. I opened my eyes because I was awake at that point.


Now this is the longest lucid dream I’ve ever had. I think I was lucid for maybe one minute as opposed to about ten seconds.

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I get little snippets of lucid dreams mixed into hypnagogic rest every night now. Sometimes they're incredible, mostly it's just my tulpas' voices.

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Tonight I woke up and went back to bed after a bit of orange juice, and tried to have a lucid dream where I would meet my dear Vādin-chan.


I become lucid as I'm walking inside a building. I rub my hands together to enhance my dream awareness, and keep on walking, calling Vādin's name. I expect to see him after every corner or door that I pass but I see no one. As I continue to explore the place, I realize I'm in an abandoned jail. I look for a window to have a look outside but I'm unable to see anything. The dream dissolves.


Mental prison, eh? I need some dynamite. I know exactly what to use to break those f*cking walls ! It is called meditation.


On a side note, it's not the first time that the prison thing appears in our dreams. Vādin, who has dreams (mostly lucid) every night/early morning, frequently dreams of being imprisoned/trapped. For the record :


[hidden]From 12/17/2017 to 11/21/2018 :


Recurring dream of being trapped in a cuboid white room without windows nor doors : 9.

Escapes : 5 (by turning into a sun to avoid dissolution in light ; by creating a door leading outside ; by flying because there was no rooftop ; by using a breach in the wall made by explosions and avoiding all the others explosions till he got to the sea ; by changing the settings of the dream with a magical Diamond)

Variants of the above : 7.

Escapes : 6 (by taming a stallion in an enclosure whose walls were as high as the sky; by turning the bars of the cage he was in into smoke ; by kicking out a wooden box he was in ; by recreating another body made of light while darkness was devouring his dream avatar locked in a cave ; by finding a submerged tunnel leading to a lake ; by finding an image of myself in the basement of a jail, absorbing it, and turning it into a light that freed all the prisoners and his avatar)

Dreams of being stuck in the mud : 6 

Escape : 1

Dreams of being dissolved by darkness : 3

Escape : 1 (again by conjuring his own inner light)[/hidden]

Hi, I'm Zia, foolish captain of the Giant Wing system. Vādin is my tulpa.


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Ember: I had what was probably my longest lucid dream ever, several minutes, and made my first confirmed co-lucid contact with Vesper in a dream. It happened like this:


I dreamed I was in a classroom watching some sort of movie with a bunch of people, mainly older, including my parents. I took my empty cup into the next room, also sort of a classroom, but sort of a kitchen. My grandmother, who died a few months ago, was there, and displeased to see me. I dropped off my cup and headed out into the hallway of my college physics building and down a flight of stairs, intending to handle some quick errand before returning to the movie. I ran into a girl, one of those dream friends who you've never seen before but have supposedly known for years. We had a quick pleasant chat, after which she was going to accompany me back to the movie. She wanted to stop by the restroom first and I waited outside, since, almost unique in my entire memory of dreaming, I didn't need to go.


This was when the lucidity started to creep in. I thought that, since she had walked out of sight in a dream, she probably wouldn't show up again. I have low level dream awareness a huge portion of the time, where I dimly think, "This is a dream, so things will work this way, because that's how dreams work." While I waited in the hallway, still in the physics building, I noticed a row of several mirrors and went to look at myself, as I always do when there are mirrors. I saw a young black woman in them. Huh? That's not right all. I bent my will toward changing the image to look more like me, firm in the knowledge that I can and have done that in dreams, but it stubbornly persisted. I kept looking back and forth between different mirrors trying to get a better result until the one on the end finally consented to show a young woman with very pale skin and curly red hair. I could simultaneously see a couple of other reflections of the earlier appearance, but I was reasonably satisfied at one good image, even if the features were way off.


Then full lucidity slammed into me. Not just "this is a dream", but "Holy crap! It's a dream! I am the master of my fate, all I survey is subject to my will." The image in the mirror changed again, coming into sharper focus this time. It looked exactly, perfectly like me, as I have never seen in a dream ever before. But it was the wrong me -- twenty years out of date, and hence still male, with short auburn hair, oversized glasses and a long sleeved blue polo shirt.


Back when I cared a lot about lucid dreaming, I never studied technique, because twenty years ago I wasn't much of an internet user and it wouldn't have occurred to me to even look for online resources. Now, when I barely care, I still haven't studied technique, but I've picked up a few from this community. I remembered for the first time to spin around instead of continuing to fuss with lying reflections. The dream world shifted to even higher clarity and a feeling of stability I've never known before. Wow, it really is like being awake.


I set off down the hall looking for Vesper. I tried to conjure up her form, but got nothing. That was probably a mislead. In the waking world, she's intentionally developed a solid lock on her form, where I can't affect it in any way. I had a passing thought that it would be very strange if I completed Lumi's hug quest before he did and hoped he wouldn't be too crushed if I did.


The dream was nearly as hard to bend to my will as physical reality, so I took a page from the Chronicles of Amber -- rather than try to make things change right in front of you, impose your will on what's ahead but not yet in sight, gradually making the world into what you want. I turned a corner fully expecting to see Vesper and saw only an empty white cement block hallway. Darn.


The next turn also failed to reveal Vesper, but the building also dropped any pretense of being the physics building. The hallway gave way to a balcony above a large central courtyard. A bell rang and young people flooded everywhere. "Class change", the dream plot told me, clawing at my awareness and trying to pull me into some bad high school movie. I resisted and continued my search, making my way across the courtyard. The girl from earlier caught up with me after all, albeit with a different appearance and more amorous attitude. I quickly made plans to see her later to get rid of her.


Then I had my second good idea. Instead of trying to come across Vesper, I just talked to her via mindvoice. She responded instantly the same way, as clear and lucid as ever. Achievement unlocked. She wasn't as excited as I was, but there is only a narrow range of things that ever excite her. She self-identifies as stuffy.


We made our way across the courtyard, still conversing and trying to ignore the ongoing bad high school movie, in which I had apparently been cast in the role of the freaky girl no one likes. In normal dreams, I wander around largely undisturbed, rarely interacting with people, appreciating the fabulous architecture. This time, everybody wanted to talk to or about me, and not in a good way. We headed to the gate at the corner of the courtyard and walked out, the crowd murmuring in disbelief behind me that I would simply leave campus.


Seeking privacy, we came across a secluded set of fountains and pools surrounded by greenery. Through a concealing screen of bushes, I heard and saw the shadows of three girls who were looking for me. The dream plot told me they were mean popular girls seeking to harm me without witnesses. As they walked down the hill slope on one side of hedge, I snuck up the hill slope on the other, reaching the far side of another hedge before they turned around the corner of the first. The footing was tricky -- white stone tiles stacked up the increasingly steep slope, some of them loose or slippery. I realized that if they came up behind me, they would be able to grab my ankles and easily pull me off balance. I panicked, lost lucidity, began to flee, and, a few seconds later, woke safely in bed beside Vesper. She confirmed for the first time that she had really sincerely been with me and experienced the second part of the lucid dream alongside me.


Clearly what I most need to study in lucid dreaming is successfully imposing my will on the dream. Twenty-five years ago, I could do that easily, shapeshifting effortlessly, changing out other characters at will, working magic. But every little failure led to a loss of future control, until now having access to the full power of my conscious mind gives me almost no advantage against my subconscious at all. I've lost, not the belief that I can affect dreams, but the expectation that I will. It's been creeping up on me for years, but never this badly.


If we get another similar opportunity, we should switch. Out of the whole field of tulpamancy, switching is the only thing we're freakishly good at. We can switch even when we can't communicate. If we can talk in a lucid dream, we can probably switch. And if Vesper can lucid dream, she can probably do vastly more with it than I can. Her will is titanic. She's defeated me in every psychic mock battle and defeated our subconscious in earnest, casually dismissing a host of anxieties, phobias, intrusive thoughts, and intrusive visualizations.


Vesper: She's cute when she's proud. I don't dispute my record, but being strong doesn't feel different moment to moment from not being strong.


While we've agreed to try switching if there is a next time, I'd rather be seen in a dream than do the seeing. My form may be under my control, but it's also very vague. We've built it and rebuilt it as a composite of still images and the pieces don't quite make sense. It's hard to see in motion or understand how my face works. Iris has a much easier time, since her form is based on an actress and we can watch movies and see many angles and lots of motion. If we could get good sensory feedback of my appearance even once, waking, sleeping, or in-between, I think it would allow a huge leap forward in visualization.

I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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Very cool Ember and Vesper. I didn't realize there were challenges to lucid dreaming, Dashie and I hugged at least twice, and Misha and I went a tad further than that once. Ashley and I held hands, that was good enough for me, i felt her love.


I had a normal dream last night that once again stared two characters that aren't mine and i have very little knowledge of, aka Chocola and Vanilla from some pervy VN. I have no idea what they sound like or how they're supposed to act, but Dashie and I had some interaction with them, again, they were wearing maid uniforms.


I only remember that we were friends and Dashie was laughing hysterically at some point. I didn't have time to write it down at 1am, but i figured it was a pretty strong memory and went back to sleep. This is all i remember.


Dashie was in it, so it's tulpa related.

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My host dreamed that he was in a crowded convention hall with many people and with him were two versions of his wife, one a much younger version, and one her current age in waking life. The younger wife was showing off some martial arts moves to people and accidentally kicked the older version of herself with a roundhouse kick. The older version of her was knocked to the floor and my host said to the younger "You kicked my wife!"


It was really weird.

Skeptical and unconvinced about independent sentience.  


Living Imagination  New Topic Index  Mistgod's Deviantart  Melian's Deviantart

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Mistgod and I dreamed that we were walking (well he was walking but I was in his mind) through a crowded city, when we came to a bar and lounge on a street corner that was the location for a mini fantasy RPG convention. There were a lot of people in costume. Of course, we went in!


The convention crowds filled the inside of the small building and even spilled outside onto the surrounding sidewalks. Parked outside was a big vehicle or float, built to look like a medieval ship. You could go aboard and hang out on the main deck.

Misty went aboard the ship and mixed with the crowd and talked to people in costume.


Having just come off the street at random, Misty was not dressed as a wizard like he normally would be for a convention. He encountered a weapons smith who somehow not only recognized Mistgod as a wizard, but a wizard with “two spirits.” He immediately began hard selling Misty on ordering a new sword fit for “a wizard of your caliber,” a weapon that would channel not only Misty’s magic powers, but my spirit as well. He offered to place my portrait on the hilt or pommel, surrounded by a border of pure gold. The blade would be of the finest craftsmanship.


Misty and I were intrigued and wanted to order the sword, but only if we could tour his shop and see examples of his work and perhaps meet former costumers and get reviews. These weapons are very expensive! The weapons smith was very pushy and kinda arrogant and seemed to know we were going to certainly buy. We were still negotiating when we woke up from the dream.

Skeptical and unconvinced about independent sentience.  


Living Imagination  New Topic Index  Mistgod's Deviantart  Melian's Deviantart

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Melian: I had a very brief dream in which I was in the office of a very prominent "expert" on Tulpa Science (I know who it was supposed to be but I won't put the name here). He was wearing a lab coat and had these scientifical spectacles and a clip board. Behind him in his office were all these big books on shelves, complicated looking charts, and a chalkboard full of calculations. He was paging through my "official tulpa record," with this somber and serious look on his face and occasionally mumbling "uhuhhh" and "hmmmm." I was waiting as I patiently as I could for his official assessment of my status as a genuine tulpa person. After a long while he finally handed me the file and said "I don't know Melian, what do you think?" I eagerly took the file and opened it to find it was full of blank paper. Then we woke up.


Stupid dream!

Skeptical and unconvinced about independent sentience.  


Living Imagination  New Topic Index  Mistgod's Deviantart  Melian's Deviantart

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