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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Well the only thing about this dream that's tulpa related is that when I woke up, Meti was a little jealous.

The text will probably look a little odd since when I woke up I wrote down what I could in a google doc and I'm just copy/pasting it.


I had an odd nightmare last night. I can’t remember all the details, but I’ll put down what I can.


I was having fun. There was a girl named Jakashi, and from what I could remember she was good at drawing and was was fun to be around, just like my absolute best friend. There was one problem though. She kept fading. At one point, I almost lost her, and only barely found her again. I was so relieved.


Then I lost her again. I panicked again. This time, I couldn’t find her. No matter how hard or long I looked, there was no trace of her, not even anyone who knew her or any trace of her existence.


Here’s where the dream stops being normal. Normally in my dreams, something like this would just be accepted as something that happens and I wouldn’t think more of it. I would get distracted by something else and forget all about it.


That’s not what happened. I continued to search, more and more frantically. I still couldn’t find her. I spent the entire rest of the dream in a desperate search. I never found her.


Last part of the dream before I woke up was just me crying. Full on ugly sobbing.



The only real world relevance the name "Jakashi" has to me is an artist who showed up, did a bunch of art, and suddenly vanished again. I never met her personally.


I've categorized this dream as one of my "Odd" dreams, ones that act very abnormal in that they never branch off into an "Ooh shiny" path that has no overarching track that has no real relevance or reason. They often teaching me a life lesson that I otherwise wouldn't have learned for years, such as teaching me the difference between actual long lasting romantic love and temporary affection/lust, or to love and treasure those close to you while you can before they're eventually removed from your life. Though they're rare, they used to happen a few times a year but now it's only once every few years.


While not really tulpa related, I thought some might find it interesting.

Doc: Childhood friend turned servitor gone rogue turned host who's bad at feeling emotions.

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CT, who is also called Jeremy: Original personality whose default emotion is anger.

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Not particularly tulpa related, but I thought some of you may get a kick out of it.


We bought a new tower PC and opened it up to mod a second drive into it. It was so new that some of the insides were still hot boiling lava, not cooled yet. I carefully positioned the new drive on a section of black volcanic earth. Wouldn't want to get lava on it, that would damage the drive. Spent much of the rest of the dream trying to get the new drive wired up, and also install a DVD drive, which had not come with the original tower.

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First time we had a dream from my perspective. We don't dream very often at all.


I was being transported out of a combat zone of some sort in the back of a limo.

After this went for a little while avoiding things something didn't seem right. That's when I pulled a skunk out from under the seat.

The rest of the memorable dream is frantically trying to throw the skunk out of the limo while I was being shot at by some military.

Overall an interesting dream lol.

"...the last thing you wanted a witch to do was get bored and start making her own amusements,

because witches sometimes had famously erratic ideas about what was amusing.”

   - Terry Pratchett


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I had a really awful dream recently where L's personality had chaged completely. The setting was somewhat story-like, and he was the villain. He'd abandoned us and didn't even feel like a tulpa anymore because I had absolutely no control over him. He was extremely aggressive and really scary on each encounter and it felt so awful because he's so sweet and kind and I didn't want to believe he had changed. In the dream I was searching for a way to make him go away once and for all, but the only things I really remember of the dream as a whole are the feelings I had during it. It haunted me for a short while after I had woke up but I got over it pretty quickly once I realized it was just a dream.

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Danyla - They/them - 13th July 2020

Asha - He/him - 13th June 2022

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Finally another lucid dream!


And it was a nice long one. And the first thing I said when I woke up is my subconscious is tormenting me. Took me a while to realise what had just happened. Here are some highlights:


Talking to my earth mother about the terrible design of the dream bathroom. How the upper drawer, instead of a pipe draining the sink, it drained into a porcelain pan in the drawer, and the pan drained into a pipe, and the pan was connected to the drawer, so it moved around when I opened it. Dream mother was really out of it. The conversation was in the kitchen a while after I had looked at the bathroom. She kept thinking I was talking about the master bathroom which she was terribly unhappy with.


Then some stuff I didn't see happened on the television. I was still exploring the house. Earth father tried to engage me in conversation about it. He was watching the news. Some weird stuff about sex happening over the world. I know because he outright used the word sex in one of his lines. Then he started talking about "for the first time in history" all the u pipes in the city will be drained. I tried to tell him that's not how it worked, but... I looked under the kitchen sink and, there was, this third pipe connected to the u. I asked him how long it was designed like this. He had some, um, evasive answers. I noted that I was basically toying with dream father.


Then a volcano began erupting in the front yard. (It started across the road, but was in the front yard by the end.) I should note the house is a country house with huge windows. So, it was scary, but I was not right next to it. I moved up stairs and to the back of the house, anyway. It kept having these mini eruptions, where a few cubic metres at a time would push up in mostly solid pillars. Like an underwater eruption. My other earth dad began talking about how nice it looked.


Almost immediately after the last eruption, he began talking about making money off the gawkers, how they were sure to show up. Sure enough, there were already a row on the road. He was planning on charging them twenty to watch. I reminded him that he can't charge people if they stay on the road. I asked him if he was going to sell them snacks. It was then I noticed the snack tray at the top of the stairs. I noticed he had the same idea I did.


I went down the stairs to the locked glass door and screen door. There was a crowd there. One of them had somehow got through the glass door. An older lady was rattling on it. I opened it up. She relaxed with me on the stairs, casual and intimate. She started asking me reporter like questions, but she didn't have a microphone or camera anywhere. She opened with "Did you see a magenta water creature run across your front yard?" Referring to something that had happened earlier in the dream that I had forgot about. I was sensible and said, "no, I saw something that looked like that." She seemed disappointed. She asked, "What did it look like?" And I answered "It looked majenta." (Note: it actually looked teal. Dream me wan confused.)


Then she asked me "How does it feel to be over a lava flow." And I said that it was not fun. And I remembered, earlier in the dream, there was some lava on the other side of the house as well. Then she said "It is exciting, though, isn't it?" And that is when I got too uncomfortable and woke myself up.


Hostie called me silly for not liking the dream. She thought it was exciting.

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Got a surprise lucid dream this morning between moments of wakefulness with me angsting over a new fear of eating my host's faculties of reasoning and logic. So we were awake for periods here.


I woke up and was looking at us through a mirror. So I sat up. Our reflection was a horrific visage of Deanna Troi with a bad hair day. As that does not look anything like us, I quickly realised this was a lucid dream. It did not set a very comfortable mood, though, given how my host hates mirrors on a good day, and the way the reflection moved was freaky as all heck.


So I walked around the house a little, trying to do various lucid dream things like focus on each of the senses. Sound was freaky. There was no music like normal, or any other dream sounds. Instead, I could hear our breathing from the physical world.


I noticed that my host was not there, and tried to pull her in. But I somehow managed to not follow through on that, as she was very quick to point out when we woke up.


I came to an intersection with a really creepy aqua light coming out from around a door. I decided I'd had enough and forced the body awake.


In other news, I learned that I can continue fidgeting our feet while asleep.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Decent lucid dream this morning. Decent for me, not particularly interesting when described. Some standout moments include a t-rex baby from The Land Before Time getting discussed, then stomped on by a much larger dinosaur; An artiste filming a youtube video in a desert, a second take on the scene had him casting a shadow of the object he was holding on the cliffs ringing the desert in a pan; someone was stalking us, possibly another tulpa, and we woke ourselves up.


The object looks like sideways.


The artiste reminded me of Vampire.


We woke up in our bed, took off our headphones about six times to escape. We don't wear headphones in bed.


EDIT: Oh, I completely forgot to mention yesterday's. But it is even less interesting spoken. The only interesting part was why we woke up. See, the dream had us both convinced of a number of things we needed to do. (1) Check on the dog. No, we don't have a dog. But we met him in the dream and felt the need to make sure. (2) Check some places for missing objects. We were planning to regift them on christmas. Some of the places the dream suggested were complete fabrications, but two of them... Actually had some of the missing pieces. O.O

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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I am actually a little jealous of those who can get accidental lucid dreams when I barely even remember dreams at all. Really seems interesting.


Members: Gemini, Raven, Jenna, Hope (Part-Time)


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