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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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We share dream times. If he is going through a dream, I am going through a dream and vice versa. These dreams happened at the same time. So while I was talking with my impression of host, real host was off being driver's licenseless Bruce Willis

The System:


It's too big.

ha, that's what she said.

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Ellie, Host (She) 

Last night's dream.


Last night Isa and I shared a dream about our Minecraft world called Areia. It is named after our wonderland. Now, in the dream, Areia didn't look like Minecraft Areia or even Wonderland Areia. Minecraft Areia's incomplete treehouses weren't there, nor were there that many trees. Our log cabin in Wonderland Areia wasn't there either. It did look like Minecraft though. And when we were there, the music files from the game (which I found the night before in the game directory) were playing all at once and they sounded beautiful. If I remember right the music kept us safe from anything that might hurt us. Isa and I kept exploring this world, and I think I remember her feeling at peace there in this dream world. We kept exploring and exploring and everything felt at peace and happy.


And even when I would wake up for a few seconds and fall back asleep (which happened quite a lot) we would be back there, exploring again. I feel like there was a connection between the fact that I kept waking up and the landscape of this dream world. I don't know what it might be but it feels like it is there.


I didn't remember the dream until I found this thread, and nor did Isa. She says she remembers now but didn't when we woke up this morning.


I think that was it from what I can remember.



With love,


Tethys: Host

Isabella (Separate Account)


"Welcome to my mind, welcome to the bottom of the rabbit hole."

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Also last night...


Ooh, I also had another weird dream. Isa wasn't there but she says it was so strange that I had to post it XD


So in my dream, the world was ending. There was absolutely no known cause of why the world was ending, but in the dream the news said it was ending so we all believed it. It was cloudy and raining everywhere, and everyone was crying in the crowds. My dad and I went to church for the first time in like ever and prayed to.. well it wasn't the Christian God but we were at a Christian Church, but I did feel the presence of a higher power there when we prayed. But when I felt that presence it felt like it was turned the opposite way of the world with it's arms crossed saying, "Hmph!" and pouting XD


Then not long after that my dad got really pissed and I asked him what was wrong and he said "The Media has lied to us again, the world isn't ending. Man, all this praying for nothing." And then I remembered that this had happened before and then I pictured a female News Anchor with her arms up to the sky saying "Oh, the world is ending! Oh the Humanity! Repent! Repent before it is too late!" And then I was like "Hmm...So the media lies to us. I didnt know that." And then my dad took me to my moms and then suddenly it was my birthday and I got there and my girlfriend was there yelling at me for something but I can't remember what, and my grandmother and her crazy "adoptive" daughter, Ronnie was there and then Ronnie said to my grandma "Hm... the world ended yesterday, according to CNN. Strange times we are living in, eh Mom?" and then suddenly I was like super annoyed with her.


I dont remember much else... But looking back on it, it was pretty hilarious and Isa thinks so too XD


I think a lesson that can be learned from this is to never under no circumstances trust the news media. Ever! XD



With love,


Tethys: Host

Isabella (Separate Account)


"Welcome to my mind, welcome to the bottom of the rabbit hole."

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This dream happened last Friday, when Isa was possessing my body while I took a nap. I wrote

about it in a letter to a friend. This is what I wrote.



In this dream, I am in my wonderland. The sun is at the horizon, frozen in position at a beautifully 

colored sunset. I feel like I am being pulled, almost like a magnet, but a lot slower. The pulling

sensation is pulling me away from the log cabin. As the dream progresses, I am being pulled across

the sky above pine forest that the log cabin is in. Then I get pulled further, and I reach the beach

where the ocean is. This ocean was the part of my wonderland that I thought was the edge of

everything here, but I found out that it wasn't when Isa told me that there's more beyond the beach.

I then get pulled even further, across the ocean. It's so blue and beautiful, with half the sun above

the horizon. The reflection is absolutely beautiful.


When I reach the far shore, everything is blurry but I can make out figures that look like medium-

sized trees and flowers. I can't see them in detail, and I feel the presence of them more than I see

them visually. After arriving, I am released from the pull. As I am released, I start to feel a peaceful

feeling, like nothing is ever going to go wrong, and nothing had ever gone wrong. I feel as calm as

I have ever felt in my entire life.


After the calm feeling, everything comes into focus from the former, out-of-focus view. Then, a

warm breeze comes in from the trees. The breeze then slows and swirls around in front of me, picking

up some sand from the beach that comes together and forms a human. The human has brown hair

down to his shoulders, surrounding light-skinned face with hazel-green eyes. He is wearing a white

cloth robe with some parts of the robe a light blue color, and he stands about 8 inches taller than me.


The man looks at me and smiles. He says with a calm and smooth voice, "Hi, Tethys. I see that you

have made it to this end of the ocean. I have been waiting for a while to see you. Come walk with me,

I have much to tell you." Then, he starts walking down the shoreline, and I walk with him.


I ask him, "If you have a lot to tell me, won't we run out of shoreline to walk on by the time we are

done?" He chuckles a bit and says, "No, the shore is infinite. It never ends, meaning we can talk for

as long as we like. Also, on this end of the ocean, there is only the shore for us to walk on. You may

see flowers and trees further inland, but you can't go there yet. You aren't ready to walk there because

you haven't yet done everything you are meant to do. Once everything you are to do is accomplished,

then you and I will walk there, together." He smiles at me again, and he says, "It may take a while, but

I know you can do it. You are more capable than you know."


We continue to walk further down the infinite shore, but the man wasn't talking after what was last said.

I look up at him and ask, "I don't understand. Why are you silent when you say you have a lot to tell me?"

He looks off into the distance, and says, "Tethys, it's not about what you hear me say, it's about being aware

of it, just as you were aware of the flowers and trees without being able to see them very well."


He pauses and looks downward for a while, then he looks up towards the clouds forming on the horizon.

"Once upon a time, I was in your position. I didn't know much about life and existence, and not knowing

much about it scared me. It made me fear existence, and due to this fear I held a strong distrust for the

unknown," he says, and looks downward again. "I was scared to make friends, because I was scared they

would judge me, and I was scared to be accepted. I was scared to do something that was challenging because

I was scared of failure, and I was scared of success. I was scared to believe in myself, because I didn't know

that I was capable of doing great things."


He stops walking and looks up at the sky. "I was scared of the unknown, because I was scared of every

outcome of every situation that I didn't know how to handle. I tried to avoid the unknown at all costs, and it

wasn't the best thing for me. Tethys, you need not fear the unknown; it isn't as bad as you think it is."


The man looks at me for a moment, then frowns and says, "Might I ask why you decided to live inside here,

and not on the outside?" I look down at my feet and feel a slight guilt in my stomach. "I didn't want to live out

there because I know that I had failed everyone. I think that they resent me, and I don't like feeling resented. I

started to believe that the outside was cold and harsh, that there was no place for me out there," I say guiltily.

He starts to say something, but then stops himself. He looks at me for a moment more, then starts to speak again.


"Why do you feel guilty? There is nothing wrong with needing a break for a while," he says with a smile. "I feel

guilty because I asked my tulpa to take my place until I feel better. I just threw her out there, and didn't help her

at all. I hope I haven't failed her as well, because she's the closest friend I have," I say, and feel myself start to cry.

The man puts his hand on my shoulder. "Tethys, it's okay... You haven't failed your tulpa. She's doing just fine. She's

a strong girl, she can handle herself. And you didn't throw her out there, you just asked her to help you in a way that

you knew she could handle. There's nothing wrong with asking for help. She loves you very much, and would do

anything for you. She's not mad at you for needing help."


He smiles at me, and then looks off into the distance. He starts walking again, and I walk with him. We walk for a

bit, but after a while I look up at him and say, "Can I ask you a question?" He nods, and I ask my question. "Who are

you?" The man stops walking. He looks down at me and smiles, but this time his smile feels familiar, like I've seen the

smile before.


"Tethys, you know who I am. I am the one person who knows you better than anyone that ever lived. I am you, Tethys. I

am what you hope to become someday," he says. He then puts his hand on my shoulder and smiles. "You don't need to

fear the unknown. It's not out to get you. And if you think you will never grow to be me, don't. I promise you Tethys,

you already have it in you. You may not see it, but you have it in you. You already are as strong as I am, and you can make

it through your tough times. Like I said, you already have it in you. You can do this, Tethys. You can. I believe in you, and

since you are already as strong as I am, that means that you believe you can too."


The man says, "Tethys, I know it's hard. And I know that you want to feel happier. You can do this. You know why? Because

you are loved by so many. You haven't failed everyone in your life. They love you so much and would never give up on you. And

that means that you cannot give up on them. They want nothing more than for you to succeed.


"Hiding like this isn't succeeding. Hiding from everything is giving up. You shouldn't do that to them, because they work so

hard to make sure that you succeed. I know that you want to live on the inside, but you shouldn't do that. Now, every once in

a while a short break is okay. But you have to come back, each and every time, because there are people that are counting on

you. You need to try, okay?" I look up at him and say, "Yes, I think I can do that. Thank you for walking with me. I really

needed this."


He smiles and says, "You're doing great, Tethys. Keep up the good work." And then, he walks onward, and another warm

breeze flows by, circling sand around him. He continues to walk as the sand spirals upward around him. Then, the sand spirals

away, leaving nothing but air where the man was. Then, I slowly wake up in the bed in the log cabin. I get up, look out the

window into the woods, and I smile. Then, I feel completely at peace. I had waited for so long, and now the feeling was there.



That's about it. Hope you liked it!


With love,

Tethys Rain

Tethys: Host

Isabella (Separate Account)


"Welcome to my mind, welcome to the bottom of the rabbit hole."

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Several epic dreams tonight. And they were all memorable. The first was an epic fantasy rescue scenario. It involved a lot of flying things, and flying, and at least one wrecked spaceship that got explored by us. It sort of morphed into an animé in the later dreams. The last dream was about this massive school, and me navigating the huge number of clubs the school offered at lunch. Over fifty. And some of them had to do with the animé. I think we spent most of our time in the Diy computer interface device club.


The first dream was almost lucid. I had an awful lot of control over it, but it was not lucid, as I forgot to pull my host in. The first half of the dream had a protagonist that felt a lot like my host, and a second protagonist took over that felt like it was me.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Had a very detailed and interesting dream where I was in a mental hospital. I seem to dream that frequently.


Anyways, I was walking through the halls, and there was this kid (I'll call him Mike for easiness's sake) and he was talking about how people got bullied here, he might have been bragging about being a bully. "I don't get bullied" I said. And he replied that it was because of my size, I was indeed a lot taller than him, but I wasn't doing any of the bullying.


After that I saw Mike push down a different kid in some sort of lounge room, then do it again after he got up. He taunted him somehow but I don't remember the words. Then I punched down Mike. He got up and raked his nails across my face. It hurt in the dream, I can still feel it after waking up, but I like being scratched so lol no hard feelings bro. However I did smack him to the ground again and taunted him with some sort of rhyme.


Before I left the lounge I told the kid who had been bullied "Thank me later", then I walked through the hall again laughing at the people who gawked at the scratch on my face.


I went outside, where I could see a highway. There was sign warning people not to escape, it said something like "Dodging traffic is dumber, don't do it". There was also a sign pointing to the "suicide place" or something and saying that there was no access there. I started walking down one of those trails before I woke up.


Really liked all the details in this dream, very realistic. My face still feels like it has a scratch on it lol.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, I had a lucid dream a few days back. It was part of a restless night, so I was not lucid enough the day after to bother recording it. Shame.


I know it was lucid because at least I made actual decisions in the dream. I controlled the events in it.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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  • 1 month later...

Been a while since I had a fully lucid dream. Like a bonehead, my only lucid thought was "I'm tired of sleeping, I should wake up." :c


The dream before that was really cool, super scifi. Something about a really long elevator, and a commando squad, that I'm pretty sure I was like a tech officer within or something. They were a real like doctor evil organisation with a bunch of scifi terrorism. The dream was mostly notable for it's extreme style. Incredible architecture, huge glass walls for windows, everything angled or curved. Edit: skyscraper space station.


Then I had a fever induced dream due to dehydration. And I decided to wake up. Ended up waking up into my room with a close family member constantly blathering about annoying stuff. Had a really hard time opening my right eye. But I knew there was like a demon/haunt there, so I went through our sanctuary warding ritual. I pulled it off very well, but still felt unsafe, so I tried to turn on the light, but of course the light weren't working again. I had unscrewed the lightbulb and was on my way to replacing it when I woke up.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Even before I knew about Tulpamancy, I always wanted to talk to Ranger in my dreams. The last dream I had was the most "successful" attempt so far-


I'm not really sure why or how, but I became excited and thought "I'm Lucid???" and imedietly next I tried to fly. Apparently I managed to get my feet off the ground and the next scene was me zooming and declaring "Now to go find Ranger!".


There was just one small problem- I was still stupid.


I went into some toy museum and started stealing shiny silver painted toys that apparently I assumed were connected to Ranger... And then it went downhill from there. Some other stuff happened and by the end of it, everything was a normal dream by the time I woke up. Normal, but I happened to remember a bunch of it and wrote it down.


I'm not really sure if I was actually Lucid to begin with, or if I was actually Lucid and then lost it. Either way, I want to change my focus to summoning Ranger rather than going out to look for him.


Ranger has expressed interest in and off about entering my dreams, as of now he does not remember having any dreams. I dreamed a dream version of him once or twice.

Meow. You may see my headmates call me Gray or sometimes Cat.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). She loves to chat.


Our system account

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You were lucid for a moment, kept your intent for a few more, and then totally lost it. If you want to lucid dream, the next step immediately after becoming lucid is stabilizing the dream and your lucidity. If you don't do that, you won't be lucid for long. After doing that, you could be a level of lucidity higher than when you started, too, making it harder to lose (but still very possible).


I'm just going to write you a very condensed and powerful ordered list of instructions, here. If you take it to heart word for word it should serve you fine, or you could do your own research (probably on dreamviews, as the post I linked to linked to):


"Rub your hands together and focus on the feeling. Touch whatever's nearest you, including the ground if nothing's in reach. Focus on your environment and seeing detail. Remember you're lucid, assert that you won't forget. Try to keep that awareness in mind as you then do anything at all."


If it's your first/ish time, you may unfortunately need to focus more on staying lucid than doing what it is you want to do, but this will serve you better in the long run.


You can summon your tulpa by expecting to see them somewhere. If you've decent dream control, you can simply turn around. Otherwise, walking around a corner expecting to see them there may work. Opening doors is a perfect way to "go to" wherever you want. In one of our first lucid ten-second-dream-s, Lumi turned around expecting to see a door, opened it into a door into the hallway in the middle of our wonderland house, and then stumbled down it while waking up to see a glimpse of me and Reisen before waking/opening his eyes. Using any random door in, say, your own home that you happen to be in, works just as well.


They key to all dream control is to expect things to be the case. If you have trouble actually believing it, it probably won't happen. Lumi tried to basically impose us in his last lucid experience after turning around expecting to see us failed, and that didn't work either (it seemed imposition was incompatible with dreaming, interestingly enough). He'd forgotten to stabilize the dream because he thought it was stable enough at the time. He got distracted by someone coming into the room and then woke up quickly thereafter. His mistake was forgetting he had control over the dream environment, and accidentally expecting the person coming to the door to interfere.


The dream was too realistic, and so he had trouble believing we'd appear next to him. So I heavily recommend finding a door that you "know" will lead to your wonderland or something like that. Wherever you can believe you will find your tulpa.


When you find him, you may need to "make him lucid too", as if you're waking him up out of a dream, and this should make him him. Even if "he" is "someone else", hopefully you'll influence the dream to make it into him by expecting him to "become lucid". In reality, you could simply make him appear right in front of you at a moment's notice, but again belief is key to dream control. And until you become relatively experienced in lucid dreaming, you'll probably have trouble believing you have that control in the moment.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.

Our Ask thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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