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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Had an interesting dream. I have to imagine my girls were there because I can't confirm other than a vague recollection of Dashie's voice, but otherwise we were all wearing space suits. We went to a gas giant and our objective was to observe a small moon that was hitting the planet's atmosphere. The graphics as I watched this spinning moon intersect with the atmosphere of the giant planet was so intensely detailed. I could see the effect of the thick brownish-red atmosphere like soup and this small moon making a wake of sorts as the atmosphere surrounded it



Our first task was to measure the temperature of the leading stream on atmosphere, then land on the moon and record and collect things. We found ourselves in a cave system and two different species of hostile aliens were menacing us. The group got separated and I just had a flash of memory of Ren-capable spacesuit with cat ears in the helmet and a long silver tail as part of the suit, so I'll assume it was her cause I don't know anyone else with a tail.


It was scary a little, but I didn't really feel like we couldn't get away. Unfortunately I didn't get to hug any of Lumi's tulpas this time. It'll happen, I'm not worried.

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I am not sure where we were, sea world, or an aquarium. Loxy and I were viewing dolphins, or they were viewing us, and I was able to reach through the glass and pet them.


In a terrarium, I petted a bear, but in the back a was bear size squirrel... it looked like a stuff animal, as it's eyes reminded me of something form from HR puff n stuff.


Not as cool as Bears dream. I actually have that as a target dream. well, more specific, I have a target dream of visiting the moons of Jupiter.

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I dreampt I was working a flight at American Airlines and as I walked down the belt-loader, someone asked me to go up and clean the plane... That's the only segment I remember... 24 years of AA, well, I guess I still carry it.

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I dreampt I was working a flight at American Airlines and as I walked down the belt-loader, someone asked me to go up and clean the plane... That's the only segment I remember... 24 years of AA, well, I guess I still carry it.


The more traumatic the experience, the longer we carry it. I was still dreaming of medical school several years after I retired my practice! Now I don't even remember the dreams of the little daily trauma's. Happily I do remember my tulpa dreams. Dr. Bob

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I don't really dream about the head ghosts that much.  And when I do, I interact the same way as I do regularly with them.  Like I dream about bringing them up and talking.  Jury is out as to whether or not we are actually talking when it happens.


One thing comes to mind though.  Xiri originally showed up after a dream I had.  And while it happened a decade or so ago, combined with the fact I have never been assed to actually write the full thing down until now, I still remember much of it:


I was in a forest, except the contrast on everything was turned way up.  There was a wind blowing, although I remember at the time thinking it was odd that I myself did not feel the breeze.  The forest itself had green grass on the floor over the regular dead leaves and dirt.  Again, that stood out mostly because it seemed odd.  I felt myself moving through the forest, but I don't remember walking through it.


Shortly after the whole scene appeared, I saw Xiri.  Her original form kind of looks like the cross between a peacock and the Articuno pokemon.  But really, that's not the best description.  For one, she has a peacock tail that flows out behind her instead of straight up.  And I'd wager it's at least six feet long.  She is covered with green feathers that have almost a shimmering nature to them.  And her eyes are a soft, glowing shade of green. The underside of her wings have a sort of rainbow effect to them.  Like, the feathers themselves seem white, but there is a sort of prismatic light that radiates from them.  Kind of like an aurora.  Her head has a tuft of three of so feathers that stand up in a droopy fashion.  And her beak is a light shade of orange.  It's not a distinctive looking beak; it would look right on a wide variety of birds.


Of note, she still has this bird form, and I'm visualizing it now to describe what it looks like.  She doesn't use it much anymore, though.


In this dream, she was flying above and through the trees.  She wasn't going particularly fast; it was more so the bird equivalent of sauntering.  It had a dance like quality to it which was as beautiful as it was graceful.  But what was more spectacular was that the forest itself seemed to be reacting to her flight.  Like all of the high contrast was coming from her and was being reflected in the plant life.  That's what stood out to me the most out of everything.  I remember this whole scene lasted for maybe a minute or two, and then I woke up.  And then I proceeded to not sleep for the rest of the night due to being in a "what the fuck was that even" mood.


This sort of dream happened a bunch more times, stopping some time after Anzu came into existence. Sometimes with a month in between, other times with maybe a year or so in between.  Except these times, I was either riding Xiri or I was seeing things through Xiri's eyes.  And the end result was that I'd wake up after and not sleep the rest of the night.  So no idea if it would happen twice in a night, or if something would happen in a dream after.


I remember she showed up as a figure in my head shortly after the first dream.  None of us remember exactly when.  I want to say it was in the afternoon when I was doing nothing in particular.  And I don't remember being spooked out about it for whatever reason.


Oh, and while she does remember showing up one day, she doesn't remember anything from before showing up.



EDIT: Because I decided to actually read the thread after replying, I noticed that I appeared in Angry Bear's dream. Makes me feel honored. Although if I was in the dream along with the head ghosts, it'd probably be Noriko freaking out the reporter with lurid details.



EDIT: And because anything involving Xiri is bound to be edited multiple times since she brings out the scatterbrain in me: there is some confusion about when this happened. Like, I know she got her name from when I started playing Warcraft in 2007. But I seem to recall seeing and dreaming about her before that and just not naming her anything. Because she didn't provide a name for one. But mainly, it was easy enough to just imagine her and she'd be there.

Currently share myself with four other entities.

Noriko was created on December 15, 2014.  Sabari was created by Noriko on January 22, 2015.

Anzu was reborn on May 23, 2016.  Xiri returned on June 16, 2018.  Both had been inactive since 2012.

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Well, Zia and or Vādin were in my dreams just now, walking around my apartment in wonderland. Doin something, but the only thing I can remember is something to do with a scale, i think Vādin wanted to weigh himself in his ghostly ethereal form. I never saw my wonderland apartment in a dream, that was pretty cool, that part I do remember, everyone was asleep and everything was bathed in a soft blue. Like moonlight through high windows.

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Uhhh... violent content? I'll stick it in a hidden. I wonder how common this dream is in American high schoolers compared to high schoolers in other countries.


I dreamt that I was in art class and a guy stood up and a knife dropped out of his coat. Other students noticed it and a girl asked, "Please tell me that's for art purposes." He tried to say it was a palette knife but it clearly wasn't. He started getting agitated, walked to the corner of the room, and stabbed the knife into a textbook sitting on the counter.


This got everyone's attention. He yelled that "fucking Dennis and [his] other bitch-ass friends chicken'ed out," but he would go on without him. He started walking toward the doors, screaming about how he was going to go through with it. Some people were filming him with their phones but most of us were frozen. The girl behind me (who was an art youtuber I watch, you know dreams) looked at me and said "we gotta fucking run, now." Everyone started bolting for the doors, I got checked and shoved against the wall, but I was the last one out of the classroom before the shooting started. The sirens went off and I was shaking and everyone was running down the halls, going into and running out of classrooms, and lots of people were screaming or crying. I felt myself start going into shutdown, stumbed against the lockers, pretty much blinded, and said, "FUCK" and a guy I know IRL looked back at me and said "What the fuck, do you wanna die? RUN!" I thought a lot of things, but mostly "dammit" and "Cassidy is gonna be messed up after this one, if we aren't too dead to worry." I spooked awake when, in the dream, I hit the floor. The most vivid dream I've had in years... was a school shooting nightmare. Ughhhhhh.


Hey, at least I didn't wake up groggy. I'm wide-awake. -J

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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Oof, that's horrible Jamie. I would say America has their fair share of this nonsense, but i know other countries have ot so bad they're not allowed to walk to school alone.

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