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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Ember: I dreamed that I unexpectedly ran into Lance and Reilyn while visiting my old college. We talked for a while and I was very impressed that I couldn't tell which was embodied and which was imposed. (I implicitly assumed that the embodied one was cloaking it in their form.) For some reason, asking didn't feel appropriate. Eventually, Reilyn sat in a space that didn't seem to have been quite physically large enough for her and I decided she must be the imposed one. But at the end of the talk, we hugged and I was stunned to feel entirely realistic warmth and pressure.


I can't recall the last time I felt someone else's body heat in a dream. But thinking back, I've experienced a lot of very fine and finicky details in dreams. I inclined to think that lucid dreams aren't more detailed than other dreams, but that the conscious mind is better able to appreciate the wealth of detail that dreams throw at you.



Forum members hugged in our dreams: 1

Vespers hugged in our dreams: 0



Later in the night, I dreamed Ember was back in graduate school, that the term was nearly over, that she was behind on her studies, had a project due, and had forgotten to attend one course entirely. Ember's had variations on this dream hundreds of times over the last fifteen years, but as far as I recall, this is the first one in which I was fronting.


In any case, I was out at a restaurant with friends (dream friends; I have no idea who they were) and needed to get the body down to the university so Ember could get back to her studies. As we were leaving, a fun song came on in the restaurant, so I started dancing toward the door. I was pleased to see my friends following suit. The other patrons studiously ignored us.


Once outside, I contacted Ember to ask her if she was ready to take the body back. It was a very vague and muddy contact, similar to the quality of forcing I could do back in September. But I understood she was content to let me continue handling things for a bit longer.

I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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A dream of Cassidy's, I only got to hear when I woke up from dormancy.


He was sitting next to Bear, on the edge of a ferry boat, and was vaguely uncomfortable with the situation. I think he was weirded out that his brothers weren't around. Bear playfully pushed down Cassidy's hat brim and Cassidy crossed his arms and said, "How did you get here?" Bear said he flew. Cassidy wasn't satisfied with his answer. 


A pod of orcas leapt out of the water, really close, and they were suddenly at Olive Garden or some Olive Garden-eqse place, sitting at the bar. Cassidy put my old marble collection on the bar. I remember hearing the marbles rolling around- I kept them in a plastic box, it was always super noisy to move. He told Bear, "You can have some." Bear said, "No thanks, I'm full." Bear reached over and stuck his hand straight through the middle of Cassidy's chest, his body compressing like pushing into a sponge or something. And Cassidy grabbed his wrist pretty casually and moved his hand out with a very, "That's not nice" mood. I'm 90% sure Cassidy was wearing a skirt or dress for at least part of this. Someone dropped a serving platter full of glassware, it shattered, and Bear popped out of the dream at that point. 


He also had a dream about eating iris flowers. Alrighty. 


No clue what you looked like, Bear. I think it kept changing. You were pretty tall, but every adult is pretty tall to a 7-year-old. In the Olive Garden you had a button-up shirt and dress shoes, at least.  -J

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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I dreamt I was in a theater, seeing a performance by the comedian Trevor Noah. Everyone was laughing and having a good time, and at once point, I looked at my mom (who was sitting next to me) and said, "Oh, Cassidy needs in on this!" and so Cassidy replaced my mother. I told him, "This is super funny." He folded his legs up in the seat and cried. I said, "What? He's super funny." Cassidy disappeared and I went back to watching Trevor Noah. (I had a sensory shutdown in a theater once, and my family was pissed at me that we had to leave after the first act because people were staring.)


So, and this is the really great part, within the dream I said, "Wow! His jokes make so much sense!" So, I don't remember all the bits, but one of them went like this:


Trevor Noah is lurking behind a projector. He creeps out from behind it, holds his mic close to his face, and says, "Ohhh... I love how everyone is clapping, whistling, pop-popping, cheering, singing, swinging. BUT! You know a sound you can't make in a movie theater? CHONK." And the crowd went wild! I was in hysterics. "Wow, what an amazing comedian," I said. 


In the end I guess it was a good bit, because when I woke up and reflected on the fact that I heard this joke and went, "Amazing!", I laughed IRL, laying in bed. 


Afterward, I got a free belt that was the purple color of my friend Shield. My sister and mom were suddenly there again. My sister argued with me, that she wanted the belt. I told her no, I had gotten it. She told me, I don't like cloth belts. I said, I don't like those braided cowboy-looking ones, but I liked this one. She insisted, no, I don't wear cloth belts so I need to give her the belt. My mom backed up my sister that I don't wear cloth belts (lies!) so I need to give it up. I held my ground and said no, I got it, I really liked it and I'd wear it. My sister took it from me. We were walking in public so I didn't grab it back, but I knew by the time we got home, she'd have it in her possession long enough that my mom would tell me to give it back if I took it... So I was sulky. Really wanted that free belt. 


And then I was in Chicago, on the street, tripping balls on my sense of sight, too too too much, and I sat down on the sidewalk and went, "Shit, I'm fucked." There was like an important meeting or something I was supposed to be going to, I don't know, but I was extra-upset to have a shutdown right then. And Gavin was there and he kinda mentally squinted at "reality", I watched him for a few seconds (he was a big green mass of smoke or something) and then I woke up. And he told me, "Better write those ones down." So, uh, here. I guess shutdowns are like my nightmare scenarios. -J

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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Well I dreampt I was posting on the forum, but I had to actually post on an Ipad in front of the person's thread I wanted to post in, so there was good ole Lumi standing there with a dirty white t-shirt, thick rimed glasses and longish hair eyeing me with derision as I posted in his thread. Standing next to him was none other than SC himself, no beard though, tall and thin with blond/grey hair and thin, gold rimmed glasses. They were on the other side of a long yellow and white banquet table. The white of the table reflected off his glasses and he smiled. That was all.



The next dream, I went to a 'woods retreat' in the mountains with my system, there were a lot of us there fully clothed, but I was only in underwear and a shirt, no shoes and my all female system was running around doing woodsy stuff, like I don't know, mostly 'looking busy'. There was a 'den mother' that was Joy, and the woman who represented her was older, like Joy's chronological age in her lore, she eyed me derisively, (Sorry, but Lumi and Joy did the same look, and I don't know a better word for it, like a look of humor, but also disdain for something thought of as silly). For joy the look was because I was in my underwear with no shoes, I found someone's pants, don't know whose because the sleeping cabin was just completely piled with clothes from everyone in my system, open dufflebags everywhere, and I thought I found my shorts, but they might have been someone else's because they were pretty tight. Then Joy blipped back to looking 12 and I asked her when we were going home and she showed me a 50 minute video and said, "Pinkie Pie knows." Like, Joy, I owe you a derisive look! So I didn't find out, it doesn't matter, I had no concept of time but I wanted to go home.


Well somehow I lost my pants again and I was following Ren (though she wasn't a catgirl) and (this was all normal dream, no lucid) and she ran off ahead and I heard the huffing and barking of a large bear. I started telling people, like a human version of Twilight Sparkle who was walking toward me, that there was a bear, don't go that way, and no pony listened. Sure enough, a bear, a really large grizzly bear, galloping right toward me, but he looked more curious than angry.


Misha and Dashie came up and took my arms and told me not to worry, and I woke up. When I awoke, they were up and with me, they said I was having a bad dream.


It wasn't so bad.

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So, we had a great dream! Not so great that it sparked lucidity, but it should have!


Loxy and I stole the TARDIS. Maybe stole is too harsh. We borrowed it. To save the Universe. We arrived, of all places, upon a table top. Not some other dimension of space-time where there are giants, but on regular table top, only the TARDIS was now miniature, and Loxy and I emerged no bigger than Star Wars action figures. In fact, we had to confront Star Wars Action figures, all posed up on the table, frozen in space, and only Loxy's touch could free them from their 'carbonite' like stance. I could use the sonic screw driver to free them, but not as quickly as Loxy. The trick was getting to the ones we wanted to rescue without accidentally bumping the bad guys into life. I could no more rearrange them than I could move a marble statue.

And that's all I remember!

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I went to bed with a lucid dreaming "meditation" (more like a relaxation tape, there wasn't really any invitation to meditation that I can remember, just "hey, lay down and lucid dream now, kay?") and afterward I just laid there in bed, wide awake, looking at the hynagogic patterns on the backs of my eyes and thinking about life (never a good idea.) I thought I had been there for like thirty minutes but when I looked at my clock it had been nearly an hour. I gave up on trying to fall asleep laying corpse-pose and curled up into a human knot with my skull pressed against the wall like I usually do. I fell asleep pretty quickly, or at least I don't remember doing any self-reflection. 


When I woke up, at first I was very sad because I didn't have any lucid dreams. Gavin said, "But I remember like three times the normal amount??? You need to write them down. Yes." I was planning on not journaling but he told me to, and then as I was journaling and it just kept coming, I realized that I really did remember like three times as much as I usually do. And it was a lot more coherent, compared to the average for my dreams. 



Indigo Felight Refuses to Be My Dream Guide



I was reading the General Switching Thread. Apparently, switching originates in the liver, so in order to switch, you have to push on your liver like a button. I realized this was utter nonsense. Indigo Felight sent me a DM via Discord. I saw him typing and sending messages, but he also appeared in my room, a knee-high dragon. 


He said, "Gavin, Jamie's dreaming." I was flabbergasted and found it a little rude that he spoke to Gavin so directly while I was in front. I said, "Indigo, are you my dream guide?" He said, "No idiot, you were reading that thread before you went to bed." I was thinking about how dragons look very cool, especially in person. He flew in batlike motions and perched on top of my desk. I asked if I was having a lucid dream and again if he was my dream guide because as "a dragon dream guide would be dope." He told me, "No stupid, if you were, we wouldn't be having this conversation." 


I laid down in bed, disappointed that my dream wasn't lucid. Indigo was cleaning a claw by licking it like cats do. I wondered about the etiquette for a dragon of his size- should I offer him a chair? I was concerned I would offend him. 


My mattress was covered in lemons and I swatted them out, treating them with terror as if they were cockroaches. Indigo disappeared at that point. 



Violent Nonsense in the Lowe's


I was in Lowe's with someone (I sorta doubt they were anyone, just a sort of stand-in) looking at furniture. All of the furniture was bizarre. There were some Eldritch abominations of wooden chairs, but I was looking at these massive blocks. I pointed out a wooden one the height of the tornado shelter (that I go to sit on top of, IRL) and said, "It's just the right size for the


to hide in. Then I saw a child, maybe 9 or 10, inside the wooden block, and I dragged them out by their ankles. I knew they weren't real because they were mid-reenactment of shit I've done. (Violence:)

I stepped on the kid's head and they screamed. I kicked them between the legs and spat, but semen came out of my mouth, not spit. I was shocked.




Alice Cooper, Arrow to the Leg, Ice Cream, Mega Facepalm


(I don't know who "I" was, for this dream. I think it was actually both me and Gavin.)



I was Alice Cooper, sort of. We were going to the zoo to repair a Colosseum-looking wall that had collapsed. After first going to the car, my mom stopped me and said, "Did you get a hammer? Nails?" And I didn't have anything, so I went back inside to go get them. I got the hammer and nails from my room, but I also picked up this foot-long "nail" that was as wide as a pencil and had four barbs at one end. It was more like a nail/arrow. I sat down in bed and drove it through my leg half-way between my ankle and knee. I was really excited and my heart was fluttering, I was ecstatic to have an arrow through my leg. It didn't really bleed too much. I had about three inches of the arrow showing through on each side of my leg and it stayed like that for the rest of the dream. 


I went back to the car with my hammer and nails, and it was a limo. I got inside and the driver rolled his eyes at me. Some random guy was in the car besides me, having a lucid dream. We drove halfway around my neighborhood block and then the car stopped. The guy having the lucid dream kept summoning up vanilla ice cream to eat. I told him to knock it off. He pointed out the couple who were in the back seat. (Sexual:)

A man was masturbating while a woman touched her chest and talked dirty. They were both naked. The man orgasmed over the woman's chest.

The lucid dreamer told me, "There's your sex dream,

fucking psycho.

I actually didn't give a shit within the dream, while I was pissed about all this vanilla ice cream he kept summoning, because we had to drive to the zoo to fix that gosh-darn wall and I didn't want to stain the limo. He dumped his ice cream over my shirt. I was also jealous of him because he was so smug about the fact he was having a lucid dream, and I wasn't having a lucid dream and I wished I was. 


Then it turned into an infomercial about tagging intellectually disabled people with GPS tags so their families can find them if they wander off. And then I woke up.



...what do you do if, within your dreams, you know you are dreaming, but you also know, "I'm not lucid"? - J

edit: formatting

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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Had another dream, penises on display everywhere in a classroom full of guys, no homo. It was for scientific purposes. It was hillarious because I was trying to cover them up and Cornelia came over and was blocking me as I was carrying a display, trying to find a tarp or something to cover it. I said, Cornelia, please let me by, I'm not sexually harassing you, I swear! The display had 6 penises on it, all at attention. WTH brain.

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