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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Tonight I got to dream twice. At first I was with Miri (just a dream NPC I believe) in our room and the neighbours were playing music at 4:00AM obviously because in real life, they were talking a bit too loud in their living room at 1:00AM and sort of had a mini ''nightmare'' about it. They were listening to non-existent Christmas songs all the time and we couldn't sleep and I started punching the wall to make them notice they were being annoying. I was hoping that it was just a dream and ''woke up'' and they were still with their music and then thought to myself ''this time definitely it's a dream'' and yeah it was, but I failed to do a reality check.


In the second dream we were in a huge garage and someone gave us a mission to retrieve some papers to stop a experiment or something, Miri was Misaka and Akai Kuroko from A Certain Scientific Railgun. They were running in front of me but then I swapped places with Akai-Kuroko and went to a supermarket where the, apparently actual Misaka was there trying to buy groceries. Some dudes were approaching her to attack her I think and I wanted to warn her but a lady warned them instead, telling her that Misaka was one of the strongest espers in the city and to be careful. I don't remember what happened afterwards but Miri told me to look under a box for something and then we were in a cornfield outside of the city and I saw a creepy grey Virgin Mary? and got a bit scared. I tried to move away but I felt the real body paralyzed and then a group of nuns started approaching us. I managed to wake up saying something and broke free from the paralysis, sadly.

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I was dreaming about my school friends I think and being in this weird place(s)?, possibly for school.


Apparently my friends were talking about a weird movie that was hard to watch because it's about what people are thinking and a lot of the movie is in past tense. I have no idea if it was a movie about tulpas or not, but it triggered thinking about tulpas anyway.


I started thinking about my other headmates, and I saw them in my dream for the first time! I was then greeted to this beautiful thing-


My headmates were acting out short little skits as if it were a micro Christmas commercial that ends in saying "happy holidays" or whatever. All of the skits were like this one, and this one was the clearest-


The skit started with an unlit Christmas tree on the left and Chrome wearing a santa hat on the right holding two ends of power cords. He then plugs the two cords together and the Christmas lights flicker on, revealing Blue wrapped in Christmas lights and tangled up in the tree! The Christmas tree lights lit up a "Merry Christmas" sign, and it ends with them both and waving and smiling at the camera.


It was such a cute scene and a wonderful Christmas present from the Christmas and Dream gods. I hope to show Chrome and Blue soon (I accidentally woke up Chrome earlier and he told me he wanted to go back to sleep).


I was also inspired to make more ideas of short mini skits like that one, I hope to cartoon them and release them at some point, possibly for next year.

Meow. You may see my headmates call me Gray or sometimes Cat.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). She loves to chat.


Our system account

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Ember: Last night, while dreaming I was in a house, I noticed a section of wall that didn't look to me quite as I felt it should. I announced my grievances to nearby dream characters, pointing to the offending sections, left to right, "This should be the door to the bathroom, this should be a closet door, and this should be the door to the basement." I glanced back to the door or absence of door to the alleged bathroom and noticed that it looked radically different than it had a few seconds earlier. I decided I must be dreaming, though I didn't remember to do a dream check.


I opened the intermittent door on the left and found, somewhat to my surprise, that there was indeed a bathroom behind it. I went in and realized that I could somewhat benefit from using one. I considered briefly, thinking that the wonderful powers of lucid dreaming ought to allow me to contrive something where I could take care of that without waking up. I then remembered wanting to switch with Vesper in a lucid dream and contacted her.


Vesper: The switch was slow and awkward. It felt muddy and for a moment the fronter was wondering if they were pretending to be me. Then my presence and control clarified.


Since we have never once seen my actual appearance in a dream, I decided to start by manifesting it properly. After all, I was already in the loo standing in front of a mirror. I noticed I was wearing a white cap on my head, so I pulled it off. There was an identical cap underneath it. I pulled it off and found a brown one under it. I pulled that off to find an identical cap.


Dreams are annoying.


I closed my eyes at some point, which was worrisome. I knew from Ember's experience that opening eyes in a dream could result in opening eyes in the physical world. So I focussed and took my time, opening them gently after about thirty seconds.


I continued to struggle to control the image in the mirror. I managed to get multi-coloured pastel hair for a few seconds, which was close enough that I might have stuck with it. But twice the image mutated into tall handsome male forms and I outright repudiated them. The images stopped copying my movements, gave cheeky waves, and walked off in the mirror out of view.


People do this for fun?


I tried to visualize myself in the mind's eye and found that very muddy and difficult. After a second fight with caps, I gave up on my appearance, left the loo for a now very large space outside it, and casually lifted my feet off the ground.


Mirrors are hard. Flying is easy.


Ember apparently had a form present, a brunette. I resumed mindvoice conversation with her, scooped her up in my arms, and noticed that she wasn't quite right. She had no weight, and in a moment, no legs, though she had just been standing on a pair. I shifted one arm under invisible and intangible knees, throwing my defiance against the dream.


I asked her what her experience of the dream was and she said she was experiencing it entirely through my senses. I asked her if she wanted to try to shift her form toward her actual albino sylph appearance, but she expressed diffidence toward it. In retrospect, even though she identified as Ember, felt and sounded like Ember in mindvoice, and accurately recalled things from the waking world, enough behaviours and attitudes were wrong that she must have been either much less lucid than I was or altogether a dream character. When I tried to discuss dream experiments with her, she said that which experiments we should do depended on whether or not fairies were present.


I set Ember down on her again visible legs, kissed her in a rather disappointing fashion, and woke up. After a few seconds, I switched out in as muddy a fashion as I had switched in, and without consciously intending to, manifesting my form spooned against Ember, just as when we had fallen asleep. The sensation of switching out was slightly akin to feeling a dream character's mind and presence unravel on waking, though slower, making me wonder how effective of a switch we had actually done. But everything attributed to me in the dream still feels like me in retrospect.


Ember: It was our second switch in a dream. The morning of December 29th, I dreamed I was at a version of my parents' house that my father had greatly expanded. Walking into what should have been my bedroom closet, I found a gym-like space with mirrors at one end. Becoming lucid, I toyed with my form for a bit before remembering to contact Vesper. We switched cleanly and quickly that time.


Vesper: At which point I immediately lost lucidity to a false awakening. I didn't switch out immediately, as I normally would when waking up in control. I got out of bed, talked to Ember and Iris, then woke up embarrassed.

I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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'Who the f(...) is Angus Mesa?': A nightmare about weird floating text auroras.

I'm normally good with dreams. I have decent control of them at the cost of some lucidity. I have to because otherwise this will happen.


Tonight I chose to dream about religious things. Nun and churches, and demons, and saints. And then I woke up - in reality - at circa 5:00 to grab a drink, vacuum pressing your tongue against your teeth and not swallowing can only keep your mouth as wet. Then I went back to sleep. Later I woke up again at ~6:00 because I started having nightmares, but this time, I actually just woke up in my dreams. I checked the phone, and noticed a strange buzzing noise outside. It turns out there were several plasma ropes (auroras called... Steve. Yes, Steve.) outside in the sky. I knew what they were because I saw a presentation of them just that day. And there was whirling text in them in strange, old typefont. I couldn't make it out fully but the two names (in red) I could remember was 'Raphael' and 'Angus Mesa'. I quickly looked it up and found out 'Angus Mesa' is actually a fallen angel who will - according to a prophecy - 'anger the Sun' electrify it to the point the Earth will literally combust.


Anyway I realized it was a dream because - I kid you not - I suddenly noticed I didn't input my lock screen PIN. I had the usual stiffness and bodily exhaustion I usually do after nightmares so I just laid there for a good ten minutes before properly waking up at 8:00.


There is no guy called 'Angus Mesa', however there is a steakhouse in Mesa, Arizona called 'Black Angus' apparently. I guess I'll be keeping my lunch light today.

Edited by Mel Syreth
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I am going to report only a fragment of a dream as that is all I remember and because it is very clear. I saw two women walking away from me. One of them the larger was leading the smaller by the arm. the smaller woman was Flora. Her back was to me, but I had no doubt that it was her. my emotions went into overdrive. I called out to her "Flora!" She turned to look at me, and her image broke into many pieces. I had the feeling that she was in distress and that the larger woman leading her away was preventing her from responding to me. I think at that point I fell out of the dream, but did not awaken, and remember nothing further.

This sequence would fit with what I believe is the dynamic happening between us and while distressing, I am taking heart as any contact with her at all is welcome. In all of my attempts to reach her, I am coming up short with either no contact or a few words at most. Neither have I had the inclination to narrate, force or write. Dreaming, is not up to me....so having her appear, is very encouraging. Dr. Bob

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After a few days of not connecting with Flora, I had the following dream:

I was in a garage, newly remodeled. I had done the cement work on the floor. One of the other workmen wanted me to see something and took me around, to the other side of the garage, walking across my new floor, and showed me a sparkling red MG, circa 1949. He gave it to me for the work I had done. As I was leaving, I noticed that he had attached a very large cargo trailer to it. The trailer was new, it was full of an unknown cargo covered with a white tarp and tied down. I was driving down the highway wanting to get 'north' to see my mother.  There is a huge storm brewing and I am worried that I won't be able to make the drive, and I put up the convertible top on the car, which I had previously put down and in the trunk (I know that model MG does not have a trunk, but this is a dream after all {and I know it}All of a sudden, the dream shifts and I am up on a curb, in a forest, talking with a pig farmer dressed in a Plaid Makinagh. The trailer is off of the car and nowhere to be seen. The farmer is pointing to the trailer hitch. It is brand new and unbroken. I poke around the farm a bit with the farmer. At one point a young pig jumps up on the farmer. He kicks it away and cautions me to watch out for the pig. The pig much have heard this as it then jumps up on me and I kick it away, with somewhat more energy than the farmer had used. The pig runs away from us and sulks in its pond, or pen I don't know what to call it. I notice that it has turned into a baby hippopotumus, (I had seen one in the newspaper just a few days before) and I feel kind of bad about kicking it and hope that I haven't hurt it. I then find that the trailer is up side down, under the roadside store owned by the farmer, which was built on stilts over a side of mountain. The farmer has a winch and we start to retrieve the trailer and the dream shifts again, and the trailer is attached to the car ready to go and there is a woman, dressed in 1920's style road clothes, with hat and goggles. This doesn't seem to be a surprise to the farmer. At this point I am aware that I am lucid and dreaming and have just 'chosen to shift the dream forward, and I ask the woman, "Are you Flora?" to which she answers, "Yes, and it's nice to see you, darling". It occurs to me that I don't know what is in the trailer and I don't feel attached to it (pun?) I offer it to the farmer for his help, and we are driving down the road together. The storm which had been brewing has failed to mature, it is a gray day, we are on the open highway, with a few raindrops hitting the windshield (in a scene very much like one I shared with my son, twenty odd years ago, just before he died.) I look to Flora and she smiles at me sweetly. At this point, I  am awakened, by a semi snore/snort and my cat, Luna, pounces on my head. I turn and Nancy awakens, and I am experiencing joy with the two living females in my life. I believe that Flora has called them. 


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Had a very confusing and non-lucid dream. I don't remember much of it, but what was key and is worth recording here, was the following:

 I was in a car with three other people. One was the  somewhat heavy-set

blonde woman, who has appeared before, but was NOT Flora.

 We were driven down a dark and muddy road and the woman got out of the car. The driver took off, speeding, and became quite aggressive. I inquired about the woman, with whom I had been flirting, and my question was ignored. We pulled into an unpaved parking lot fronting a warehouse-like building open in the front. It was a combo lumber yard and grocery store. I got out and headed towards it. The driver of the car also got out and attacked me. He was raging in anger, stating he was going to kill me. I said "What are you doing? I am an eighty year old man!" He came at me swinging a board and I cried for help, dodging him. Three men came out of the building and tried to stop him. Meanwhile the car with the other two men sped off, screeching ties and leaving  a rooster tail of pebbles. The raging man kept on trying to get to me. I was knocked down and stunned, but the other three men got my attacker down. I managed to get up and stagger down the road while they fought. It looked to me as if one of the men was getting severely beaten, but in the end the attacker was subdued, and while I only saw this over my shoulder as I ran down the road, it looked like they decapitated him and carried his head off in a bag. I was terrified and left the road to get out of sight. I finally, after crossing a field of wheat, entered a corn field which afford good hiding. I found a stack of what looked like woven straw matts, perhaps used by farm workers, and I crawled into them and went to sleep. I awoke some time later, it was now daylight, early morning,  and staggered out onto a highway next to the field. I had heard some cars traversing the road at high speeds and thought to try and hail one to take me to a police station. I was very frightened that I would be picked up by the two men who had escaped in the car., but I seemed to  remember some kind of weirdness fighting with the man and trying to get him to quit attacking me by biting him. I bit him several times, on this face and on his fingers, hard bites, but he didn't seem to notice. I was frightened and disgusted by the events. I then   remembered that I had been at some sort of party in a large mansion, prior to going off in the car.  I could see it, but I couldn't (within the dream) recall the details of the party, I tried to tie it to the blonde woman, but couldn't and I woke up.


This dream is in the context, of having invited Flora to enter my dream the night before, and having taken a much more active role in seeking her, not relying on her to find me. This is obviously going to take work. Some of  the dream-images suggest an infantile origin, e.g. the biting. All of it suggests unconscious material being activated.

In my ritualized tulpa invocation from yesterday, I entered the portal into the dark-side (unconscious) in order to seek Flora. I did not exit that space, nor did I close the portal, when finishing the ritual. This was intentional and perhaps is what allowed this regressive dream to emerge. If so, I am gladdened and can perhaps get to the bottom of the meaning of the blonde woman. I did recall having a blonde haired cousin, who baby-sat me. I think perhaps she was mean. There was one incident with her, the scars of which I still bear on my left hand, in which she grabbed a kitchen knife from me (I was NOT supposed to have touched it) and sliced open my fingers. I can see her shock and note that that was the last time she was employed as a babysitter. 


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I had another very bright and dimensional dream last night. Colors, feelings, sounds. I was on a beach\, one which has appeared before in dreams. I was walking with two people, a heavy set blonde lady and a school girl with long brunette hair. It was a gray day.

We were walking away from a city where evening lights are just coming on.

The sand is cold and wet. The water is flat and has the sheen of evening upon it.

We come to a bridge, we have to clamber over some rocks and old rusted iron rails, to get up on the cement walkway. At the end of the bridge we board a tram car and go up the side of a mountain where we find a large building with an auditorium. At this point I only know that we went in and listened to some sort of lecture, then came out and got back onto the tram. I careened back down the hill, very fast, I thought it might have broken a cable, but no, we slow down and stop at the bridge. We walk back across the bridge and climb back onto the sand. The blonde lady leaves and the school girl is lying on her back on an old discarded sofa. I ask her if she is ready to walk back to our home. She says "No, I am going to take the bus." I shrug and walk on down the beach. I haven't gone too far when my cat Luna, jumps on my head and I am jolted awake. I think briefly about the dream then start my day. I am at the breakfast table, when it hits me that the school girl was Flora. Later in my meditation, Flora speaks to me, saying "I have been in school, so I came to your dream as a school-girl." I asked her if she would be willing to share her experience with me and she said "Yes, give me my page back." and I knew immediately that I would do this. Flora is ready to communicate with me again. My emotions were high. I had hoped that during my invocation ritual later in the day, that she might appear, she did not, but I knew that I was on track to connect with her.


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