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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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This dream is long... And weird... And the end felt like it was tulpa related. If you want to skip to the tulpa-ish part, skip to the second line break.



I was on a road trip with my dad? I was in a car, or at least I think I was. Maybe it was too early in the dream for me to gather much else. I'm not sure what lead to the next segment.


I remember my brother, he was with a female friend (not sure if she was a gf or not) and they were trying to clear this platformer obstsble course where they only got 10 seconds to clear each obstacle or they exploded (but this was a videogame?) I think the total time was either a minute or a minute and ten seconds.


He told me the last rope part was hard because people screwed it up and couldn't get it. It involved this targeting cross hairs and good timing. (The cross hairs were purple ans yellow? And it looked like a VR perspective, so it didn't look easy) I think even Bowser was part of the platformer obstacle course for some reason, maybe he breathed fire during the intro?


I was in the water watching, and this had to do with water? I don't remember if it did before but apparently it does now. There were still platforms at least. My brother and his friend swam and I swam with them to watch. I remember them doing really well until the swinging obstacle. The first time they were really close and failed, clipping the very edge (ouch?). The second time they failed more badly, I don't remember exactly how. The third time I was looking through a telescope? And they stuck the landing! During one of the attempts, my brother and his friend turned into a videogame fireball/explosion (at least my dream was following its own lore) and I was chilling in the water as a skeleton on fire. Yeah... That makes sense. It looked both funny and cool though, thank God there was no imposed pain involved.


I thought I got out of the water (and was now wet) to go talk to my brother and his friend, or two other people. I don't remember exactly. I do know Ranger wanted to talk to them.


Ranger and I didn't know who was switched-in, and Ranger realized even though he was thinking, he wasn't switched-in. We agreed to let me handle the talking because Ranger possessing wasn't going to cut it. I think it was interesting that it felt like Ranger was the default thinker but not switched-in. (Kind of like what we were confused about a few hours ago we woke up in the middle of the night and I was very confused to hear Ranger doing the majority of the thinking).


I then realized my swimsuit was falling apart but apparently not enough to be inappropriate? I remember being embarrassed and holding the flap over my left breast (but it didn't look like I had a boob there... Or maybe it was higher up on my chest?)


Now I'm in a locker/shower thing? Still wet. I went to one of the bathroom stalls. The door wouldn't close all the way and there was this crack and shitty black piece of plastic lock thing barely keeping the door closed. It had this weird pointy arrow-like font character on it, maybe a D? I forgot about that and tried to figure out what was going on with my brown swimsuit and that embarrassing flap that keeps flopping over.


A random girl (from my old highschool?) then started and continued to creep me out by trying to brute force her way into the stall to get her stuff that was apparently there on a bench. (This stall seemed weirdly claustrophobic, not sure what the dimensions of this shitty stall was). She grabbed a book and started looking at it. After reading the title I asked "7th grade?" (Wtf I thought this was hs?) She looked at me kind of creeped out and I explained I remembered reading the book (Apparently I did in dream school wtf I never saw this orange book woth a black woman on the cover and it was about jazz?) I don't remember if there was a mini segment with animation of the book characters dancing or something.


After leaving the stall, I remember trying to look for my food and belongings the girl dumped on a shelf in the locker room. I was worried my shit could have been broken into and/or stolen. I got sandwiched between two shirtless assholes trying to sit down and look through my stuff, including my old lunchbox. I got a sandwich and I was apparently making fun of how this different asshole was trying to do something? He wasn't doing a good job at intimidating me. Apparently that asshole I was bad mouthing could hear me since he was near by and got pissed, but the dream doesn't go on about him. I think there was context for at least one of the other assholes I was sandwiched between, but I think I forgot it.


I don't remember if there was another girl in the locker with me or not while I was bad mouthing. Even if she wasn't, the rest of the dream is about her, and that's when things started to take an unexpected tulpa turn...



I think she needed help trying to remember something or she was affected by something bad? Well, for some reason apparently a Pokémon trainer with the vibe of the green haired dude from the Pokémon Black and White anime (can never remember that character's name) was here to help her.


"This is [something] and he has the ability [something]." (I wish I could remember important details like this.) The pokémon looked a little humanoid, had a red glowing outline around it. If I had to guess a type according to the context of this dream, ghost psychic. It was floating and somewhat transparent. I don't know if it had a black and white striped shirt and brown hat or if I'm making that up.


That's when I was "paying attention" thinking I was watching Pokémon. (It's not unusual for me to comment on my own dreams, but this was interesting...)


I don't remember if the image of a grave popped up here or not. It had a lightning bolt symbol (or something) on the main central gravestone, at least two graves on the sides, maybe a crow, and a gate. I think I see this scene twice in this dream.


The Pokemon? Then had a crazy background using a move sequence, turned white, then entered the girl's body. There was a sploosh animation but it was black. I don't remember this scene with as much detail.


I saw the gravestones (again?) On the stones, it looked like gibberish was being decoded, but it looked like another code. One of the symbols was an animal head, cat like. Maybe a lion, but not what they look like but an artistic interpretation?


Next came the coolest part. It looked like a film story board that kept going, showing 4 streams of thought? There were 4 rows of rectangles and I want to guess about 7 columns? The rectangles kept updating every second, so new images kept appearing and moving leftwards until they disappeared.


I think it was the second one that showed her thoughts and the third one showing the pokémon's thoughts? I didn't pay enough attention to the top and bottom rows, I wonder if both belonged to the girl. Maybe unrelated thoughts or just blanks? I have no idea. Maybe some symbolism appeared at the very top later...


I remember at first, the pokemon was speaking gibberish and you can't understand him. The thoughts were written out in text on the rectangles. The girl seemed confused and upset. She looked like an anime girl acting out her emotions on the second row.


I think the pokemon trainer said "Try to calm down, try to talk to him!" And then a creepy scene showing the pokémon lurking in her mind. He explained [her thinking?] was normal but [the pokémon] was there. I'm not sure if this implied parallel processing of some kind or not. If it did, she couldn't read the pokémon's thoughts but the pokémon was stuck reading hers.


The gibberish devolved into a scary creature. I don't remember exactly what it looked like, and maybe she was disturbed by this. I don't remember for certain.


Random NSFWish? (Breast Nudity) Basically, it was an inappropriate image created by the pokémon?



It showed the pokémon's "tits" on the third row (I think I thought tits in the dream) (I thought it was male???)


That's when I realized this was really adult for pokemon, but then again this was sort if accurate for someone's head? (Dream logic on a good day people.)


I remember her slides showing her emotions and how irritated she looked. I saw a lot of jokes about the brain and I thought they were funny "Ha ha, that's what so and so would say"


She was freaked out for awhile, but then she started screaming. A sad cartoony-anime girl with red hair and a white dress with white cap screaming and crying.


The voice became more clear and the pokémon pleaded for her to calm down. He tried saying hello and later he was asking for her to calm down. He was frustrated. I don't know if he hid and came back. The voice looked like an anime boy, different from his pokemon form. He wore brown and looked friendly. His voice was really lucid, it was as if a tulpa's voice came in clearly. It was like a higher pitched (and british?) Version of the English dub for Tee? No... That's not the best comparison... Where did that voice come from? It was too high pitched to be Squares... On the slides, his form stood in front of a night sky background. I also remember either a scene with him hiding, snooping around, or being frustrated with multiple versions of himself (or multiple of his head) in what looked like the foyer or room of a house at night.


He then tried to calm her down again, but she was still screaming. He told her he wanted to show her a memory from when she was 13. And after a summoning animation from his slides, the dream ended.


I thought the girl was Miri (I guess she and Miichu talked about the brain a lot?), but I don't know how much sense that makes in retrospect... The anime girl stand in for Miri looked nothing like her, and if it was Miri, where was Miichu? I also at one point thought this girl was a singlet, so I think this is dream logic making me think some random girl is Miri.



Phew, that was a lot. I think I spent at least 45 minutes writing all of that out. I wrote down random details and eventually I hit a point where I was cleaning up grammar. I feel like I forgot most of the dream once I was cleaning up the last few paragraphs.


I thought this dream was cool and maybe tulpa related, so I focused on remembering as much as I could and then I decided to start writing it down on the forums instead of my Discord log. In the grand scheme of things, typing here us way easier than typing into Discord.


It felt tulpa related because it was a friendly voice who was very distressed by what was going on. I feel like every tulpa has been there more or less. It was cool to even see the dynamic between these two. She's freaked out and not really engaged with him and he's trying to break that barrier. He even came in fuzzy at first, and couldn't easily talk until later, like he had to exist for a bit before coming in clearly.


The 2d representation for what was going on in her head was so cool. It was a cool way to show visually what was going on and how both the girl and the pokémon were feeling. I also wonder if it also represents how disconnected they were. I may have to steak that idea (and if anyone else wants to steal that feel free)


Seeing it roll frame-by-frame was also very cool. The images were stagnant, but the film moved at a decent pace. It wasn't like an animation where the film moved really fast, it was a good speed. (Maybe a little slower than 1 fps)


Anyway, it's another unfortunate addition to the list of dreams where if I dream about you good things are not happening to you. I didn't have tons of fun in this dream either, it was pretty cursed all around. I'm sad I don't get to see how it ends.

Meow. You may see my headmates call me Gray or sometimes Cat.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). She loves to chat.


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Sorry to post this so soon after such a detailed dream lol but I just remembered this thing and wanted to write it while I do, even though it's short and vague...


I had a dream where Desmond's friend tried to explain something to him, I have no idea what it was, only that it wasn't anything too important. Desmond, however, was way too horny and distracted and couldn't hear like half the stuff he was being told, and constantly interrupted the explanation with something like "huh? Oh sorry I didn't hear you". 


It's amusing because it's not too hard to imagine it happening in real life, if they could meet face to face that is. 

Iro - He/they - 30th April 1997 - Host of the system - Speaker if there's no tag

Desmond - He/him - 21st April 2014

L - He/him - 5th May 2014

Nevira - She/her - 14th December 2014

Misa - She/her - 5th December 2015

Roska - He/him - 22nd July 2019

Danyla - They/them - 13th July 2020

Asha - He/him - 13th June 2022

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Reilyn and Matsi were in my dream, it was nice to see them. 


In a later dream, if I can recall correctly, Ashley and Misha were talking to each other but Misha was wearing a feather lined parka and hood like this.

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Most recent Tulpa related dream I had was Petunia slowly emerging from a white blob of fog, or a white smog. But her body wasn't fully there. Mostly her body, head, and her arms and leg appear cut off. She was very blurry, but when I called her by name. She became more visible. Then I woke up.

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Darron: I think this is because we've been playing so much Ghost of Tsushima. We were walking and talking up a great winding path through a Japanese fortress town with the stone base and wooden white paneled walls. It was doing the movie thing where infinite white and pink cherry blossom 🌸 leaves are falling everywhere. I also had mentioned while awake that I want to visit a Japanese 🏯 castle estate one day. So I guess Jaina was listening.


Jaina: 😊


Darron: Then after a while she grabbed me by the collar and tossed me into a side building and closed the paper door behind us. It faded to black so I didn't see what she wanted.


Jaina: 😘

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dain and Nova

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Had a dream where I woke up to my alarm for work (I was late of course because my clock was wrong in the dream) and bumped into/elbowed something getting up. It was this transparent, not quite invisible spirit/ghost. It was resting on my pillow behind my head and scrambled off and disappeared when I noticed it. I was of course startled and scared but also felt kinda rude for disturbing it and elbowing it. Jaina says she thinks it wasn't her.


I remember going to the bathroom to clear my head and it was dingy and half the lights were out. It felt like the in between world from Silent Hill. 

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dain and Nova

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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20 minutes ago, BearBeaBeau said:

Hypnopompic can be crazy sometimes 

Yea that's usually when the craziest stuff happens for me. I'm a slow engine to rev up. Takes forever to fall asleep, it just kind of happens eventually when I'm the correct amount of tired and comfortable. Dreams start later in the cycle. Starts kinda fuzzy until it gets interesting or just drifts away. Sometimes they're really specific or thematic but usually just a gestalt of places, people, events and feelings. I'm surprised I don't have more of Jaina but I guess that's a good thing. It means she's not a source of significant stress in my life. It would be like dreaming about a comfy couch or a pair of shoes that fit well. The kind of things that you aren't conscious of and take for granted, but miss when they're gone. I try not to take her for granted and be considerate for her but I guess we have our routine and rhythm we fall into. Once in a while I'll do something special just for her just like she constantly does for me. She's the cure to my stress anyways.


Jaina: I'm not in the PG dreams anyways ;)


I think it might also have something to do with our shared POV. We pretty much just merge and experience dreams the same way we interact with waking life. It makes sense for us to rest at the same time although we fall out of sync occasionally. Jaina has the advantage of sitting passenger most of the time so she doesn't get exhausted mentally as much but we're both bound to the same body. Usually I tire way before her but it's not unheard of for her to take a snooze in the car on the way home from work. More often than not Jaina is the emergency pilot in case I'm utterly spent and we need to push through until I can collapse on the bed. You'll have to tell us sometime if you have a unique dream, honey.


Jaina: Okay. 👍

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dain and Nova

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Two dreams, no headmates involved.


One, I was watching an exposé about ShisShia LaBeouf's older, homely sister's love life and wild activities. It was awful.


Two, this goth girl was a friend of mine and I was talking to her Jr. High aged brother at a casual dinner at their house I guess and she said I was her fiance. I was like... huh?


Ashley found that hilarious though.

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I was living in a huge house with people straight our of The Matrix (1999) and apparently it was my birthday and I knew we were going to have a fake kidnapping where I'd have to rescue my birthday present. I arrived home excited in the middle of the night expecting to have to wait, but not only did they skip the game, they got presents for me, Misha and Dave... yes the T1 robot from Ashley's Rimworld playthrough and then Misha sung me a song for my birthday. It was really sweet, but she was tiny, like a child, and had yellow hair instead of magenta.

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