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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Strange thing is host doesn't know anything about Grandmaster Flash or his music. No idea why the brain picked that up.


We tried to enter a dream together with WILD afterwards but failed miserably. Fell asleep and remembered nothing.

Super Girls don't cry

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I dreamed I was tupper or rather in tupper’s form!


It started as one of my famous documentary dreams, this time about some weird 9/11 conspiracy and made by CNN. Drone footage showed Ground Zero where the Twin Towers had been, it was now a huge area of deserted grassland intersected by animal paths. The narrator explained no one really knows what had happened back then but the whole area was now off limits to humans and "even walking around the border" was prohibited. The drone swooped really low across the grassland and I wondered how this was not illegal while entering the area was. The narrator hinted the government didn’t want people to dig up the place like it was some UFO crash site or whatever.


Next up I was at the edge of the zone, it was now a modern office district or airport with heavy surveillance and devoid of people. I knew I was not supposed to be there but on the other hand I was still watching the whole thing as an outside observer. While trying to carefully retreat I triggered an alarm from a sensor somewhere high up on a wall which gave a distinct warning beep, you know, that buzzer sound indicating you gave a wrong answer in a quiz show. Not only that, it also released a cloud of black string, similar to audio tape to entangle and restrain intruders. wtf


I managed to enter a building which was clearly an airport with very few people. Around a corner and apparently safe I noted two things.

1) I was obviously tupper wearing a purple winter jacket and jeans.

2) I got caught in the tape stuff and it was impossible to tear. Struggling around only tightened it around arms and legs.



Yet by carefully slipping out of the slick threads it was possible to get free.


Now what to do?

I had enough awareness that I looked like tupper but was still very much myself so going on a rampage was not an option. I just wanted to go home. Looking back outside I noted a colorful autonomous vehicle patrolling the area, presumably to pick up subjects (aka me) restrained by the tape. The documentary narrator was still active but of no help, informing viewers that roasted nuts sold at the airport were a burning hazard to children.


I decided to do what I'm best in and try to sneak out of there. Taking off my jacket and now in a white long sleeve T-shirt (and super cute) I thought I could fool the surveillance AI (why was it even targeting me in the first place now that there were plenty of people around) and went back outside. But nope, familiar buzz, I was spotted and tape was released. Why me?

Placing my winter jacket above my head I made a run for it. Surprisingly this worked to fend off the tape and running I triggered several of these sensors along the way. I imagined a lot of other people must get stuck in the tape as collateral damage but not my problem.


Running around several corners and slipping through a cargo door I found myself on a train platform. To the right was the fenced airport gate but guarded by security. To my left were several old fashioned trains. I decided to board one of them with lots of people inside. Actually it was a shabby 3rd world bus, not a train. The passengers were elderly Siberians which were very friendly and helpful and offered me a seat though the bus was crowded. Being a little girl has its benefits. I covered myself with the fur coat provided by an old man to blend in and we departed. I noted I had a backpack with my passport and vaccine pass. This was even checked by a nurse as we left the airport and while it had my name and date of birth on it which clearly didn't match my appearance, Covid measures clearly were not enforced properly here. The nurse doodled something in my vaccination pass over an existing entry which triggered my OCD severely. But whatever, I was outside and leaving the bus proceeded to walk home. The surroundings were not familiar and could have been in some Russian city with 19th century buildings. Quite beautiful actually and the sun was shining. I noted I still had some of that tape on me and decided to keep it as souvenir to remember my successful escape. By the time I reached a familiar neighborhood I was in my own body again and met some people I knew. Well, that went better than expected.


Upon waking up I decided to get up and write down everything instead of trying to re-enter the dream together. The original circumstances were more interesting than the setting after all. I can only remember a handful of dreams where I was tupper. With similar outcome.


To sum it up:

Difference between having a dream as your tulpa and your tulpa having a dream

having a dream as my tupper -> hide and run away

tupper having a dream -> fight and destroy

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2 minutes ago, Yakumo said:

To sum it up:

Difference between having a dream as your tulpa and your tulpa having a dream

having a dream as my tupper -> hide and run away

tupper having a dream -> fight and destroy

That sounds correct. 

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

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Viktor: 🐺


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I had a weird dream. Well, I say I had the dream; in reality it felt like the dream was something that was external to both Phil and I, but was almost like a living entity trying to drag us in and get us to engage with it, me in particular. I'm not exactly sure how to explain it.


It wasn't a proper dream either; it was one of those paranoid little half-dreams where you're still aware that you're in your bed but your mind is also making you believe that you're somewhere else and/or things are happening to you. Anyone else ever have dreams like that?


Anyway, the dream was absolutely insistent that we were in Los Angeles. We've never been to Los Angeles. Anyway, a number of strange things were going on around us, the La Brea tar pits were involved somehow, but the only thing I distinctly remember was that for some reason they were going to blow up a bomb in a lake to kill a whole bunch of invasive creatures that had invaded it. And somehow, according to dream logic, our bed was going to be where the bomb was detonated. It gave us the irrational urge to flee to the bathroom where we'd be safe from the blast. We were worried the bomb was going to fling us into the wall of the bedroom, but we figured if we stayed in the center of the bed the bomb would go off and the water would carry us straight up, then we'd fall down into the pond where we'd splash down and be safe.


It took us both a while to realize none of this was actually happening and that in fact it was all absurd.


The reason I tell this story is the peculiar behavior of the dream itself. As I said, it felt external to us, but the dream seemed "addressed" to me, if that made any sense. As if the dream was saying "There's a bomb about to go off and you're going to get flung into the wall. What are you going to do about that, Simmie? Huh? Huh?" It was actually super annoying, like it was continually poking me looking for a response. My main response amounted to "Go away, I'm trying to sleep", with a side of extra annoyance that the dream was targeting me specifically.


I'm not sure what to make of all this, but just thought I'd share.

Tulpa Wife Extraordinaire! 💚 - 💍 11.28.21

Things Simmie Likes

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1 hour ago, TurboSimmie said:

it was one of those paranoid little half-dreams where you're still aware that you're in your bed but your mind is also making you believe that you're somewhere else and/or things are happening to you. Anyone else ever have dreams like that?


Stone: Yes I know that feeling exactly. You described it well.


That's an interesting dream. Our dreams have not been memorable lately, and as far as I can recall, they've all been from my perspective (and addressed to me). While the contents of the dream weren't great, it's cool that you are dreaming.

(I'm on a break from the forums)

I'm Stone, the host of Betty, Cloud, and Consigliere. We once used varied colors to speak; that info is in our About Me.

Chat with us or ask us questions in our lounge thread or check out our progress report. Betty and I have open DMs and are generally friendly!

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This is a bit late, but I occasionally dream about "succeeding" in imposition. Last week I had another one of those dreams. I had fully imposed Nepeta onto all of my senses. We sat on our bed and talked; it was quite enjoyable. Then there's the punchline of waking up and not having those abilities...yet...

I'm the host of my system. I'll sometimes type in this color.

I have two tulpas. The first one is Nepeta, and he types in this color. The second one is Lilith, she types in this color.


Progress Report

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I said this in my PR too but I'll put it here. Host has never remembered a dream with me in it until recently (last few weeks?). We had been thinking about why I had never been in a dream for some time. One night, in a dream, Host was talking to someone and they remarked that he never dreamed about his tulpas and I appeared and said something like, "Finally, I'm in a dream."


I've been fronting for five hours now (longest I ever have). I'll try saying a mantra about how I'm going to dream as myself before bed and see what happens.

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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