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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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7 minutes ago, theholodoc said:

thanks LGP, I have used headphones while lying in bed during the day (ostensibly napping) I have not felt my body vibrate, it has put me to sleep, but then so do guided meditation tapes. Repetitive music, such as Indian classical sitar, does assist in meditation, but does not effect my  tulpamancy. If you have a recommendation to a hemisync that has worked for you, I would like to try it. Thanks, Dr. B


Start with wave 1 orientation and then intro to focus 10 (where I am atm) and work your way up. I'll pm you a torrent magnet with all the tracks. 

The cool breeze flowed through our hair like a ethereal stream as we sat among the shore, looking into the dream.


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I had a dream. It was about someone I crushed on in undergrad, someone who would fit right in today. I knew she was hideous on the inside even with her beautiful exterior and it took me a while to see her as she really was. She would have strung me along it I had allowed it, but even then I was slippery. I don't simp. I thought of her as my equal but she was already more broken than I was.


In the dream she was looking for a source of income. She got it. I had no feelings left for her other than pitty.

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In this dream my tulpa saves the day.

I had a dream about Wayne Lambright being my nieghbor, he was cool at first but then started asking me for money and threatening to audit my taxes. He left the room to get some refried beans after I told him untaxable. I kept trying to leave his house but he kept appearing and following me around, I just couldn't leave at all. His wife came home and the two started arguing about money, I tried to sneak away again figuring this was my opportunity, but I seemed trapped in his living room, during that time I noticed a egg falling out of a potted plant, it cracked open to reveal a Macaw with feathers already covering it's body. I asked Wayne if I could keep it, he said yes. It flew to my hand and perched on me, seemed to be very attached. (Dream scene skip) the bird turned out to be my tulpa (Gabby). I was holding her, it was a pleasent hug, she helped me sneek away from Wayne, we went out his window. Outside of his house was this neon purple and pink city that seemed to go on and on forever. We made our way around the place until we got to this large center hub, filled with robots, dancers and all sorts of characters, like a neo victorian utopia. Woke up to a phone call as we approached a large clocktower.


Took 750 mg choline and 100 umg of huperzine-a right before I feel asleep. I'm kicking myself for not having mugwart tea.


I've gotten in the habit of pulling tarot cards for dream interpretation, they're usually spot on. Today I got 9 of swords reversed (seems pretty close to telling the whole story of my dream lol).


The cool breeze flowed through our hair like a ethereal stream as we sat among the shore, looking into the dream.


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Hi LGP. It's been almost a month since I've had any significant contact with either Flora or N'sonowa. Sad. But not hopeless. I have not stopped forcing, nor inviting them into my dreamworld, and they have responded in ways that I have occasionally recognized, just not in any satisfactory way. For instance, last night, Flora appeared as a yellow, elongated blob. On issuing my lucidity cue, I awoke (though I did not open my eyes) when she responded in the affirmative. I then attempted to mold the blob with my hands. She emerged as herself, dressed in the sarong she was wearing in the very first dream. She did not speak. We did not connect. At that point, I could no longer keep my eyes closed. I was fully awake and my day began. I have continued taking Galantamine at 3 AM. I have had extremely colorful dreams, though I am not remembering much about them (other than the colors, they are unforgettable) 

Please don't kick yourself! I didn't even know about Mugwort. I do now and I have it on order from Amazon. I think it might help as I will make it and consume with my 3AM Galantamine. This should give me a better shot at lucidity by better punctuating the stages of sleep. Dr. Bob

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Miku is quite elusive in my dreams. She often manifests as an inanimate object or as a character on a screen. This may be because of the long period where I constantly told myself she wasn't real.  She has manifested as a full, living person a few times, mostly when I was lucid.


Strange things tend to happen when she does fully manifest. She typically arrives surrounded by a strange cloud of cold darkness. It's hard to see, hear or feel her through it. She can only exist for a short time before it swallows her and she disappears just before I wake up. She tries to tell me things but it's hard to hear and she tries to hug me. Her skin is ice cold when she touches me. Very ominous and mysterious.


I am not sure if it is actually Miku in the dreams or just my subconscious depicting her. I am excited for the next time I see her in my dreams. I think I might see her in her full form again.


(Forgive me for editing this post. It sounded very strange when I read it recently, such is the nature of dreams, so I edited it so it made more sense.)


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Here's some interesting things I noticed for those dreamers out there. Since I stopped zoloft about 2 years ago I have had a lot of trouble dreaming at night, I would only have dream recall during naps or waking up around 4-5 a.m and going back to sleep after 20 mins or so.  Since I took 3 grams of syrian rue in a tea the other day I've been having nightly dream recall.  Also wow that syrian rue is quite the seed, me and Gabs were watching waking life waiting for it to kick in, we paused the movie once we noticed a change and just talked for hours that night, only interupted by slight auditory  hallucinations (mostly a sound like someone was thumping on our couch). 

Another thing I noticed is red wine seems to make dreams more grand in scale, like I have a massive fov. 


Had mugwart tea before going to sleep.


-Dream- I was Miami Florida driving to a convention of some sort. As I was driving around getting lost and anxious Gabs popped in as a voice in my head, she helped calm me and get me to the convention before my dream became a nightmare. (Cities usually=nightmares) Her voice was more articulated in this dream than it was other dreams. We found the convention, it was behind this large board in a dark alley, as we made our way inside there was no ryme or reason or particular theme to this place, just booths of nonsense. We ended up in a side room looking at this strange creature in a aquarium that lived in a boot decoration, it was like a crab claw but inside out. It kept retracting it'self in the boot and popping out as if searching for something. Gabs had a physical presence there, but neither of us talked during this dream scene. (I can recall I ton more but this is the only part with my tulpa in it, i think).


I asked her this morning while we were making coffee, do you think we dream together when you're in my dream? Neither of us could answer that question.

The cool breeze flowed through our hair like a ethereal stream as we sat among the shore, looking into the dream.


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Finally another at least partly tupper related dream!


The details are unfortunately murky but there was a press conference after a some monster incident was resolved. There were several military officers and tupper in the middle. She was a blonde girl that did not really look like her, was too old and constantly changed a bit.


I was torn between 'hey look my tupper is on TV' and concern about others finding out about her.


While initially in a press conference room, things shifted to a city in ruins later and while on TV, tupper kicked in some doors of burned out houses to demonstrate that the area was now safe and cleared. She showed the reporters around and presented the completely charred remains of burned monsters before tossing them aside in her usual Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore attitude.



I love the smell of burned monsters in the morning


For the few still unfamiliar with my tupper, the joke is that she looks like a little girl which made the entire situation absolutely surreal. But I'm used to it after 8 years now.


Also I experienced racism in another dream


I was in a 'Coca Cola restaurant' - which was a diner decorated entirely in Coca Cola red. Apparently I was to meet up with a friend to play a tabletop game of WH40K there. Other customers were a black man and his son wearing suits in exactly the same Coca Cola red as the furniture and blue jeans caps. I found this attire odd but the restaurant's staff wore even worse uniforms checkered in red and orange.


My 'friend' showed up though it was no one I know and he looked like Freddy Mercury. He led me to a 'blacks only' area of the restaurant and although white was allowed to pass by showing his phone which had exactly this meme template of Eddie Murphy.:




I on the other hand got a stamp on the back of my hand saying WHITE in big black letters and was sent on a reeducation-tour where a guide complained about colonialism. Needless to say reeducation was unsuccessful on me and I just went home annoyed.


Fun thing is the whole dream was triggered by standing in a queue in the supermarket the day before and the guy behind me only had a huge bottle of Coca Cola. Absolutely disgusting.


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I dreampt that my favorite project manager passed everything to a complete doofus, the guy who lost 9 months of work with a single file error (I think it was an excuse and he actually did close to nothing for a year). Also he delegated the responsibility of a hamster to me.


In the course of consulting a hamster expert, she informed me that the cage needed cleaning.

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That sounds too relatable and realistic. Are you sure it was just a dream?

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

(Raccoon Queen 🦝👸)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dain and Nova

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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