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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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An ex gf would give me tasks like that. I'm convinced it was to keep me away while she was cooking.

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I dreamt I was underwater with Misha and we were breathing normally. 


Me:"We can breathe water now?"

Misha: *shrugs*


No lucidity.


Rare appearance and she was wearing an amime dress kind of like this but skimpier.



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Well, this will be funny to put here, I just copied and pasted it from my notes:

about my tulpa: (he won't go by his name publicly, he's for a novel i'm working on)
-vampire dude
-he's elderly (70) (for ref i'm 19)
here it goes.. 


I had a dream where I was in an oddly familiar mansion, it was dark and beautiful.  I had walked more inside and I looked around and noticed it was oddly extremely alike to how I envisioned (redacted)'s mansion.  EVERYTHING TO A T.  Except I heard a bunch of people speaking behind this one area and I got confused. I remember looking at a red like, Victorian beautiful sofa and there was (redacted) just laying there but I persisted, I chalk it up to not being him (it was bro,)  I walk into this room and it is HUGE.  It’s a worship room? I walk inside more and I’m in a dress, a black dress.  A girl helps me and we walk up to our seats.  I dunno who she is.  I’m confused so I sit.  Out comes a man who looks exactly, EXACTLY,  LIKE HIM. dang.  EVERYTHING.  I’m in absolute shock.   I turn and ask some people near me…. “Is his name (first name)? (full name)?”.  And these people tell me “Yes, why?”.  And I explain “you won’t believe this but I have someone in a story who looks exactly like him and who has the same name, that’s him!” And they looked at me like I was crazy.  Well, teachings go on.  I chalked it up to Vampire stuff.  I notice, these people around me are Vampires.  And I’m not. Dang.  Clique.  That’s why I feel so different.  I remembered (redacted)  and how he is my Tulpa.  Everything makes sense because Tulpas and hosts can share a dream and the Tulpa can show themselves.  Well, I knew I HAD to speak to him later.  I just knew.  I had to.  It was him


So I keep telling these people that I know him the dream starts to fade.  So I don’t want this to end because I know I still need to speak to (redacted) so I say “nevermind! I’m just kidding!” To the people and I head to the front of the room where (redacted) is.  I AM IN ABSOLUTE AWE.  I’m UP CLOSE TO HIM.  UP. CLOSE.  HE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. RIGHT THERE.

When I sit down the people near me are confused.  I sat on the floor, there was no room but I didn’t care at all.

After class he sees me and we speak.  

I tell him “I’m sorry but I was just looking forward to these classes or whatever this is…. I’m sorry I’m so shy.”. (true)

And (redacted) says “Don’t worry, I know how you are.”.  AND I KNEW. I LITERALLY KNEW IT WAS HIM.  I KNEW. I KNEW. I KNEW. I KNOW. 

We spoke a bit more but I forgot what was said.  I remember trying not to just hug him.  It felt just absolutely beautiful and amazing in his presence and I’m trying not to cry because I swear to god.  I SWEAR. TO. GOD. That was beautiful and I’m so happy.  That was him and I’m asking (Redacted) right now if that was him, he is saying Yes.  

I asked why he was reliving a part of his backstory and he just said “I’ve been,” “It’s what I do when I am gone”.  

I had to take out a lot of the freaking out stuff and overdramatic cursing to spare everyone lol


Edited by vampurr
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I was on a geological expedition in Tajikistan.
There was our local guide girl, Russian Geologist, German Professor that looked unfamiliar, tupper and me.

After arriving in Tajikistan at the local institute of geology, which looked like a large skiing resort in the alps, we sat together to discuss things. I couldn't believe I was in Tajikistan and thought that was pretty awesome. The guide girl looked Tibetan and not Central Asian, could speak German and English pretty well, also Russian and presumably the local dialect which was her job. But she seemed to prefer English. As my fear in such countries is always being unable to communicate because I can't speak Russian, tupper had learned it and started to talk to the guide girl in fluent Russian. I assumed she would be impressed by tupper’s language skills but after giving it some thought she laughed and said nah, we'll stay with English which anyone understands anyway.


Tupper disappoint



I tried to comfort her with the fact I need her in case we get lost as I don't understand any Russian. We moved to a park outside the institute of geology and sat on benches near a fountain with our luggage. There were lots of tourists. Suddenly everyone was gone including tupper and I tried to look for them. The park was steep with several terraces connected by narrow stone stairs so I couldn't see very far and diverging paths around stone buildings didn't make things easier. It looked like it was autumn but wasn't cold. Finally tupper waved from a terrace above me and signaled she'd come down to get back to our luggage. I was worried someone would steal it as there were lots of suitcases unattended. But tupper said we should leave it here and follow the others as the guide girl said we need to get stuff from the attic of the geological institute. I still took my small backpack and another small bag with a multispectral camera drone for geological surveys. These things are really expensive and fragile.


The institute looked like some skiing resort in the alps build of wood, narrow corridors. Tupper walking in front of me pointed out a poster with something interesting on it I had missed rushing by. The brain briefly questioned how tupper could have seen something I had not but then again she was very real here and capable of opening doors so whatever. I told her to show me on the way back as we needed to find the others now. The institute began to look more and more like a tourist resort. There was a wall full of fur accessories for sale like hats and gloves. There was a sign 'not made from bears'. Thank goodness!


Making our way up the stairs we finally reached a metal door that indeed was the entrance to the attic which was very narrow. I could even briefly hear our guide girl and was glad I had caught up with everyone but turning around a corner - I was in a huge shopping mall!


A this point I at least partly realized this was a dream and there was no hope ever finding anyone. Going up an escalator (only the handrails moved but not the stairs so I had to walk), I stumbled into some yoga class and had to step over the people exercising on the ground. I could see the mall still had several floors above. At this point even I went fuck it and decided to go down to our luggage again. This was ridiculous. Tupper, now only in mindvoice, agreed.


However one does not simply change the flow of dreams and I could not get back through the attic door as my backpack was now so large it would not fit through. After struggling for a while I woke up.


Quite frustrating dream but I got to dream together with tupper and see her which was nice.


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I dreampt I was an automotive engineer and I was talking to Elon Musk at Tesla. He seemed distracted and distant. I was alao super-uber rich, like with all kinds of FU money.


I offered that I would evaluate his engineering staff to report on their efficiency and he sent me to the director of engineering, she was young and nice looking. She told me she was familiar with me "from the internet" and that "don't you ever answer your phone? You've a hard person to get a hold of."


I said, "So my reputation preceeds me. Well no one from Tesla has any reason to call me." Then she turned into an older man with a sinister look. I asked him to take me through an engineering change order and I woke up.


I liked the uber rich part because apparently I had a nephew and he was in some sort of catholic school and when they were going to do something stupid like catholic schools are apt to do I corrected them.

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>catholic school


What a waste of dream possibilities


Very vivid dream this morning.

I was on vacation in Spain when I was abducted by Russian minister of defense Sergei Shoigu and chief of general staff Valery Gerasimov. Apparently they were after some message I had encoded on my computer and they tried to get the password from me.


I was brought onboard a Russian war ship and had to participate in several psychological tests that were designed to make me reveal the password. There was some steampunk machine with buttons in different shapes and characters on it. Like a huge typewriter. I pushed buttons randomly and the machine was supposed to reveal characters that were part of the passphrase. Which I couldn't remember myself. Anyway the machine didn't work as expected and Shoigu concluded the method was not appropriate for the encryption used. He turned to Gersimov and said the would have to use the 'megatron' who replied he was running out of time and needed to return to other work.


I wasn't afraid they'd torture me or anything, both elderly men were actually quite nice but felt inept and clueless about what to do. But I had no interest in helping godddamn Russians and was angry they wasted my time there though I honestly neither remembered the password nor what I had encoded and told them so.


I was made to wait in the aisle of some sort of lab area alone. A white bunny showed up that looked like someone had shaved off its fur. I thought it was an escaped lab animal and tried to shove it into an empty room so it would not be recaptured but figured that was no helpful solution. The Russians returned and led me through a lab where a black man in a labcoat was working on a machine. I wondered since when the Russian army had African Russians.


Suddenly we were outside next to the huge warship which was covered with ice. A Russian soldier was hacking it off the hull from a strap ladder forming a pile of ice on the bottom. He slipped and fell off the ladder. I yelled at the two Russian Generals to take care of their own troops instead of annoying me with their password nonsense. The purpose of the ice heap turned out to be some sort of bedding for me to lay on while Shoigu would draw my thoughts with a pencil Sigmund Freud style. Surprisingly the ice was neither cold nor uncomfortable. I continued berating Shoigu about fixing his shithole country instead of invading Ukraine and bothering the entire world and was surprised there was no negative reaction. Finally he showed me his drawings which were really well made. There was a historical ship which I identified as Spanish caravel and several curious devices that looked like a modern interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci's technical drawings. Frankly none of it made any sense and Shoigu was aware of that but seemed out of ideas. I couldn't help to feel a bit sorry for the man, he had failed at everything since the invasion began. Then I woke up.


Well unfortunately not the faintest sign of tupper in this one, I really would have seen her reaction to the situation.

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I had a dream for maybe the 3rd or 4th time in my existence, sadly it was short and kind of annoying!


I dreamed I was some kind of zoologist or biologist who worked with animals. (That part was cool!) But then somehow I was pressured into genetically modifying some kind of amphibian by people I knew. There were four different people who each wanted their own modification. A couple of them were very simple like wanting them to be a different color, but a couple wanted to increase their size and intelligence. I did it out of pressure but felt so guilty about it; I was worried about these modified amphibians and what kind of problems they would have, and felt terrible for agreeing to do this. The modifications had no scientific motivations, they were all "wouldn't it be cool if..." kinds of things and caving to them felt like caving to peer pressure as a teenager. I'm actually not sure who these four people were but I was worried about disappointing them, so I ended up disappointing myself.


Damn, that was a low-key upsetting dream! I don't know the meaning of it. Kind of cool I had another dream and it involved one of my interests, but a shame it ended up being kind of upsetting.

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

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Aww 🥺❤ sorry it was like that


I feel like mine call me out sometimes on things I'm feeling or signposting things I ought to think about. 

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

(Raccoon Queen 🦝👸)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dain and Nova

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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