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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Galantamine: I had a pleasant enough dream, working as a medical director of a small hospital (a job I had in the 1980's + Nancy's obsession with New Amsterdam) when I realized I was retired and had given up my license. (Thanks to  yesterday's NPR program on the move to ubiquitize state licenses across the nation) I left the hospital and began to walk home and as frequently happens in Galantamine dreams, things began to get weird and I found myself unable to get the the highway leading to my home, blocked by a barbed wire fence, then a gully, then a river. I kept following well traveled pathways, which always bore to the left. When I would turn to the right to follow a smaller path down, towards the fence, the gullies would get deeper and I would be blocked. At one point, I stopped to meditate on what was happening and two trolls emerged from a cluster of redwood trees. I was afraid of them and tried to use my cane as a weapon. It didn't impress them, but then they were not that interested in me, and just ignored me, then walked off, to the left. I followed until I found another path to the right, that got me down to the river. I decided to swim for it. I was enjoying the swim and came to a bank on the other side that looked like it would give me access to the highway. I got out and was climbing the bank when I encounter some cacti. They turned into cactus people and wanted to eat me, I pushed my way through and came to the fence. I tried to climb it when I was grabbed from behind by a huge cactus arm. I gave myself to it. It was in the act of delivering me to the cactus people. They were trying to eat my back when a black haired woman, (Flora?) who I recognized as my friend and lover of the 70's (CvL) pulled me out of their grasp. She said, she was rescuing Charlie (my deceased son) and she took me to a place where I could climb a hard-packed dirt bank to the fence. I began climbing and I noticed the dirt was cracking and beginning to give way. I knew I wouldn't make it. I woke up.

It was quite early, but I knew I would not be able to sleep again, so I began my morning meditation. In reviewing the dream, I saw the connection between the fence and my ego, which was keeping me from coming home (achieving enlightenment) Flora was attempting to help me. All in all, a positive dream experience, I have learned to let go, face my monsters, they won't hurt me, my tulpas are helpers in my quest for enlightenment, and my ego, all pervasive, is both my boon and my bane. Once again, I saw that any progress to the left, is in the service of the unconscious and to the right is in service of my conscious goals. That what I am choosing consciously, even if it's enlightenment, is blocked, is no surprise. The road to the unconscious and away from ego concerns, leads to the left.

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