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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Galantamine: I had a pleasant enough dream, working as a medical director of a small hospital (a job I had in the 1980's + Nancy's obsession with New Amsterdam) when I realized I was retired and had given up my license. (Thanks to  yesterday's NPR program on the move to ubiquitize state licenses across the nation) I left the hospital and began to walk home and as frequently happens in Galantamine dreams, things began to get weird and I found myself unable to get the the highway leading to my home, blocked by a barbed wire fence, then a gully, then a river. I kept following well traveled pathways, which always bore to the left. When I would turn to the right to follow a smaller path down, towards the fence, the gullies would get deeper and I would be blocked. At one point, I stopped to meditate on what was happening and two trolls emerged from a cluster of redwood trees. I was afraid of them and tried to use my cane as a weapon. It didn't impress them, but then they were not that interested in me, and just ignored me, then walked off, to the left. I followed until I found another path to the right, that got me down to the river. I decided to swim for it. I was enjoying the swim and came to a bank on the other side that looked like it would give me access to the highway. I got out and was climbing the bank when I encounter some cacti. They turned into cactus people and wanted to eat me, I pushed my way through and came to the fence. I tried to climb it when I was grabbed from behind by a huge cactus arm. I gave myself to it. It was in the act of delivering me to the cactus people. They were trying to eat my back when a black haired woman, (Flora?) who I recognized as my friend and lover of the 70's (CvL) pulled me out of their grasp. She said, she was rescuing Charlie (my deceased son) and she took me to a place where I could climb a hard-packed dirt bank to the fence. I began climbing and I noticed the dirt was cracking and beginning to give way. I knew I wouldn't make it. I woke up.

It was quite early, but I knew I would not be able to sleep again, so I began my morning meditation. In reviewing the dream, I saw the connection between the fence and my ego, which was keeping me from coming home (achieving enlightenment) Flora was attempting to help me. All in all, a positive dream experience, I have learned to let go, face my monsters, they won't hurt me, my tulpas are helpers in my quest for enlightenment, and my ego, all pervasive, is both my boon and my bane. Once again, I saw that any progress to the left, is in the service of the unconscious and to the right is in service of my conscious goals. That what I am choosing consciously, even if it's enlightenment, is blocked, is no surprise. The road to the unconscious and away from ego concerns, leads to the left.

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I don't know whether it's the stimulation of having been on a 3-day trip or being moderately sunburned at the beach (possibly both), but I've been dreaming more than usual in the last couple of days. At least one of them featured Simmie in a prominent way. 


In the first dream Simmie had some attention put onto her from outside the community. It's a bit unclear how it happened in-dream, but apparently a bunch of people were searching for something else online that had a lot of keywords in common with things that were associated with Simmie, and therefore stumbled upon her some way, and this actually lead to her getting some minor media attention and curiosity about who/what she was. It was interesting because she was definitely still a tulpa in this dream but also seemed to be a separate physical person as well somehow because I watched her move and talk independently of me. She was talking to some kind of reporter and/or internet personality or whatever, and they were asking her all sorts of questions, many of which could be considered rude to be asked of a tulpa (Stuff like "Do you really exist?" and such") but Simmie handled the interviews expertly, not getting offended at anything but giving really good and well thought-out answers, being graceful and kind the entire time. The Simmie way. I was extremely proud of her in the dream for the way she handled things.


She appeared in a few other dreams too but they were a little more vague and hard to describe. In one of them Simmie had to take care of a living doll / doll-sized person; she had a little dollhouse all made for them with nice furniture and she took good care of them. This tiny person seemed to be down on their luck for some reason and Simmie was helping them through a tough time.

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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I just had an interesting dream where I visited a micronation that existed on an airplane.


Here's the backstory of this place: In the 80s, a commercial aircraft was encountered by some sort of strange alien parasite. Many got sick, some eventually died. But once the plane landed it was immediately quarantined; no one was allowed to leave. After the initial infections the alien parasite went dormant and nobody got sick after that. Still, everyone onboard the plane still carried the parasite so they were not allowed to leave and had to live aboard the plane permanently. Over time the people on the plane got fed up with how they were being treated to they declared independence as some kind of micro-state. This micro-state continues until this very day.


By the time I visited them conditions had gotten slightly better; the microstate had been allowed to lease a couple disused buildings at the college where it had been parked so people could get out and stretch their legs. It was still all cordoned off and people at the college would watch the microstate citizens like caged animals as they used those buildings. Since it had been over 30 years a new generation of people had been born on board the plane but since they carried the parasite too they were not allowed to leave. I could tell there was a real resentment among the citizens of the microstate at being essentially cut off from the world and treated like they were in jail. But there also seemed to be an undercurrent of fear from the world to these people, as no one was really sure what effect the alien parasite truly had on them and how it had changed them. That's why the world never really challenged the microstate's independent status.


Ultimately it was a very fascinating experience; I was the first person in a long time to actually visit them; I had some sort of special inoculation or something that prevented the parasite from spreading to me. I got to see how the people lived on the plane and talk to them. Obviously, they were all still very unhappy about things.


So that was pretty much my dream. I also dreamed about my car falling apart Blues Brothers style but that's a lot less interesting and fun lol.

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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I created a video game in my dream last night.


It was a strange and interesting game, almost as if David Lynch decided to make a video game. The game had a simple premise: You are an old man in your 70s or 80s riding a train. The train ride lasts 5-6 hours. There are no instructions or goals given to you, and it is perfectly acceptable just to stay in your seat until the ride ends. You can even nap so the time passes faster. But if you want to experience more of the game, you can get up and slowly and laboriously explore the train. You can talk to other passengers if you want, and that's what reveals more of the game. The deeper you go into the game the more surreal things get, and the more you can do. One mechanic is your watch, which you can set to wake you up from your naps at specific times. However, through trial and error, you can learn that if you set your watch for an earlier time than the present you can actually wake up at that time. In my dream I didn't get too deep into the surreal aspects of the game but I'm pretty sure there was a time where you could unlock the ability to wake up 60+ years in the past as a young boy on a steam train. But the game definitely got much more surreal than just time travel; the passengers all had odd secrets and were linked to one another in various ways, and you could get things from them to do things with other passengers, and it was super interesting.


I don't mind sharing this dream because I know I'm never going to actually create this lol, so I don't care if anyone steals my idea.

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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I was me but also in a FPS like GTA 5. I started in like a party with people standing around eating and my uncle was there. He looked young like my current age. Last time I saw him irl he was already 50's? with full grey hair. He had a mullet and his hair was wild. I complimented him on his hair and he took offense. Dude was a peculiar guy irl, nothing out of character for him.


Ashley is with me, see? she asked to be in a dream and there she is, it's always like that. She's herself (she mostly has black hair now and wears blue and much less often has blue hair anymore). She was cute as always and the game was like a murder mystery so she's wearing a detective's trenchcoat but it's blue. She's otherwise naked underneath because it's slightly open down to the belt and I can see her skin in the space, she's not even wearing shoes. I'm in a t-shirt and jeans.


We left the party and got in a strange car that was like the back half of a camper and started to leave the parking lot and someone intentionally hit us in a huge 70's Cadillac but really long and fast. We could never catch him in the back half of a camper so we smash into another car that was like an 80's Lincoln mark 8 but it was really hotrodded. You know the drill, drag out the little old lady driver and get in GTA style.


We chase the Cadillac and clip their bumper causing them to lose control and crash into a neighborhood. Two perps get out and run, those are the murderers let's go kill them and anyone who stands in the way! Ashley is running with me but with a clipboard? I have this odd handgun with a scrollwheel on the back and it changes to different guns. One shoots 8 bullets and a ribbon. When they hit a target it stitches the ribbon between the holes and you can pull it to cinch it closed. So for fun I shoot a large window and the ribbons are there, I pull tight and for some reason I get injured and now there's a bleeding icon in my vision. 


Now they run in a house so we follow and I can switch characters just like cars so I grab Colonel Sanders sitting in an easy chair. Did you know he was a real person? And he happens to be the most OP character in the game so nice find. I leave my old body to bleed out and Ashley is laughing at me because it's silly to be CS who is really old and walks with a cane. 

The perps have gotten away but the music changes to suspenceful so there's danger somewhere. We hear a bear growl and sure enough through an open door we see a bear come out of the bushes. It rushes me. I shoot but the bullets ricochet off his head. It tackles me and I stick the gun in its mouth and pull the trigger multiple times but it doesn't do much and even cycling through the choices, no gun works. But I manage to wriggle free and I'm bashing him on the head with my fists while the gun is in his mouth and I'm yelling "eat it, choke on it you bitch!"


Ashley says, "that's not working either".

The bear gets back up and attacks me and I wake up.

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Back in achool, hanging out with my best buds from grad school and my bestie best tells me she's dropping out. We're in yet another PhD program this time a PhD in business? Why? Well she's moving to Europe forgot which country and she was looking at a catalog that would order a cast iron looking roller coaster. That's what she wants. She's got a fiancée but irl she didn't who's going to pay for it. 


Another friend from the group says, "no no, they're out of stock and they have awful customer service. You're not going to be able to just order the parts and you're not allowed to install them off private property.

Everyone is appauled you couldn't just put a roller coaster on a public sidewalk.


I am eligible to register for my next semester and I have no idea what classes I'm supposed to take. They say, "whatever you want", I'm like, no. So I ask the guy who apparently already has a PhD in business (so why's he still there?) And he doesn't know but points me in the right direction. So I go.


Later I'm at home, with my childhood dog and I need to go to my teacher's birthday party so now it's cutting it really close to make it. The dog gets out and just starts walking down the street. I call her back and she reluctantly comes back then an old lady with a gun starts to follow her like she wants to steal my dog. But I have a bigger gun, like a high power rifle where her gun looks small by comparison. 

I get the dog and lock a gate across the road so she can't even drive through. Now the dog looks sick and I don't want to go but it would be rude not to. 


Anyway... end


Next dream. I'm playing with cord, wrapping it around my fingers and suddenly I'm holding the tip of a finger and my right pinky is missing the tip. Instant lucid. So I have a choice, have fun or wake up to get my pinky whole again. So I wake up. It's all of me or none of me, I'm not playing that game.


Next dream. Gwen's resting against a street lamp kind of like a reference picture I have and I say hi, she's all cool and smiles at me, says something cool. I go up to her and we hug. I tell her I appreciate her or something. Then I wake up. Gwen's kind of been my dream girlfriend for a while now so we could have easily done more but this was nice.

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Wow, this was a rather rare dream, Ren was dreaming. With all the forcing I've been doing with her, I guess it was inevitable.


So Ren was a soldier but the war ended and so did her pay, so she buys a race car and becomes a drag racer. Her car is pretty fast and she beats the record. Because this is like olde timey, she's not respected as a woman so she gets nothing for basically being the best. So she has to get a job at the local store. She's stocking shelves and dealing with the store manager and the other guy on staff with sexual harassment and propositions she doesn't want but it's olde timey so it's normal. The manager is at least nice and gives her stray pennies which she gladly takes to work on her drag racer. She loses the title soon after but races again and barely gets it back. Then immediately loses it again. She thinks she can do better and win again. The other men at the track both hate her and don't respect her wins. She sets up to do one-on-one with the current titleholder.


Then the store manager propositions her again and she's fed up about it but needs a job so she goes looking for another one and the dream ends. 


I wasn't even in the dream, it was all her dream, which is a first for us I think.


She liked the racing part and her sense of self sufficiency, and just felt annoyed but not saddened by the her treatment.


Other details, she wore an old outfit appropriate to the era and the store manager looked a lot like Cary Elwes from The Princess Bride.


Her car looked like this but with the cockpit a little further forward and it was white.




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Drempt I was an astronaut dealing with psychosis from the experience. My psychologist was a lot like Ashley but she was wearing something straight out of Balenciaga with a suit jacket that had way too wide padded shoulders over a white blouse and a tie and a short skirt with fishnets and high heels. She also had a Dick Tracy defective hat over short black hair. First she was helping me then she was also an astronaut with the same issue.


I was concentrating on small white marbles with black numbers on them, apparently we used these in space but I couldn't recognize them properly and was thinking they should be bigger, then hallucinating bigger ones but they dissapear if I grab for them.


@TB  was another astronaut with the same issue. He was wearing a purple zoot suit with extra baggy pants. He had long blonde curly hair and kinda looked Italian. I think I was still wearing a space suit.




The office was something out of a daycare center with colorful cubes and oval holes in the walls meant to crawl through or for sunlight? It was bright and cheery with spider plants hanging around. I haven't seen a spider plant in 20 years.


4/10 for possibly having Ashley in it.

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Over the past 6 months or so, Gwen has appeared to me in various dreams but all of them are NSFW as we appear to be in a relationship in dreamworld.


Setting aside the NSFW TMI there's not a lot of meat in the dreams. They're all like porn scenes basically. 


-She's a member of the hotel staff then..

-She's sitting at an old computer helping others search for information like an operator then...

-She is a friend of mine I had a crush on in grade school but all grown up then...

-She's just sitting next to me on the couch then...





So hurray for me I guess, but they are dreams and they're tulpa related so I post. I had another one recently but again it just comes down to business and it's certainly great 10/10. 

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