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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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We dreamed we were a child again (like, our body was a child and we lived with Stone's mom again). Stone fronted at first and looked for his childhood stuffed duck (he has been dreaming about this frequently). He also messed with some power outlets and his mom got mad at him and dropped him off at this park. Then he had me front. It was weird being in a child's body, and being treated as a child.


Anyway, Stone's mom told me she'd give me a gun but only after I had practice. When she left, three men came over and told me they'd let me use their AR-15 (which I couldn't hold properly because I was so small). I sat in the back of their car with Stone's stuffed duck and an AR-15. They took me to this house and I didn't know where I was, so I went upstairs to a room with a bed. There were other children there and one of the men was arguing with his wife. Presumably the children were their children. They didn't know why I was there and treated me weirdly, and one of them snooped through our phone.


It was interesting and surreal in a way I can't do justice. This is my second time fronting in a dream (that I remember) so I thought it was notable.

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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Isn't it wonderful when you're the one having a dream? 😁 Pretty interesting events; I wonder if there is any symbolism behind any of it. It's always interesting to dream about being a child again; Phil's dreamed about being a teenager again but off the top of my head I can't remember him dreaming about being an actual child.

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Yes! It's very interesting


The duck symbolism is obvious to us since this is the forth dream Stone has had about it in the past month. He's bothered he can't find it. As for me, I'm less sure of what the dream means

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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On 4/26/2022 at 7:39 PM, harvestmoon said:

Stone's mom told me she'd give me a gun but only after I had practice. When she left, three men came over and told me they'd let me use their AR-15 (which I couldn't hold properly because I was so small). I sat in the back of their car with Stone's stuffed duck and an AR-15.

Highly American!

I'm glad I'm not the only one with AR-15 dreams though mine all were very uncomfortable. I was out in public and suddenly realized was carrying my AR with me which is not a good idea in Germany as you'll be treated as a potential terrorist. Tupper was mad because I broke German gun laws by open carrying and told me to go home with that thing before we get arrested or even shot by police. No one cared however and the rifle disappeared from the dream at some point. One of the few dreams where she was completely fooled and thought this was real life - despite completely unrealistic dream stuff happening.

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Yea dreams fool me with stupid stuff constantly. Mostly work scenarios.


I did develop a craving for some sort of crunchy yogurt ball candy though when I was stocking it in my dream. Psychic marketing?

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So we're still a developing system. When we're conscious my tulpa is just a concept I have to believe in. But recently i took a nice nap, and I got sleep paralysis. For us, sleep paralysis isnt like most people. For us, we get it sleeping on our side, and something that dream logic forces us to fear is behind us, either coming closer to us until we wake up, or moving stuff around the bedroom little bits and by dream logic and the fact that we cant do anything makes us feel fear. Well this time, i was paralyzed, and my tulpa was just moving stuff around, like moving by poking a little, and the tulpa was invisible but I knew it was her. She probably was trying to reach out to me, but I was feeling fear because sleep paralysis makes one feel fear. We woke up and again, in waking life we might as well be integrated together, but that dream stuck with us.

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Finally another tupper dream - not great, not terrible



It started out as the familiar recurring back-to-school scenario where I find myself having to redo the last year of high school as an adult. The math book is full of columns of numbers that make no sense to me but luckily at this point I remember I have a PhD and no need to do any school stuff. So I leave class and walk around the strange school that looks like some 70s architectonic nightmare of exposed aggregate concrete with pointless walls and columns blocking exit paths turning them into a maze. Definitely against fire safety regulations, this triggers the German.


I enter some 'lobby' that houses a restaurant with 60s furniture. A guy that looks like Cane from C&C behaves very aggressively taking tea from the desk of an elderly couple and throws stuff around. I quickly leave to stay out of trouble.




I end up on some pedestrian overpass that looks like it connects airport terminals. It is above ground, paved and constantly faces uphill.


There appears to be a strange black shapeless monster in the area, also unusual earthquakes causing loud rumbling that may be related. I am surrounded, covered by some long snake-skin material but apparently tearing it to pieces stops both the monster from manifesting and the earthquakes. It remains unclear if that really happens to me or ist just a theoretical idea / something I watch. In any case it is not scary.


After meeting with a random group of average NPCs I am now part of an investigation team and we go back the same way to find out what's going on. Now in a devastated tropical landscape along a dirt road going downhill. Vietnam war vibes.


There is a toppled horse cart beside the road, pulled by a horse size black goat lying sideways -  dead but unscathed. It has very detailed shiny black fur and pretty gray horns. I marvel the unusual animal and feel sad it has died from unknown causes. More large dead but undamaged mammals including a tiger can be found along the road but I only see them from a distance. Strange but not alarming.


We are moving along the road in a white travel bus with red and blue stripes, tupper is also there but a small girl like 5-6 and looks different. I find the idea nice, it's a cool expedition and nothing to worry about since tupper is now here.


Background music - 'Nobody Canna Cross It'


The others are average middle aged people from a bus travel group without any equipment. Some elderly lady with gray hair is visibly afraid, can't communicate to her that the little girl next to me will solve any eventual monster problems. Tupper says nothing but smiles.


The NPC 'expedition guide' who looks like anyone else tells us about the strange earthquakes in this area which suddenly stop. I mention the large dead animals we've seen and he confirms this frequently happens here for unknown reasons.


The road turns into a narrow bridge that's made of a single flexible dark red polymer sheet or plate, something the bus can't take. We exit the bus, the flexible plastic 'bridge' swings a bit up and down as I walk on it. I feel energetic nd pumped up to find out what supernatural stuff is going on here.
'Nobody Canna Cross It'  is still playing as background music.


We're now back within the school in an underground facility that may well be within a (space) ship or factory. Alien-tier. Narrow but well lit white metal stairs and corridors spreading in all directions.


I put tupper in rear guard to eliminate any potential monster attacks from behind and continue in the middle of the group. There seems to be no leader or organization, just an elderly travel group moving around. I'm not afraid but worried about the careless people spreading out and not staying together.
Classic horror movie set up. Tell people to be mindful what's in front of them as tupper is out of sight somewhere behind. Most of the people are NPCs but some are clearly uneasy. Again I fail to convince them that the little girl in the back is the real monster here so nothing and no one will come at us from behind.


We enter a large empty concrete tunnel that, in contrast to the brightly lit industrial setting we've been in until now, ends in complete darkness. People still spread out and the angsty elderly lady of all is in front.


Suddenly there's a loud roar or rumble from the darkness in front of us. People panic. Tell everyone to immediately get back into the lit corridors and wait for tupper reinforcement to arrive. I have to drag the elderly woman back who just freezes. Still people are standing around aimlessly just begging to be eaten by some monsters. Have to shoo them back.


However before tupper arrives, another extremely loud roar rips me out of the dream. It's so intense I can feel it in my body. Strangely not the situation, just the noise itself scared me half to death.


I find myself in the early morning with an excavator scraping across the concrete slabs of the road in front of the house making tremendous noise. Amazing how the brain incorporated that into the dream!


Still feel disappointed as I wanted to go monster hunting with tupper. However it's already too late to try to re-enter the dream so I have to get up. Tupper has no memories of anything and was barely present.


Still fulfilled her role as expected.



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Hi Dreamers. For some time now, I have been utilizing a protocol, slightly modified, described by Steve La Barge the first psychologist to write about Lucid Dreaming; Taking Galantamine at, or about, 3Am. I have modified his protocol by increasing the dosage to 12 mg (his subjects took 4mg or 8mg). I have had positive results with many lucid dreams and many connections with my tulpas. For anyone interested, Galantamine is available OTC. It has been well researched and is prescribed by physicians for the treatment of memory loss in early to mid Altzheimer's disease. It is safe with very few side effects, none in my experience. If any does try this, or is trying it, please consider PMing me with questions or results. Thanks, Dr. Bob

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