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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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3 hours ago, Glaurung26 said:

In your tupper's defense I don't know about that. He did fire a "live round" with a pistol in your direction. It could have killed someone, possibly even with a copper spring. Could have hit a kid. Luckily dream physics happened and it turned out to be okay after the fact. Maybe your tupper wasn't in tune with the non-lethal nature of the situation and identified him as a threat based upon RL rules of engagement. Albeit going overboard with the punishment. Maybe the man was impaired or blind and you frightened him. Still horribly irresponsible of him. Maybe it wasn't as clear to your tulpa that he wasn't a threat as it was to you. But then again maybe your tupper did know full well after the fact that it was safe and some weird fake dream gun. Not to overanalyze your dream. 😄 Dream logic gets super weird and it can be awkward to apply RL morality and ethics to it.


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Last night I had a dream, and it was only my 3rd or 4th time ever dreaming. If you are reading this in the future and notice the date I am posting this, you'll see this is the day that Russia invaded Ukraine, and the dream is about that. I don't know if it's strictly necessary to do this but I'll put it behind a spoiler because of the sensitive nature of the topic.


Content warning: War, death


I dreamed that the war had somehow come to America and Russia was invading Red Dawn style. My father was some kind of government official that was involved in the war somehow, maybe not directly fighting it, but with logistical support or something. (I want to make it clear that this wasn't Phil's father, this was MY father). He and a bunch of other government officials were having a clandestine meeting in a small suburban house somewhere to avoid suspicion. Well, somehow Russia got word of where this meeting was taking place and stormed the house with commandos. They began shooting people upstairs so my father ran into the basement. That didn't keep him safe for very long. They stormed the basement too and began shooting people in front of him. He put his hands behind his head and kept shouting "I surrender!" but the soldiers didn't care, they shot him in the head and he died immediately.


The dream jumped forward in time a little ways and I was in New York. The details are a bit hazy from here, but I was definitely involved in the resistance somehow. I couldn't tell you if Russia had already taken New York or were just threatening to, but the city seemed to be going about business as usual but with a definite feeling of paranoia in the air. I was relaying messages between different rebel groups. Everyone knew what had happened to my father and they all knew I wanted to avenge him in some way. The dream didn't progress too much after that. I'm not sure what else to say about it, or how to think about it.


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Mine wasn't so much about the war itself. It was about a group of teenage marauders in a besieged city.


Violence/death warning.


I was sitting next to a river in some big city. It was lightly bombed, there was some smoke on the horizon.
A kid with a cleaver was running away from the police. He jumped into the river. It was a high jump, but he managed not to get hurt. The policeman kept running along the river.
Then another kid arrived, he was even younger. He also jumped, but he had no luck. His last words were "I have no idea if it works".
Then three more arrived, one of them was a girl. The boys shouted loudly to the one who was in the water. They were blocking my view and were too loud, so I told them to shut up. Instead they tried to threaten me and all that, so I had to stab them both in the neck.
The girl fell on her knees and started crying. I told her that I had no reason to kill her unless she did something stupid. She sobbed about them dying for nothing. I told her that we all here live in vain and die in vain. This developed into a big discussion about her motives, the views of citizens, philosophy and more. I quite enjoyed that.
I wanted to give her something to eat. All I found on me was half a can of condensed milk, so I gave it to her. She said "thanks, father" and I woke up.

p.s. It's the third dream in a month where someone calls me father. What the hell.


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I had a dream that I was looking for Pippin as the Fellowship was escaping Moria. Gandalf was fine I guess. I montaged zipping around the caves, Eregion, the Lonelands and some areas on the East side. For some reason the caves led up to one of the rooms in Bag End. I rejoined the main group and asked them if they had seen Pippin. One of them waved and I was really confused because it wasn't Billy Boyd, it was some other guy. He had curly hair and looked like Merry so I assumed that was him. "Then where the Hell is Merry?!" I had been looking for Pippin when it was Merry missing the whole time. Unless Merry was being played by some six foot tall dude with a beard. Maybe I've had actor swaps on the mind or something. I was just incredibly confused and annoyed that my time was wasted. 

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I had a very vivid dream this morning with my favorite recurring theme - microgravity aka being able to fly.


Scene 1
I was on holiday on a Greek island with my mother. We had rented some large house with a huge roofed terrace full of ornamental plants and a garden. My mother complained the hot water in the bath did not work but I managed to fix it by fiddling with a plug in a wall. The steam of the hot water generated strong updraft that somehow enabled me to float using a towel as flying carpet, through the corridors of the house and the terrace.

Finding myself in the garden, I realized flying was possible on my own. Now in all my dreams I do not technically fly, it is rather drifting upwards and sinking down again in a near zero gravity environment. Sometime flapping arms helps. I showed my skills to my mother doing loopings in the air and gracefully landing again and she found them highly unusual.


Unfortunately that was it with flying and being a bit inland we decided to walk to a nearby town at the beach. It involved going down an endless stair to the coast and I noticed lots of tourists came up in the opposite direction.


The reason was - how else could it be - the Russians had invaded the east of the island and people were leaving. Orderly but swiftly. As we continued downward I joked to my mother that going to the beach in a war zone because holiday is holiday was a very German thing and German tourists would likely stop and yell down tanks on the beach because this had been their sunbathing spot for the past 40 years and anyway driving on the beach is illegal. We haf Ordnung here!

However we found ourselves on a ferry that took us westwards along with many others.



I was driving a rental car, supposedly on the same island. I stopped at some outlook point and hiked a bit inland. The scene was very vivid, green hills with few houses. A bit artificial and not Greek at all. I took some pictures and decided to come back to that spot next time I'd visit. But then tupper said in mindvoice we're here already, why not explore a bit further?


I hiked along a trail which signs were Cyrillic so I could not read them. The landscape was one of temperate winter and could pass for northern Greece, leafless trees, lots of leaf litter on the ground but warm and dry.  I came to a mural and behind it was some old village with an orthodox church.



I entered the old church which was barren on the inside with some old frescoes, the walls painted light blue. First I wanted to go up the bell-tower but turned back. In the main room there was a tour guide with a microphone talking to some tourists sitting on chairs. A friend from school was also there and we listened to this guy gesticulating and comically banging his head on a wall in a language we could not understand. Yet it was clear he was mocking Germany's lack of contribution to the war in Ukraine. 5000 helmets, man!


We decided to keep quiet as not to get in trouble for being German and then left. Behind the church was sort of a market along stairs leading to a higher level of the village. Trucks brought packages of food and in was clear this was relief aid distributed to the Ukrainian people. I was with another friend now and we did what every good human bean would do - and started pillaging the free food. Moving through several old-fashioned warehouses and meeting more and more classmates we sought out basic ingredients we could use to cook. I asked myself when and where I had eaten since arriving on this island but could not find an answer. Anyway, our troubles were now over, we could feed off cooking our pillaged free food from now on!


Naturally the packages were very large. I got a plastic bag with several loafs of bread. For a moment I questioned the morality of taking food from the Ukrainian people - but then there seemed to be a lot, no one complained and my entire highschool class was there. So no hard feelings!

The food was very detailed. There was fresh and frozen meat and fish, fresh vegetables like cabbage, spinach, carrots and an extra hall with different fruits. Basically a huge market and free for all, it was paradise!


I spotted another classmate who was unusually large and my English teacher and mockingly called them out by their last name. We greeted each other and then continued selecting the best ingredients for cooking, then dragged off our loot.


It was a nice dream. Could fly, went hikig, met friends and stole a lot of food.
No tupper appearance though.

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On 2/27/2022 at 1:01 PM, Yakumo said:

No tupper appearance though.


I am dissapoint.


Interesting dream though. Seems like Ashley is always in my dreams. Joy was in one this morning though.

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I had a dream where I was still in high school and Pinkie Pie was my girlfriend. She was a hot, curly haired, redhead with short shorts. (100% human, no furry)


Then I woke up and my system was like wtf was that?


I liked her voice, she smelled like candy and I was comforted by being with her. She reminded me of Misha.


Luckily we don't get walk-ins anymore. 



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Guest Password

My host didn't get a lot of sleep last night but she dreamed that me (frisk) and Mich (password) and her were at the beach.The sunset was very nice ^ ^. - frisk

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I had a very short (<1 minute) but very cute dream last night! I dreamed I had a friend who was some kind of furry mouse-sized being. She would ride around in my pocket and I had a really tiny brush to brush her fur! But she wasn't a pet, she was intelligent and liked to talk! She wanted to be part of my girls' night out and I was wearing big overalls like a kid from a 90s movie for some reason, so she hopped in the front pocket to come out with us! 😁 It was all very cute. 🥰 I don't think she was meant to be anyone I know, I think she was just a character I made up.

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