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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Seems with me fronting, our dreams have been a lot longer and more elaborate lately, though I don't quite want to talk about that. Last night we had a dream that the original was super close to switching out. Apollo was fronting, and they were losing awareness and connection to the things he was saying and doing. Who knows, maybe that dream will help them enter that state for real? If not it was at least a cool experience

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This wasn’t long ago, but here’s one I’ll put in a hidden tag due to part of it being a bit sad:

[hidden]Ignoring the fact that one of our dogs became invisible when they entered the garden, because that happened. IRL, about a week or two before finding out about tulpas and creating Azure, one of our dogs was put to sleep at the age of sixteen and a half. Back to the dream, I watched him come back to life, nearly seven months after his death. As part of the dream’s plot, I thought that it was cruel to do that, so while in our backyard, I shouted aloud, “I want to wake up now!” I had nearly become lucid, but since everything looked and felt just like real life, I just assumed that’s what it was, and either the dream ended or I forgot what happened after.[/hidden]

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Had perhaps the most realistic and believable conversation in the dream I just woke up from... Slight nsfw? Not really but I don't know :D


In the dream a friend was complaining about a horse that kept trying to eat its own hair.

Desmond: "Well it looks like it has hay growing on its head so"

Me: "Desmond if his hair looked like dicks"

Desmond: "Pfft yeah, Medusa but instead of snakes... And when you look it in the eyes you turn into a statue........ WITH A BONER"


And I woke up laughing

Iro - He/they - 30th April 1997 - Host of the system - Speaker if there's no tag

Desmond - He/him - 21st April 2014

L - He/him - 5th May 2014

Nevira - She/her - 14th December 2014

Misa - She/her - 5th December 2015

Roska - He/him - 22nd July 2019

Danyla - They/them - 13th July 2020

Asha - He/him - 13th June 2022

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That's pretty funny CM.


Last night dreampt that I was Ranger or Cat, at least I was that body but I felt more Ranger, and I had a math final Monday that I didn't study for, I wasn't worried because in the dream it was Friday.

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I had some bizzare, seemingly back-to-back hospital dreams. The one I remember the most, one of our classmates (who has some medical issue IRL) was in the hospital all hooked up to IVs and whatnot. Jamie's mom saw her and instantly took a mothering role, shooed Jamie out and Jamie turned to me internally and said, "Well, hope you can play mom AND dad." He wandered around the hospital, angry, and cue dream logic, ran into his mother who had hurt her back and was on the floor screaming at doctors. Jamie considered it, but just kept walking. He went to the hospital room with his stuff in it, with the knowledge the hospital was going to burn down in 8 hours (dream logic) and noticed his favorite rabbit had a Webkins logo on it, despite not being a Webkins. And he internally asked me about it, and I looked at the vision through Jamie's eyes and I said, "Nope. You are definitely not awake right now." And then I woke up.


Are dreams supposed to look lifelike? Ours look... mostly on par with visualization. The main difference is the presence of dream logic, nothing making sense, including us. If you look into the background, the detail is missing, the angles are wrong, but then they render when you draw your attention. If Jamie brings it to my attention, I've been able to tell we've dreaming by how the background is a mess that isn't already resolved, the sense of vision works differently because it's the mind's eye seeing. Sadly, it tends to wake us up...


The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

Our Thread

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Yep, my visualization skill is approaching dream-like levels at times. Dreams themselves can seem really real, but sometimes huge chunks of data are missing, jumbled, replaced or unrealistic. Lazy brain, i want good dream immersion! It's convincing enough.


On that note, I was Madonna last night. I was at a wedding party incognito, and asked them to play one of my songs for the reveal. When it started playing, I started dancing to show it was indeed me, Madonna. No one recognized me. I was so old that I didn't look like Madonna anymore. ;-;

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More dreams about being someone else, very vivid.


#1 football:

I was gearing up for a photo shoot. In my dream I was someone else and that someone was a dark skinned Hispanic gentleman with really long spiked hair. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and wanted to pat dowm my hair. This football uniform was intense. First they put on compression pants, long knee pads with articulated shin guards. My shoes were like two feet long woth mechanical springs in them to run and grip the ground better. They strapped on a really tight turtle shell like breastplate with huge shoulderpads that went higher than my ears. They made it very tight and i said it hurt and they said I'd get used to it whem my ribcage flattened out. Then my gloves were like catchers' mits, I very clearly remember the right hand had a more form fitting one that was covered in non-skid for throwing I guess, the left one was 50% longer and the third and fourth fingers were crossed and extended to basically make a much longer catching surface, but more curved toward the body. Easy to picture, hard to explain. My helmet was big, and had rubber bands and hard stops to cushion blows and prevent injuries.


Pretty nuts, the suit felt very light for being so bulky, the shoes and gloves were also light. Like made out of foam.


#2 clown:

So I was a clown, all painted up, silly rainbow hair, red nose everything. I was at my grade school and a battle was imminent. So of course I set up my battle-farm-tractor with guns, and got my war gear ready, then went back to the troops to wait for the signal.


I ran back at the signal and my tractor was gone, all my stuff was gone and people were playing baseball right in the middle of the lunch area.


Couldn't find my gear anywhere.

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Something weird happened


So my system has read the book Between a Rock and a Hard place, and seen the movie 127 Hours. Both are about Aron Ralston's true story. 


Last night we had a dream that those were actually two separate stories of two different men going through a very similar experience. We were telling people how there were not one but two men who were trapped in a Utah canyon for 6 days and had to cut their arm off to be free, both in the year 2003. 


Woke up, realized it was just a dream, should end there, right?


Many hours later, however, I am having a hard time in my head realizing that no, they weren't two stories, this only happened once to one person. It's like my dream somehow over-wrote the knowledge my brain held with something else, and I am having a hard time fixing it. I have no doubt this will pass in time, but it is a pretty strange experience to say the least.

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I had a dream that we went to our favorite amusement park, only everything was different and there were a lot of new rides we'd never even heard of before, including one that was constructed just outside of the park that wasn't owned by the park that we thought was maybe owned by the state fair that sets up around there once a year, but it was actually totally independent. Anyway, cut to us in some sort of apartment or something, we wanted to see if maybe there were bigger apartments to rent near ours. We picked up our hamster cage so he could see too, then went around the halls looking at everything. The building was much bigger and had much more stuff than we anticipated, including some sort of college graduation recital or something. The college students were all lined up, wearing regular clothes, and walking. Then they started all singing, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" like it was a Trump rally or something. For some reason I didn't realize that was what they were singing and thought it was "Gimme Shelter." Then I discovered the food/snack bar and well, spent a lot of time there just eating everything and feeling guilty about it (but it's okay since it was a dream). Then the owner of the amusement park, Larry Graves (he's not really the owner), had some announcements over the intercom about a contest or something, so we left the snack bar and went back there. We found him in some sort of icy cave, and a menu came on the screen (yes there was now a screen in our vision, I don't know). It asked which one of the Beatles we wanted to talk to. We were presented with this image of them, which is the same picture that hangs in front of our bed that ends up in each and every one of our dreams. We selected Paul, obviously, but then he started saying really mean things. We couldn't read the text that he was saying since we couldn't open our eyes but we knew what he was saying anyway, plus our brother was there to tell us. We always have dreams where we can't open our eyes, and it's been going on for years, it's annoying. We selected each of the other Beatles, but crazy stuff was happening like them being eaten by monsters. We wondered if this was Larry Graves' version of Doki Doki or something, just make insane things happen only with a Beatles twist. I think this is about when we woke up.

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Well, I had a dream that I was called on my phone. The caller id said "The Felights". I answered and someone from that system in the body's voice started talking about the weather in a tenatively annoyed way. I wanted to ask, how did you get my number, why did I take this call and confirm that the number is mine, why am I discussing the weather with anothet plural system? I mean, if we were going to talk, that wouldn't be in the top 100 discussion topics.


I woke up and Dashie was awake and derisively said, "interesting conversation".

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