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Question About Accounts For Tulpae


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I tried searching for a topic regarding this, but couldn't find anything. I was just wondering what the rules are regarding multiple accounts for tulpae. My tulpa, Middy, has been asking me if I could make an account for her. I'm sorry if there is already a topic for this.:)

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The rule is "One account per person", and a tulpa is handled as a seperate person on that matter aswell. A lot of people already do this around here.

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I'm fairly new, but from what I can tell, they are not only permitted, but encouraged. A few examples:










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Though I do think it's good etiquette not to have too many accounts per system. I've got a big system, but only two members (the aforementioned Temar and Joss) are active enough on this forum to warrant their own accounts.


Not that you have to worry about that atm. XD


But definitely go ahead and make Middy an account! It's great for tulpas to have things that are theirs alone, including online profiles.

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Yeah, for a while it was just my account, then for a long time it was me plus one named Reisen for all of them. Eventually we decided they should just each have their own though.


The rule is basically "Don't make more accounts than you need". If you have a drastic change in who will actually be posting, a new account is fine. But Evil can't go make an account called Good for when he's in a good mood. And Jean-luc can't make a clone of himself. Same for tulpas, they each only get one. And if you've got an excessive number of tulpas, or if your tulpas don't all speak often enough to warrant their own accounts, you might be better off just using one.


In my experience, having one account for the host and one for the tulpas isn't so bad. Just.. don't name that account after a single one of them.

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While it's not required, I encourage you to include some note in the sig of the accounts saying whose tulpa or host they are. This reduces confusion since not everyone will keep up with what accounts are whose tulpas, and we don't have a sub-account function available in the MyBB version we use.

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I am sure you already considered it, but just to make sure:


1. You can preface each message with who's speaking or


2. Color code!


Regardless, your choice. Enjoy.

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