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Guest Albatross_

So, we had one of these before when we were on /mlp/. At this point it looks terrible, is out of date, and is full of old /mlp/ trolls. Therefore I've taken the liberty of transferring all the people who are active on Tulpa.Info to a new spreadsheet.


If I got your data wrong, or if it is out of date, please fix it. Open editing is on, please don't abuse it.


If you don't keep track of hours, or if your tulpa doesn't have a name, or whatever, just put a ~ in place of that field. This is for readability.


Feel free to add yourself if you plan on following through with tulpa creation. Tulpas still in the planning stage do not belong on this spreadsheet. A rule of thumb is if you've forced for more than 3 hours, and plan on continuing, go ahead and add yourself.


Do not sort columns or rows, or otherwise change the structure of the sheet. The only exception is adding a row for yourself. There are scripts installed that will have to be reconfigured, which is a pain.


You absolutely need to read the notes page before editing and follow the standards described there. Otherwise the spreadsheet will end up like the last one.




Edit: Document is now owned by Chupi. Kvetch at Chupi if it's broken. Link updated due to a technical glitch. The old URL will no longer work. Also, URL is now shortened.

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Nicely done, Albatross!


There are some things I'd like to add:


We had a nice pie chart with Tulpas in certain creational stages in the last List. We could add one here as well.


I already see some people putting in "partial" into the vocal column. That doesn't seem to be a good classification, since that could mean everything from "sometimes words in mental voice" to "A good conversation". It would be good if you could add a description in the first Sheet what exactly classifies as vocal.

As an option, one could use Stages for determining the Tulpa's speech ability. These could for example be:


No - Does not speak.


Yes /This includes mind voice

Stage 1 - Barely speaks or only speaks single words or very basic sentences.

Stage 2 - Able to have conversations with host, uses basic vocabulary (think of a 10 year old)

Stage 3 - Conversational abilities of an adult, sophisticated vocabulary, own style

Stage 4 - Conversational abilities and/or active vocabulary surpass the host's capabilities.


Even though I'm not sure if there is a stage 4 Tulpa, it would be interesting to see if it's possible to have a Tulpa become more advanced in the long run.

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I especially like Sock's "awkward lady". Nothing could sum that up better.


EDIT- in terms of vocal ability, I defined partial as not yet having an external voice. The scale is definitely a good addition to reduce confusion. Will be editing that to a 3 for Uzo's mind voice.

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Guest Albatross_

Heh, that was Sock's description. I had written "Country bumpkin".

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TIP: If you'd like an updating counter for your tulpa's age, use this fx: =TODAY()-(DATE(2012,3,19))&" days"


Replacing the date with your tulpa's start date and whatever obviously.

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"For the "Vocal" column, we use a stage system. 0-4 defines the stage of vocality that your tulpa is in. No distinction is made between mindvoice and auditory hallucination. "


Shouldn't a new row be added to show that there is a difference between the two? Some people find mindvoices easier to parrot or otherwise having some other limitations. While a tulpa may very well be fluent in a mindvoice, they may have a much harder time using an auditory hallucination. The transition between the two has especially been a difficult for some people. There was also some speculation that mindvoices tend to use more of the host's capability of understanding and speaking a language, while a hallucinatory voice means the tulpa can fluently speak the language by themselves.

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inb4 someone "leaks" this in a /b/ thread.


Will be interesting to see how long this spreadsheet survives. Eventually, we'll need to handpick a couple of fellows to insert the tuppers and details, as much as I strongly oppose moderation executed by an elite of any sort.

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