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Tulpas and Dissociative disorders screening for correlation


Your score and if your tulpa is fluent (speaks in complete sentences)  

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  1. 1. Your score and if your tulpa is fluent (speaks in complete sentences)

    • 0-9 not fluent
    • 10-19 not fluent
    • 20-29 not fluent
    • 30+ not fluent
    • 0-9 fluent
    • 10-19 fluent
    • 20-29 fluent
    • 30+ fluent

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I scored 6.6 which is a very high score. I've been trying to make those dissociating experiences less extreme and have made some progress, but I don't think I will need to get professional help since I wouldn't even qualify for a real diagnosis anyway. No amnesia.


I'm not worried about that, not sure about my "tulpa" though.

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   I got a 30 exactly. I think a lot of my score is contributed to the fact that I'm spaced out a large part of the time and just go on autopilot in most social situations unless I'm highly engaged. I really do just live in my own head half the time!

Slipper (cringelord host) and Mordecai (the brain gremlin).


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Progress Report


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