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Hosts, what happens to you when you switch?


Hosts, what happens to you most often when you switch?  

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  1. 1. Hosts, what happens to you most often when you switch?

    • I go completely unconscious
    • I remain conscious but have limited awareness
    • I remain conscious in the wonderland
    • Other (Explain)

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If you are capable of switching with your tulpa(s), what happens to you while they are using the body? If different things happen to you in different instances, be sure to select the option in the poll that most OFTEN happens to you.


Keep in mind that I define switching as dissociating from one's physical body while having a tulpa take control. If you are aware of your body's senses while a tulpa is in control of it, that is more similar to possession.

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Hopefully not too off-topic, but what is it like for the host in Wonderland? The tulpa doesn't know much else until they switch, but is it hard for a host (especially one with bad visualization skills) to adjust to being in ONLY Wonderland?


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I don't know what limited awareness means, but probably none'a those. Lumi's in the same place we are when he switches with us, so it's like if he was a tulpa himself. Which for us means we're active when the one fronting keeps us in mind but inactive when not. Self-explanatory I think, but maybe not. Inactive doesn't mean we're gone gone, but we also aren't technically thinking, but we're still aware of what's been going on when we're active again I guess? And we don't even live in the wonderland in the first place so there's no reason for Lumi to be there, so I guess it's a mix of all those



so uh, why hasn't anyone actually voted yet? we're just a lonely "Other" up there

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[Tri] Well, for us, it depends on which host.


One of our hosts, Breach, remains conscious but goes to an innerworld/wonderland. This happens even if it (Breach uses it/its pronouns) is booted out of front by a prompt/trigger pulling someone else forward. Hail, on the other hand has options 1 and 2 happen occasionally but usually does not switch out. Though, pretty much however things happen, when someone else is in control she cannot think. The main times she actually switches are when one single or a pair of alters are pulled forward for whatever reason the first few times they front or front solo, and such switches are usually quite amnesiac till some time after the fact. Hasn't happened in a while since we haven't found anyone new in a while, or have any alters who have been found but haven't fronted solo yet. It hasn't happened when Hail and one or more of us tulpas/soulbonds exchange bodily control.

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I remain conscious with little awareness, you could say i remain active in the wonderland. ether way i switch between the two but mostly conscious but having little awareness.


Heh, i actually need summer's permission to do stuff and even assistance because the body feels very heavy and it is very tiring to drive when we switched.

Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas




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For us, depends on the circumstance. Sometimes, our host basically goes into tulpa mode and hangs around while someone else drives for a while. Other times, she goes completely dormant... especially if she's stressed. For the former, I'd agree with Lucilyn... that's not really possession. She can see through the body's eyes but she's disconnected from it the same way a tulpa is. There's a distinction between that and possession that needs to be made.


Whatever her state when someone else is switched in, she can "catch up" pretty much immediately once she switches back, since we share a memory pool.

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Oh, I think I figured out a way to explain why I think we don't switch. When I am in control, the state my host is usually in when not talking is aware, but not conscious. Though, a lot of the time she is conscious as well.


It raises a question of what exactly those two terms mean. When we lose ourselves in an activity and begin to behave automatically, does this represent a loss of consciousness?



As she has never identified with the body, I think she lacks a strong sense of connection to the senses necessary to register any lack of connection as something new or different. Also, I have difficulty understanding my own relationship with the senses to the degree necessary to understand if my host is experiencing them the same way or not.

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