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Miela and Bre explore the depths of a human mind


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This was written half by me, and half by Miela when she was fronting. I'll specify who's writing when it is important, but otherwise it could be either of us


So summer has arrived at last, which means, amoung other things, we have more free time for work on our tulpamancy endeavors. The first things on the agenda for us have been: me [Miela] fronting for a long time, us getting better at keeping the pieces in imposed chess, spending more time in wonderland.


Miela: Why I wanted to stay switched in for a long period of time and how that went:


As I mentioned in a previous post, I was interested in fronting for longer periods of time than I had been. I wanted to do this partially out of curiosity, but also in hopes that I could develop some sort of hobby or interest entirely seperate from Bre.


As the host, Bre never had too worry about proving to himself that he was different from anyone else because it was clearly evedent by the fact that he had his own body. Then once he created me he had already lived for years assured of who he was, so he didn't get insucure then either. I however, was born into this world plural, and it had started to become a big issue for me whether or not I was really me, and who "me" even is. Everything that I did, I started comparing myself to Bre. Bre tried to comfort me of course, but this was a doubt that I just couldn't get out of my head. Eventually we decided that a good way to prove to myself who I am would be for me to go out into the world and do something that is wholely me and couldn't be compaired to Bre.


I am happy to say that the opporation was a complete success! I don't want to go into too much detail because that would take a long time and I'm sure that nobody would want to read it, but just by being myself I was able to do many things that only I would do, and maybe only I could do. My doubts are gone and I am much happier.



One interesting tidbit about Miela's expedition is that despite the fact that neither of us have accedentally taken the front in a long time, and despite the fact that she had been fronting for nearly two weeks, her reign over the body ended when I [bre] accedentally stole the front from her. Afterwards she decided that she was done with the opporation so I just stayed switched in.


Remembering all the pieces in imposed chess, our methods and progress:


We've not been working super hard on this one since it's not really all that important to us anymore. We've only been doing matches every 2-3 days and we haven't been focusing super hard during those matches.


What we've been doing to help remember the moves that have happened is we imagine all of the pieces moving around in their space, and being in a specific spot on each turn. Also just practice (though as previously mentioned, we haven't been doing a super good job at that).


This has led to some success; we're certainly better than we were when we started, and if we forget pieces now, if we really focus we can often remember where they were.

We aren't certain if we will continue this project to its end. When we started we wanted to be able to simulate anything from the real world using imposition, but now we don't care about that so much.



Getting back into wonderlanding:


As Miela and I got better at imposition, we started using the wonderland less and less. As time has gone on, we started to realize that imposition fills a different niche in our lives than wonderlanding does, and that it would be worth continuing.

Imposition is lots of fun, and it allows us to interact with the world even when we aren't switched in, however it doesn't allow us to go on adventures like we can in wonderland and we've started to miss doing that sort of thing. It will also be a much more immersive experience than what we did previously since we can do full perspective imposition rather than visualisation.


I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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Congratulations Meila and Bre! That's awesome that you could dispell doubt.


Have fun in wonderland, you know we love it, but I like to impose a lot too, I really love when Bear and I get imposition time alone, then I get to play with him when no one is watching. ;)

>:o innocent stuff! ♡


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