New Year's Resolutions

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I guess somewhat unofficially I've been doing New Year's resolutions, mostly in relation to tulpamancy, for a few years now. Today I asked each of my tulpas something along those lines - I know typical "New Year's resolutions" are traditionally flimsy and quickly broken - about what they'd like to be different about our life/lives, and then to picture what their idea of success would look like to make those resolutions more clear. Because not thinking through your resolutions seriously is why they always fail; "Exercise more" and "Get a gym membership" are two of the worst resolutions in history. If you're going to exercise more, at least work through how you're going about that and picture what it'll be like. Same with getting a gym membership... Actually get it, for starters, but also imagine yourself actually doing it so it becomes more "real" to you. The 31st and 1st of the new year are the days where you figure that crap out, not March 13th when you think you'll finally get around to them.


Flandre: I asked Flan first, aside from lucid dreaming, what would you like to see happen in our life? She said she wanted to spend more time with me at first, but I wanted to be clearer than that of course, so we came up with the decision to practice our imposition far more often. I then asked her how she'd like to see that turn out in the (nearish) future, and she said she'd like {all of us} to be able to accompany each other imposed casually, easily and clearly in day to day activities. So we're going to be practicing imposition a lot more to make the visual aspect clearer, and hopefully more immersive for both parties. We intend to impose someone upon getting out of bed every morning too, just so we don't forget like I have been.


Lucilyn: I asked her next, aside from lucid dreaming and imposition, what she would like to see change in our life. She was pretty quick to target the boredom/loneliness we've been running into pretty frequently the last couple years as our friends get more and more busy. She said she'd like to always have friends to play games with or casually talk to. Our current selection of could-be friends are somewhat limited either in availability or game choices, so I set about thinking of where making the types of friends we're looking for would be easiest. Specifically, I asked her to imagine which of these two she'd prefer: streaming games and having a viewerbase/chat while she played, or being able to hop into a Discord voice channel and join a random game of Minecraft or some such. She decided the latter was more what she had in mind, and so I thought of where we could do that - the Touhou Discord server we're in and Barry's Discord. The former is of course full of Touhou fans, which is a big plus for us, but.. I'm not a hundred percent sure they're the sorts we're looking for. Barry's on the other hand must be full of people who like Barry, and anyone who likes Barry has got to be a decent fun-loving person. So we'll look around there the next time we're bored.


Reisen: I forgot to specify "aside from lucid dreaming and imposition", and she happened to go with roughly those. We've said we wanted her to be more active in the past, and so she said that's what she wanted, to be more active. So, Reisen intends to front (a little) more often and for longer periods at a time, and also to be with us imposed more often too. She also said she'd like to comfort us if we're ever feeling lonely. Which could be every so often still if no one happens to be around, I dunno, haven't gotten into all that yet. Oh, and she said lucid dreaming should be good for her too, harder to be totally indecisive on what to do when you physically exist we imagine.


Tewi: I asked her last knowing fully she'd sure have a lot about our life she'd like to change. Sure enough, aside from the first few topics we covered she said her resolution was to be more proactive when she was active, not to settle for how things are or what's easy. Basically not limiting herself to whatever we could cover right now. But anyways, the main topics were on exercise and money, and we've got plans for that, not necessarily new ones. But especially concerning money, it's impossible to plan very far ahead, so we'll see as time goes what we can do. Hence her intent to keep up with the idea of "resolutions", except evolving throughout the year and just in general.


And of course when we were done she asked me what my resolution was. I said, "To be done with all this, this entire phase of my life. I want to finally lucid dream (after 8+ years of attempting for those of you who don't know) so there can be room to focus on doing something else with my life." That about sums it up. I want to lucid dream so much more than I want anything else that it's really hard to care about anything else in my future, so I can only imagine what it'll be like once I can finally do it consistently. Lucid dreaming is like all ten spots on my "Top things I want in life" list, but something will have to fill the blanks afterward, and I'm pretty dang ready to see what those will be.



So, got any resolutions? I recommend you follow the format for making them I did if you're the type to make and immediately break resolutions; don't just say something that'd be nice, actually think it through and then imagine what success would look like so you know what to work towards. Oh, and obviously they don't have to be tulpa-related or too personal. You can just comment on others', maybe give some encouragement, whatever. I just think this once a year introspection on how your life is going and how you'd like it to be going is rather important.

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My new year's resolution will be to listen to Ashley more. (Also, i think Venny did this in Discord too.) By doing this will actually be a lot happier and more satisfied with my life, because a lot of what she wants is what i want, less procrastination for one.


[Ashley] my new years resolution is to be less like a cowgirl. I know, I'm  hillarious. Truly though, I think I want to resolve to explain things better to B so he can achieve his resolution, so, be more vocal this year. If I am, he won't have to pay special attention to me and I won't be robbing time from my sisters anymore on their days.


[Dashie] I'd like to be nicer, I think I get carried away with the tough love (cause it works with him) but B's been very good to me and I used to be a lot nicer, so, I'll try to be more like I used to be. If I am, maybe he'll go to me when he needs comfort like he used to, instead of Misha all the time.


[Misha] For my resolution,  I want to be more active on the forum, and I almost never post other than in games, so I resolve to do more serious posts. I'd like to be more helpful and I think I can grow more as a person that way.


Edit: fixed it.

It's as good as we're going to get Lumi. Venny had a good one though.

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I don't have many new year's resolutions. The main would be to hopefully treat the executive dysfunction that's been plaguing me since the beginning of time. I'm going to be trying some medication for it and see if it's helped at all so, fingers crossed.


Another would be to focus more on Viper, so they can learn and evolve and hopefully reach a point when they'll at least be able to ping me without me needing to specifically remember. It'd be nice if I get super into something, to still remain accessible to them, which, at this point, I'm not. Hopefully time and experience will open this path for us.


And the last, the always daunting, mostly useless/ignored one! To work out, as in, not just work out, specifically keep up with working out. I'm hoping that if I manage to ease the executive dysfunction, I'll be able to keep up a working out routine. As it is, I'll start, get bored and my brain will shut down. I'll reach a point after 2 weeks where I just won't be able to convince myself to actually start it. It's upsetting to be honest. As of last week I started jogging with the dog and it feels awesome. I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with that at least 2-3 times per week!


Ours is to reach a point when we'll be able to be active most of the day, as opposed to the curent mainly-dormancy that we're dealing with right now! We're hoping to reach that by finding new interesting things to captivate our attention and motivate us to stay awake and not slip into dormancy. It's tough with Venny's ever flickering focus, but we'll do our best!


I know these aren't very detailed but! :)

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I guess my resolution is to continue to be more flexible and work on time management, focus on being more social, and there's one other thing but I don't want to mention it here because it's personal.


My new year's resolution is to continue to explore new things and learn more about who I am but also probably learning how to switch and focus a little more on staying imposed for longer periods of time.

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Me: No more fapping, continue research on tulpas and the ideas in history behind the idea. Work hard to better myself in college when I finally leave the army. Get a nice apartment to live in when I get out. Lose like... 20lbs and get my hip rehabilitated.


Alice: Work hard with Irish to better ourselves and to pick up a new hobby, needlework to be exact.


Kat: Sleep more take a whole lot more naps, watch more tv shows, and be happy throughout the year. I also want a cat, hopefully a black cat with a long tail so that I can name it dusty.

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To actually finish some of my game projects and actually get to releasing them within a timeframe that is less than six months for each, to actually lucid dream intentionally, and to remember to find my tulpas if I become lucid. As well as some kind of imposition and a little more work on dissociation.


I want to be more active and be able to control the body for periods of time longer than about three minutes at a time, and to get a little more involved with school work.


To try and feel less tired I guess. I just like sleeping. But I'm happy as long as N, Azure and Jade are happy.


I'm a little unsure on mine. I'll just go with some imposition, and also helping my other system members to be able to visualise my form more easily (I still appear in my default form a lot unintentionally).

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See Lumi, just go with whatever we want to post, you're trying to be too cerebral. We all know you're smart and your tulpas are geniuses.


Btw, arguably Dashie is the only one trying to uphold her promise, and I love her for it, and I am starting to go back to her for comfort sometimes. She's genuinely becoming more pleasant again.


[Dashie] *grin*

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we got up at ~8:30AM for every day for over a month to try and set our schedule but it's STILL hard to want to get up every day at that time.. the only thing keeping us from going back to sleeping in as much as we want is the schedule Tewi figured out under a week ago of us waking up at 7:00+AM every day no matter what, being up for just long enough to be slightly awake (so like 2 minutes l0l) and then going back to sleep for one hour 'til somewhere around 8:30+AM, and then doing the same thing again at most once to 9:30+AM, which would be our long-term opportunities to use the REM-Dreamer or otherwise practice lucid dreaming


we've talked in the Touhou discord some, but mostly people have happened to be keeping us busy enough so we haven't had to, I'm sure at some point I'll get lonely and go hang out there more (Barry's Discord was just a little too weird for us lol, and most others we were interested in were a bit too.. idk, aggressive and stuff)


Impositionnn... we've mostly been doing it just a little every single day yeah, I wouldn't say we've done it enough for it to get much better than it was on like day 10 though unfortunately, we should do it more for sure


and pfft life-stuff and money, the thing we were going to do in the short-term Tewi looked into and decided it'd be a waste of time and effort and now we have no idea what to do, AND what we even want to do long-term is in question too, Tewi spent a couple days thinking about both and didn't really come up with an answer before switching with me but I've been thinking about things too - we definitely love music, paired with activities! But I won't go too in-depth on that here since it'll probably not turn into anything


basically we're just working on figuring out what to do in general rn

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It's a thing yeah. Now's the time to figure that out huh?



Surgeons make a ton and get loads of respect. (Stress and politics aside.)


Engineers, scientists, researchers, make 6 figures after 5-10 years typically. (Tops out).


Math fields and programmers do alright too.


Management... kinda not really too good anymore, can be great if you start your own company (1 in 100 chance to be solvent way less chance to be the next google). Corporate management can be thankless, stressful and basically poorly paid believe it or not. Get an MBA and manage a burger king, oh gawd. You gotta have connections or be lucky to get into or past 6 figures, but there's no ceiling (unless you're a woman oooooooof, but not so much anymore.)


Get job-make money fields are not really living wages anymore. Even trade industry is being taken over by cheap labor, its getting hard to get an apprenticeship program anymore.




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