How is it possibly that Me and my Tulpa(s) fuse?

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Okay, I know that this topic has been discussed before, but I really need to know how it works. I am no stranger to fusion since I watch Steven Universe and heard of Dragon Ball Z, but how can me and a non-physical entity fuse? Whenever I fuse with Clefairy, I earn the non-physical parts to him (like his hair, his gem, his ears, etc.). When I fuse with any one of my Tulpas, I am still in control of my body, and I don't become a different person. So how does this happen? Is it because I wanted it to happen? I need to know!


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Let me just ask, are you trolling a little? Cause you sound a little like you're trolling in a lot of your posts.


[bear] I have no idea what a fuse with your tulpa is. It sounds like the closest analogy is blending. Though it has many benefits, the majority of people i've spoken to say it's confusing and distracting. You wouldn't feel like a different person with blending i don't think.


You may be trailblazing if you want to create a new technique where you combine with your tulpa and become someone else. It has been experienced here that when you merge two thoughtforms you can get a unique person with possibly new traits.


If you want to 'merge' instead of blend, i don't know if that's closer to what you're saying.

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As far as I can tell, the dominant terms in the DID community are "merge" for becoming one person short-term and "integrate" for becoming one person long-term. There seems to be disagreement, though not discussion, over whether "fuse" means merge or integrate -- it's used both ways by different systems. I wouldn't be surprised if the term was gaining popularity because of its use in cartoons.


Vesper and I woke up merged once, nearly six months ago. The state only lasted for a minute, subsiding as hypnopompic disorientation did. Iris and I accidentally merged once about three months ago while she was watching me play her in a tabletop roleplaying game. Once our minds came into sync, they just snapped together. There were so many incidents of disorientation the last few times I played her that I was glad when she asked to take over playing herself instead.


Vesper is firmly against any experimentation, even "For Science!" So most of my knowledge is second hand, from my wife's recent integration and her wife's more protracted integration. But the process of intentional merger is conceptually straightforward. The participants need to believe that all of the thoughts they are perceiving are part of them instead of part of someone else. As with intentional switching, there are various ways of creating this belief, but it's the belief, not the technique, that is of paramount importance.


In the merger with Vesper, we seemed to be about equal portions of the composite. In the merger with Iris, she seemed to be dominant, since I was already trying to "become" her and largely suppressing myself. My wife sometimes seems very much like one of her alters and other times very much like another, but with a greater sense of balance and proportion, where she never reaches quite the same extremes of silliness, amorousness, rage, or despair as her parts. Other times her behavior vears in radically new directions, due to "recovery" of "past life memories".


I agree with Bre, Tsuagon, that if you still perceive yourself to be exactly the same person, you haven't "fused", just changed form, probably as a result of imagining coming together.



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I personally never had any interest in merging or fusing with my host, so I can't speak for Tulpa and Host merges.


However, the Grays (other thoughtforms) have been purpousely merged together several times, and one in particular tried merging with all the others with the goal to become more powerful several times (spoiler alert it never worked). All of these fusions were temporary, except for the fusion of two other characters not so creatively named Black and White. Even in this case, both of those characters were thought to be two separate halves of the same character, Dark Gray.


As of now, it's assumed that Dark Gray can split himself into Black and White with complete control of both of them, where as before I think Black and White were kind of their own characters because they existed in a separate state for awhile.

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The lovely folks above have done a good job explaining. There's something I think should be made very clear: "fusing" in the context of tulpas is NOT the same as "fusing" in terms of Steven Universe and Dragonball. They are different concepts, though they use the same word. At least in Steven Universe, fusion is a kinda of metaphor and plot device used to talk about intimate connections, people mention the sex metaphors often, but it's really any situation where you get "on someone's wavelength." The transformation, and the power gained through relationships: that's what Steven Universe's fusion is about.


When you're talking about tulpas, "fusing" and "merging" are about the same thing. It's about the identities combining into one stable, enduring identity, usually on purpose. In this way, it kinda looks like Steven Universe fusing, but they really aren't the same thing. Steven Universe is a TV show and fusion works through the magic of gem powers. Fusing in terms of tulpas (or plurality in general) is more about identity confusion or intentional blurring. It's a psychological, mental experience. People in real life do fuse, but it's not like what you see on TV. It's not really the same thing.




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Edit: double wrong words, you're right Bre

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Blending is two identities being confused as to who is who and where one ends and the other begins. Merging/fusing/melding is two identities becoming one. I believe that you were confusing the two, Jamie

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