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Normality and What the Mind Is


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The answer to that is that the 'report' is just for myself, made by and handed in to me, and possibly anyone who has a passing interest in this sort of thing. And i mean, It's less of things are 100% justifiable, and more so ideas that exist and conclusions on those ideas... "Throw it  the wall and kind of see if it sticks".


Sorry about the confusion, also I'm relating the questions to how the mind can interact with the body, and tulpae are interesting as it is 2 minds in the one body. I was just looking for other people's experiences.



I mean, denounce this and don't answer this if you want, that's fair, I didn't mean to put anyone on edge about this, sorry.

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In terms of affecting the body, a tulpa can of course affect the body as much as the host can. If a tulpa is having a strong emotion, they can cause the body to react in response. For example, if the tulpa finds something funny, they can cause the body to laugh. If they find something sad, they can cause it to cry. And so on. It's a given that emotions going on inside the brain will affect the body, I'd say it's probably a really good sign of sentience if a tulpa ends up doing that.

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