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unread threads not working right


copy pasted from Pleeb's update thread, at the request of Ranger:

sometimes when I click on a thread that I has new posts, instead of taking me to the first unread post, it will take me to the beginning of the thread. also when this happens the blue icon at the beginning of the thread title doesn't go away after I have read all the new posts and I can't find any other way to make it go away


this only started happening after the update from 4.4 to 4.5


also, I just want to mention that as I was typing up the title to this thread, it kept trying to show me "related threads" (that weren't actually related at all), and it was very distracting and annoying. that doesn't seem like a glitch though and I was able to hit "clear" and it went away

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Regarding the new post stuff.  Does it happen in a different browser / incognito/private window?

EDIT: Scratch that, seems to be a theme issue.  I'll let the creator know.

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I found out I was having trouble with light theme taking me to the first post instead of the first post I haven't read yet. I noticed my settings were changed here: https://community.tulpa.info/settings/links/

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I'm still on the dark theme and haven't noticed any glitches like this, on desktop/Chrome

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