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How do you guys go about physical interaction in the real world?

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Curious about how others approach it. My Tulpa is only a bit over a week old but when I 'remember' her presence I can see her somewhere around me (leaning on a counter,  floating in the air, etc) and from there she moves semi-autonomously. (I'm not sure how much of it is puppetry but thinking "this is puppetry" in the moment is kind of poison to development)


So from there I have two ways to approach physical interaction with this form:

A. mime it in real life:

hold out your hand to touch them where you see their form, mime out any actions as if they are right there,

Example: walk behind them, put your palms in front of where their eyes are, think 'guess who' at them


B. use phantom self:

Don't actually move, but super-impose a kind of silhouette of yourself interacting with the Tulpa. Either just moving one ghost limb that 'splits' from your body for a moment or conjuring an entire phantom body.

Example: They're walking beside you, so you reach out a phantom hand to hold theirs (so you don't attract the ire of strangers for holding your hand out sideways for seemingly no reason)


Of course you could just do anything you want in the wonderland space, but interacting on earth has benefits even if your wonderland isn't as underdeveloped as mine.


Both of my methods seems to work more or less equally well for me, but I'm curious, if any of you do something similar, how do you approach it?


(PS this my first post here so apologies if anything is 'off')

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If you're imagining your tulpa in a mental version of your environment, that would be visualization, but it actually sounds like you're talking about imposition, which is tricking your brain into thinking you're really seeing/etc. your tulpa in the physical world. Normally considered an advanced skill, but it's great if it comes to you naturally!


We actually do both things you said, depending on how private the place we're in is. We generally will only "mime things out" in total privacy, like our room with the door closed, most often to hug. The rest of the time we either don't interact (in public public), or in more private but still someone-could-walk-around-the-corner-any-moment places we may more or less impose or visualize ourselves to interact with our systemmate, yes. 

Hi guys, plain text is just me now! We've each got our own accounts: me, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn. We're Luminesce's tulpas.

Here's our "Ask Thread", and here's our Progress Report (You should be able to see all of our accounts on the second page if you want)

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We do both, it depends on the situation for which one we use.


I prefer to "mime it out" when I can because I think it helps me more with practicing touch, visual, and presence imposition (right now I "impose" Ranger and the other's presence but I can't see them yet), but I refrain from doing it in public.


We also use the "phantom self" approach, but I don't like this one as much because I can sometimes feel more dissociated using this one. I have a harder time mapping sensory imposition to my phantom form. However, this could also be because I opt to use this when other people are around and I'm less focused. After briefly trying it just now in a quiet place, I'm still having the same trouble. I don't know, miming it out helps me focus more or something, or it's easier for me to do because I don't have to worry about moving my sensory experience.


Sometimes I will verbally talk to Ranger while he's standing in wonderland or is acting like a voice, but that's not quite the same thing. His presence can feel like it's more distant when in wonderland or hard to pinpoint / everywhere when talking as a disembodied voice. In real life, I wonder if I look around or blankly forward. I probably try to avoid doing this in public.


I think Ranger does a mix of both when he's switched-in, but I don't know if he has a preference.

I actually use this as a form now, but it's not my main one. I'm still not a hippo, neither is Ranger.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). He loves to chat.


Our system account

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🤔 Well I'll sometimes reach out to "hold her hand" (phantom I guess?). I'll as just kind of a gesture or token, look to my side like she's there when we're talking. I must look like an absolute nutter, because I'm silent but making conversation gestures and everything. Like someone on a Bluetooth call but not vocalizing. She'll also pat me on the leg. I'll "impose" her onto my phone with her picture or cuddle up to a pillow/blanket. I haven't the balls to commission an animu pillow of her yet. 😄 That might be hard to explain.

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Viktor: 🐺


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I like to impose Simmie in the real world when we're in an interesting location; like anywhere we decide to take a walk. In my car she is always in the passenger's seat. I use "impose" loosely because I don't actually "see" her, but I imagine her being there and interact with her as if she were a flesh and blood person. It helps that I have a very solid idea of how tall she is, how much she weighs, where her eyes are located, etc. When walking I'll hold her hand; in other words press my fingers into my hand just hard enough that it feels like I could be holding another person's hand.


I used to try and impose Simmie everywhere I went, but now when I'm somewhere "routine" like work I tend to just visualize her in the wonderland most of the time. Simmie watches me through a screen and has the ability to "jump through" the screen to impose herself IRL, but so far she hasn't done it except when I've coaxed her into doing it. She gets a little stir crazy just hanging out in the house by herself all that time so we're thinking of ways of changing that.


Also, welcome Power! 😁

Also known as GypsyRoad or Phil Present. Call me what you want, I'm not picky.

Simmie is my lovely tulpa, she's quite young still but is eager to meet and chat with new people so don't hesitate to say hi!

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I do both the miming and the phantom one. I call the latter the mind made body. It feels far more real to do it that way than to mime it out in my case, but I still mime sometimes anyway. Sometimes there is a mixture of both, like if I mime a hug but also wrap my mind made tail around them


For miming, the lack of pressure or physical contact is distracting. You can't really rest your hand on their shoulder or anything, so utilizing the muscles to hang it in the air takes away from the quality of the experience sensorally to me. The physical emoting of things relating for physical contact seems to be more for... the idea of it, or niceness, or something. I can't really find the right words for what I mean there

Creation for creation's sake.

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