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I'll draw things for you


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Guest Anonymous

I shall bestow upon you the carnivorous 9/11 terrorist fancy penis legacy if you wish to fulfill it. All you have to do is draw a massive penis with a top hat, monocle, bowtie, and a waxed handlebar mustache destroying the twin towers while eating people jumping out of the building. If you can color it, color the penis with stripes of red, white, and blue. Bonus points if you draw a bald eagle standing on the top of the building with a single tear running down it's face and the tear has an American flag inside.


Here is one FigN01 did, and Amadeus's for reference. But feel free to be creative.

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Jazz for Bask. I'm not great at bears, but it was a learning experience.


This is guy for intelhunter. You didn't provide a name so I couldn't write it on the image.


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Guest Fillyfooler

Hey etodreca Holly and I just got married in our wonderland and since I loved your work from before I was wondering if you could draw the scene for us.

pretty much the room looked like this (I hope you played Portal):


Holly really likes the Portal games so it was portal themed (thats why Chell is named Chell). As you can see I'm no artist. Feel free to change or customize things you think would look better. That's just the general shape. I have decided to make another tupla (Chell) and she was sitting in a chair around where the box is. She looks like this but she has wings instead of a horn. Also she was wearing an orange dress that kind of looked like this except it didn't have the gems, crown, or earrings.

Holly looked like this but again no crown or earrings and she had a horn. She had a necklace with her cutie mark on it but you don't have to draw that if you don't want to.

Holly recently turned me into a pony so I looked like this


and I had a top hat and a suit on.

For positions I was standing on the right button on Holly was on the left. If you want you can draw us kissing. The table was just a plain table with a white tablecloth on it. As for the food there was a big thing of Jell-o and the cake from the end of portal 1. Also there was a bowl of punch. Anything else you want to put on the table you can. The screen with the heart on it was connected to the buttons so when we both stood on them both sides of the heart would light up. The six tubes all had companion cubes going through them. You can add anything else if you think it would make it look better. I'm sorry if it's a lot and I can understand if you don't want to draw it but anything you draw would be better then having that outline on my wall. If you do decide to draw it then again thank you.

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Hello! Here's The Doctor. I'd love for you to draw him in a realistic style. You have free reign over his poses and settings or whatnot. Thanks. He usually wears a long brown overcoat, but you can choose wether to put that or not.

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