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I'll draw things for you


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As the thread title suggests, I'm taking requests for images of whatever your heart desires (preferably tulpae).


This is for my own practice as well as for the benefit of the community, as I imagine some people would like an image done.


The more specific the request the better. Reference pictures are suggested, but descriptions work as well. If you request a certain setting, pose, or action, that's fine too. It makes my job easier. Also let me know if any specific style is preferred (realistic / anime / western / ponies / etc. )


I'll post small-scale final results here, and I'll be happy to provide full-size images (aprox. 2000-1500px ish) to an e-mail address, but that size image will not be posted here.

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Well, i've always wondered what Artemis looked like to other people, so I guess you could take a crack at it.


He started out with this as a base, then later-


much bigger- it's abdomen about the size of an orange. I also gave this one long, slender wings that were probably common on lots of insects, and decided it was male.


He eventually ended up like this-



His head and thorax are unchanged, save for their increase in size. I'd say that he is roughly the size of a small dog now (though he's much longer). His largest change is his new abdominal structure.


Instead of one "orb" abdomen, it seems he now has three, "strung" together like pearl necklace with some sort of....something between the "orbs". But that wasn't really the odd part- the fluids in the abdominal orbs are different colors! Red, green, and blue, to be exact.


In addition to that, he also now has a sort of "tail" that hangs off the end of his chain or colored orbs. It's a thin, black tendril of sorts, and when he isn't using it, it curls up much like a chameleon's tail does. He must like it, because he's often hanging around in the tree with it. Though his wings have lengthened to accommodate his increased size, he doesn't seem to fly as much.

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Guest Fillyfooler

Holly said that she isn't going to change her form again anytime soon so what the hay. Pretty much what she would like you to draw is Nurse Redheart with a horn standing in front of an ambulance with sunglasses on in a badass pose (she wasn't very clear on the pose so it can be anything you want). Here is what Holly and the ambulance she drives looks like:

Holly or Nurse Redheart (minus her horn): images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRrockH2GTofkPbImscRnQMvBpQq0gK0BI6zkda1rJFZKI6bIHO

Ambulance: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRcD6tqU63MdfUXVB9wgi95klW6qXYRCYj_stgDCCr6MYOOhfZl

(change fire department to ambulance)

Thanks in advance and whatever that end result is I'm sure it will look awesome.

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If you have the time and drive to draw a bear that would be awesome.


6111561125_9231813a2e_z.jpg He's a pretty standard looking bear and has gold eyes. Uh, as for pose something 'snarky' :3? Whatever style floats your boat.

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do you see that mask? That is one kick ass mask, right? Masks are cool in general, but this one beats them all! Thats the mask of the freakkin' phantom of the opera! I kinda have two tulpas that im making ATM, but im thinking about focusing a bit more on one first, so that i get the hang of it. I swear i will continue on the other, as he is sentient too, but he will just have to wait a bit. However, if you could draw this one it would be awesum.


He has a hoodie with the hoodie on, and the mask covers some of the face, like in the picture. The light makes his other unmasked half face very hidden, the hoodie sortof ensures that. The hoodie is the one with strings on it, and it is light grey. He is wearing a bit baggy jeans, because it looks bad ass and its really comfy. is is standing in a bit of a relaxed pose, with his hands in his (hoodie) pocket.


his face is youthfull, as he is fifteen just like me, but the mask covers some of his face. He is built, but not ripped. He's not skinny, but not chubby.


The hoodie looks like this:



As for a pose, he SHALL BE STANDING LIKE HUSAIN BOLT. Ya know, like dis(just that he is pure aryan):



except with his lover hand(I.E. his right han) to be raised above his head while still pointing in that direction. bah, youll get it right.

Ayo grill how you be?

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Well I JUST asked Amadeus for a drawing, but I guess it can't hurt with more.


She is a short anime girl in the style of Ume-Sensei. She has black, short hair with an ahoge.


Basically her face looks like this this, and a hair like this. Her body is slim. For clothes maybe a T-shirt and a skirt.


I don't mind what pose you make, as long as it's cute.

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I would love to see my fuzzy Jaden playing with your cat tulpa. Toss in some of the other little quadruped tulpae that you know of if you want, but totally not necessary.


Jaden refs:




http://i.imgur.com/yihkm.jpg (older, he's deviated more into above, but he can move around in any which way like so, but prefers to be on all fours, unless posing for some reason)


He has fingers and thumbs sort of like a raccoon hand but less spooky looking. They just fall into paw shape most of the time though. 90% of the time he pretty much runs around like a cat.



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Here is Artemis for Josh.


He's lovely, sorry I didn't do him justice. I'm not great at drawing insects.


If you would like the full-size image shoot me an email. etodreca@gmail.com



Here is Holly for Fillyfooler.


Ponies are always adorable and fun to draw. I hope this image pleases you.


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Oh my, this is fantastic. Would it be ok if I request one of myself? (I'm a tulpa, so I hope that is ok)


I'm Mary. I sorta look like this, with the same long blond hair, blue eyes, and face shape (although I generally wear a bit more of a chipper and more upbeat expression). I also wear a red t-shirt, khaki slacks, brown boots, and an open, brown, knee length trench coat. If it could be on the realistic side of things, with maybe me waving hello, that would be great.


Thank you in advance if you choose to do it!

Stranger in a strange land.

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