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I'll draw things for you


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Alright I may as well get in on this then.

I havent really strted my Tulpa yet im only in the first stages of forcing however when i do tulpa force in my minds eyes (or wonderland if you prefer) I have this one particular image and i was wondering if you could represent it.


Basically its a large cirular room about 30ft in diametre. It iss dark and shadowy and looks like it is in a cave with the odd stalagtite etc. but around the room are archaic symbols that are glowing a light turqoise. The symbols i really had in mind would be the symbols used in the ElderScrolls games as the Elder language. But as long as they look occult and archaic it should be fine. next the room is mostly filled say about 20ft of it by a transmutation circle: http://th02.deviantart.net/fs23/200H/i/2009/015/e/f/transmutation_circle_by_kybrant.png


except it glows a firey yellow like the circle is litterally drawn with fire. on the part of the room where there is no circle is where i stand. in my minds eye i look a bit like van helsing but with brown hair. my hands are held out towards the circle and both my eyes and hands are glowing with the same fire as the circle. inside the circle i imagine the form of a female pony rising from the fire once again that looks like its made from that same fire with glowing white eyes and its mouth open but only half of the pony is seeable as the back of the pony is not there and only spreads out into the symbols of the circle. finally the point of view i imagine is where the pony and circle are near the viewer with the Tulpamancer not necesarilly in the background but still a bit to the left and back a bit.


if you need a better description i can give you one thankyou in advance. She hasnt got a name yet but im really excited to see how she turns out :).

“To light a candle is to cast a shadow...”

― Ursula K. Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea


“Only in silence the word,

Only in shadow the light,

Only in dying life:

Bright the hawk's flight

On the empty sky.


—The Creation of Éa”

― Ursula K. Le Guin


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If you're feeling inclined, I'd love a picture of Twi, Dash and Scoots (all as fillies) standing on a tree stump or something, smiling up at the viewer. Twi has huge ears; Scoots has two navy and light blue streaks in her mane (one each).


Anything else is also fine, if it has one of these three in it. Thanks so much!

[align=center]Jick Twi Dash Scoots

9/2/95 3/10/12 9/10/12 28/1/13[/align]

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Wow, awesome thread man, thanks for doing this!


Well, if you have the time could you do Wildfire (my profile pic)? She does have a cutie mark of a campfire if you can incorperate that.

She would perfer being in mid flight, that would be epic!

And if possible (probably not but i'll ask anyway) could you do it so that it can fit into youtube channel art? Thanks again and sorry if this is too specific.

Hi everyone, I'm Wildfire and I'm always happy to have a chat, come find us on IRC sometime!

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Why are you guys still asking? Can't you see that he hasn't replied a thing to any of your requests? Plus he hasn't logged in for half a year.


Geez guys, you should actually look a bit before you start asking.


replies below me suck!

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