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I'll draw things for you


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Can you draw Azazel please? His picture is my icon, and I would repost it here but it's pretty big.


I don't mind if you do his human form or his winged-wolf form in a different pose. Whichever is easiest on you :)


Human Form


Height: Not sure if it matters, but he's tall 5'11" to 6'0"

Hair: Same style as in the icon, but all dark red. No highlights.

Eyebrows: Same shade of red as his hair.

Eves: Violet (purple)

Mouth: He has a tendency to smirk, so one side up I guess?

Clothes: All black, long sleeved black top, long black pants tucked into his black boots, with a belt around his waist (silver buckle), and boots that have silver buckles on the sides.

Please, refer to Azazel as my Muse. :)


Our story is here.

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Hello etodreca:) Would you mind drawing my tulpa for me? His name is Tallis


He is 5'11, pale, slim, black shaggy hair, green eyes, full light pink lips, average size nose. He usaually wears a blue plaid shirt and black skinnies. Black converse on his feet. Think emo kid and you got him:P Thank you in advance, if you wanna do it:)


Here's my email: snowypsycho@ymail.com


Thank you!


Edit: Pose and scenary doesn't matter to me:)


About: Human, Male, around age 18. Black hair, green eyes, 5'11.

Personality: Sarcastic, intelligent, curious, playful, honest, kind, caring.

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Please draw a woman from my avatar.

She is 190cm tall, muscular, just like a regular female soldier.

Just can't draw her face correct, when I try, I get this shit:



Can you draw it more precise?

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I'm hoping you could draw Podaruji, I could use something to help visualizing her. Here is an older picture of her by someone else. It's mostly correct but there are a few details that need changing. She has one less finger on each hand and one more toe on each foot (like the Yu-Gi-Oh card on which she's sort of based). Her feet don't have those weird feathery bits coming up from them, instead the pattern above them ends as a kind of legging-type thing. She has tail feathers, and her hair should be down, not tied in twintails.


Other details: She looks around 11 years old in human terms. Her skin is basically Caucasian looking. Her hair, eyes, and clothes (including the bands just below her shoulders, and the one around her neck) are a foresty green color, as are her leggings, with the leaf patterns on them being darker green. Her feathers, and her belt, are brown, and her hands and feet are a gold, bird-scale-type color. Also, the band around her neck has the Japanese character for wind (風) on it.

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I'm assuming you're still taking requests.


If you are, I'd like you to draw Sarah.


She's 5'6" (168 cm if you prefer) with a B-cup, Caucasian, Short brown "pixie" style hair, green eyes, with a soft, round-ish face, she normally wears light blue jeans with a sky blue shirt, and an open darker-blue jacket. As for style, realistic would be best, and she can be posed however you like.

Sarah: Progress: Visualization: Complete, Vocalization: Complete, Sentience: Complete, Imposition: In Progress


"The plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time." - Fyodor Karamazov

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If you could draw mine, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll try to be as descriptive as possible.


Sonya is a Lamia (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121101024849/villains/images/7/7a/Lamia.jpg) with Anime Stylization. She has jade green eyes and her pupils are similar to that of a venomous snake, but wider and softer so that they don't look threatening. Eyebrows are thin. Her hair is dark brown and medium length, it down to her shoulders and it's well cut and neat, use this for an example for her hair http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f270/megers2001/MegganMeggan.jpg


She is C-cup, pretty fair skinned and she's about 5'8" rearing up on her snake half. The snake half of her itself is around 3-4 times longer then the human half of her. And the snake half starts where her Hips would be if she was completely human. The Scales are green with blue & red blotches, pattern is like this http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/531757/531757,1267985370,9/stock-photo--snake-skin-green-and-black-48157030.jpg the underbelly scales are soft yellow.


I'd like two actually, one tastefully nude and one with clothes one. She normally wears a red Beret and She also wears a sea glass necklace, it is like the one but without the back plate and it is green as well http://media.merchantcircle.com/29954095/Ocean%20Reflections%20~%20Cornflower%20Blue%20Sea%20Glass%20Necklace1_full.jpeg She wears a black dress like thishttp://img1.simplydresses.com/_img/SDPRODUCTS/969684/1000/black-dress-X-XS3644-a.jpg


For the nude I'd like her kinda coiled up, but have her human half laying across the coils.


For the clothed I'd like her relaxing on a couch or something.


If you want to do your own poses that's fine. Here's some anatomy that should helphttp://4.bp.blogspot.com/_6YsDJDmIbOw/Sf1H0_QVPnI/AAAAAAAACPs/LSSFVLRxmH4/s400/Internal_Naga_Anatomy_by_sugarpeep.jpg



Thanks, I know it's a lot.

"The Question is not who is going to let me, its who is going to stop me"~ Ayn Rand

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I'd like to make a request for Hemera on behalf of her and myself.


We'e taken to describing her as a fallen angel, or rather a human with two big angelic wings and no halo.

She's in her late teens, as far as her looks say. Her eyes and hair are brown, and her hair is done back in a ponytail.

She wears a plain black t-shirt and tan cargo pants reaching to just above her ankles, and she's barefoot almost all the time.

And... I guess, she's contemplative. When I visualize her, she's always sitting, usually on a tree stump in the middle of a field of our wonderland. Usually slumped forward in her seat a bit, resting her head in her hand just looking like she's thinking really hard about something. So perhaps have her with a halo in her hand, staring at that.

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Why are you guys still asking? Can't you see that he hasn't replied a thing to any of your requests? Plus he hasn't logged in for half a year.


Geez guys, you should actually look a bit before you start asking.

Name: Dante

Gender: Male

Form: Toa Mata Nui, a Bionicle(Amadeus made a sketch of him, kudos!)

Stage: Narration, posession


Being original since July 2012.

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Please draw a woman from my avatar.

She is 190cm tall, muscular, just like a regular female soldier.

Just can't draw her face correct, when I try, I get this shit:



Can you draw it more precise?

Still can't draw face nice:


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