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I'll draw things for you


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Seeing how you've done a really great job so far (and enjoys it) you might as well try mine...

Can you draw Chloe charging with a glaive out of the paper (well not literally). She looks like the link (:3) in my sig. In fight, she usually wears a red tank top, long slim blue jeans and a black scarf that looked like a shadow that she could manipulate.

Chloe - That cheerful girl with ponytail.

Aigis - The male cyborg that looks like raiden in MGR.

Vixen - Half dragon female who looks like Mary in DMC3 when in human form.

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Her name is Samantha-Alley

below is my "Sketch" of her head which is probably the hardest part.




I didnt do too bad persay but it looks more retarded than cute, the eyes are supposed to be symmetrical and the picture is a bit fatter but thats probably all that can be done.


Hair- ruby red


Complexion- light/smooth

Fingerless gloves

She basically has the shape of a regular girl, above average height.

Dark Red sweatshirt, white skirt. Mid legnth

Modestly busty

Has one hand on her hip, the other just whereever.


In case you havent started: average, smooth complexion. Decent curves and typical female buid. Make sure theres attitude in that picture ;)

Thanks again, Let me know if you need anymore information

Progress report

"You'll have a Tulpa because you didn't give up" -Koomer



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Might as well give you the same challenge I gave Amadeus. Just to get two different styled pituees of Anon and I.


Draw us both together in the same picture please. Pose doesn't matter. Be creative with it! Thank you!

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Could you draw Justine and Sheldon in some random awesome pose? They can be anime or realistic, whichever works better.

Justine has pale pink hair that's curly/wavy, and goes down to mid back. She has really intense green eyes. 5'7"

She appears about 19, with a pretty curvy body shape (busty, but not overly) and pale porcelain skin. Her personality is cheerful and good-natured, if that helps.

hair reference

Outfit-military themed like this, you can adjust it however you want, so be creative! (Just not so extremely skinny please).


Sheldon: Short black hair, pale blue eyes. 6'2"

Based off of Sheldon Cooper, if you need a good visual.

Personality: playful and flirty

Outfit: Make him like a mad scientist! Long white lab coat, white face mask...

think like this except without the alcohol xD


Sorry if this is a little overly detailed, but I would love it so much if you could do this!

Tulpas: Justine, Guess, Clarence


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Jazz for Bask. I'm not great at bears, but it was a learning experience.


This is guy for intelhunter. You didn't provide a name so I couldn't write it on the image.





I just saw this. That's awesome! =DD Thank you!

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Amy.jpg.2f407c491d66a18c88820a0284836a26.jpgHey, being as I've just now figured out what my tulpa wants to look like, I'd like to request a picture of her, preferably in anime style. She looks exactly like the person in the picture- the only difference being that she does not, in fact, have wings. Any clothing would suffice- being as I'm not entirely certain what she likes to wear, or does not, I'm going to let you decide what she should be wearing- creative artistry is always appreciated- do as you please as far as that goes :) Thank you for your time, and if you need/would like to email me on your progress, my email is:




Thank you in advance!!!

Ermahgerd Ver fer Vernderterr


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