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This is my thread about my Tulpa Flora. At the time of writing this, she was 12 hours old, still in the personality phase, just getting to the end of it. I plan to start visualisation in a few hours, and then once the skin is done along with facial features, I plan to draw (and upload) a few sketches of the finished form in clothes.


Background: I discovered about Tulpae in various places but my interest was piqued when I met a stranger on omegle, who claimed to have one. He told me all about him and the stuff they can do. I was skeptical until he told me the word "Tulpa" and I researched it. A week later I find this place and I have been here ever since.

I decided to make a tulpa fairly quickly- I was sure I could manage to keep one and not lose interest after a month or two. The general idea for my tulpa is just a friend. Not a romantic waifu partner or spirit guide. I took the very basic essence of a character I know of and stripped it down to the bare bones. After about 12 hours, the only resemblance is of the hair colour, general appearance and a single trait. Not entirely OC but good enough.


I have started the process like most other people with the personality. I took the 5 umbrella traits idea and expanded each with 4 minor traits.


Loyal- dependable, helpful, steadfast, agreeable

Practical- hardworking, analytical, strategic, considerate

Friendly- positive, caring, courteous, mature

Shy- awkward, apprehensive, passive, quiet

Unsure- indecisive, unfocused, avoidant, calm


Now you might be wondering about the last two major traits- Shy and Unsure. These are merely for balance and to work as limiters, to prevent an over the top trait from being expressed. Being hardworking yet apprehensive would mean she doesn't work non stop all the time, with only labour being the only thing she thinks of. I think it gives good balance to have bad traits as well as good traits, otherwise it's just you with the bad traits while your tulpa is some kind of perfect implausible being.


I'll update pretty much everyday, because I have no life. I'll answer questions too if I know of the answers.


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Sorry, didn't see the message come in.


Mainly for balance in the character. I think my tulpa will emerge more balanced and believable if she has some negative traits, rather than just being all good traits.

Think of you best friend. You have seen them mad or upset or acting badly for some reason or another. I very much doubt you know of anyone who is 100% pure.


The negative traits are nothing like "she get's really angry easily" or "she can be really spiteful". They are only there as limiters, as how I put it. My 5 main traits are Loyal, Practical, Friendly, Shy and Unsure, the last two being the negative ones. The shyness prevent the practical trait from being too expressed where she would then be too business like and hard headed. The unsure trait limits the effects of being over friendly, where-in she would be too mouthy and carefree- something I see in a person and I find annoying.


You may say that it's unnecessary to have limiters but it's basically there to include faults so that the overall character isn't just a pile of gold I can rely on all the time. That would make my tulpa less believable and less able to empathize with me, if that makes sense. If you had a perfect best friend it would feel odd when it's always you with the problems or you making the mistakes.


Hmm. Interesting. Seems like those two traits could be summed up with "reserved", which carries a neutral connotation. I suppose that the reason I've taken interest in your chosen traits is because of the labels of "positive" and "negative" you've applied. The other three traits definitely could be bad, and the two "bad" traits could be seen as good, as you have said with trying not to make the tulpa too perky or whatever.


I think that tulpa traits should be made in a neutral mindset. For example, one aspect of my planned tulpa is (and I need to fond a word for this) that she would nag me to get stuff done. I can see how this could be potentially annoying and helpful.


Just food for thought.


Yeah, also I didn't want to just join the fray and copy everyone else in their ideas. Following the path less travelled is the way discoveries are made. Not saying that this way is better or is going to beneficial, but at least it's something new. I also felt personally that since Tulpa creation is a fairly free process (there are no set-in-stone steps to making one for everyone), then a little deviation on my part wouldn't be a bad thing.


I agree with your summation of how the negative traits can be positive and vice-versa. Being too loyal would create a tulpa without a backbone or sense of self preservation, being too practical (might have to rename that trait, maybe steadfast?) would make her too hard headed or work obsessed. Being over friendly could lead to her being way too much to handle, wanting to party all the time and being too carefree and trusting.

Shyness would combat the practical trait as I said and wouldn't really make it neutral where neither have an effect, but I think of it more as the shyness's effect is taking the practical's effect down a notch or two. Neither is cancelled or wasted.


Right now I'm into hour 8 of personality forcing. All major traits are done and I'm moving onto the 20 minor traits, doing each in 20 minute sections. I'm starting to get a form making itself, where I see her in my minds eye and I no longer just see what my template looks like, she is developing slightly, which I think is good. Nothing drastic, but at least it's moving along.

[Note: Opinions]

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Finished covering the personality at 13hours and 40minute in. Going to start visualisation now, while narrating about the personality. You can't afford to just leave the personality hanging or ignore it for a while. Not sure how to do the visualisation properly though.


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Found out how to best approach visualisation. It isn't recommended (or discouraged) but I decided to do some simple sketch art of the head to get a better idea of what I'm working with here. I already have 3 different angles sketched out and now I'm just filling in details of the face and hair.


Was surprisingly hard to get the hair right on real paper than it was in my head. This might prove to be an issue for everyone as they try to impose their tulpa into the real world. If tulpae are supposed to be highly detailed in the real worl if done right, then trying to draw them out to see specific details might help the process.


Will post when they are done, probably later tonight or tomorrow latest.

Full body with clothes example will be up later in the week I hope.


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I refuse to sketch her out until she's complete. If I sketch my tulpa out now, that'll be like admitting to myself that she isn't sentient. I just feel innately negative to this idea.

I want to make a tulpa. That's why I'm here.

Tulpa Name: Shai, ✓Personality, ✓Visualization, ✓Touch, ✓Smell, Body Language and Sentience ❑

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Sketching your tulpa doesn't mean you don't think it's sentient. You can sketch it before it is like I am or afterwards, to just get her form on paper, like sketching anyone in the world. I'm just doing this to help my mind's eye visualise what different eyes and hair styles look like and then we can take it from there.

I'm not sketching and then memorising the drawing to apply to my tulpa. It's more of a visualisation exercise.


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