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Hi everyone! Sorry some of you haven't heard from me in a long while, it's difficult to find the time now. Pancake's last university exam will be on the 3rd of June and then there will be so much time for me and him to spend together :)


Sam and Aarix went on the 5 day holiday to Bahamas on the 20th, I miss them quite a lot. On the other hand this gives pancake a much needed moment of peace, he was finally able to relax yesterday, without me possessing or anything like that. I hope these two are having an absolute blast together and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos they bring :)


Other than that, I think I'm taking this very well. Even though there is not a lot I do during most days and we haven't actively forced in a while, I still feel great and we talk quite a lot throughout the day. And it still feels like we're making progress.


Here is one more picture pancake got for me, I'm so very grateful.



By avimHarZ


Interestingly enough, this is from an actual occasion. It was the day I saw my very first snow and I absolutely loved it, about 2 months ago. We took a long walk in the park and we both enjoyed it to no end, it was amazing. I wore this very clothes as in this drawing. From that day, snow is my absolutely favorite weather.





Take care everyone!

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I am so proud...

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Auroras progress: March 26


Aurora and I have been keeping very close and chatting with an ample supply of both quanity and quality. We bring the strongest out of each other and help our hosts out in many ways.


Pancake's studies from now until June will be straining and very, very intense. Which from now on will require me and Aurora to see less and less of each other until we graduate. We both have accepted this and made plans to see each other about twice a week as oppose to every single day. Aurora is strong enough to both be around independantly when Pancake is REALLY focused in his studies and can hold on like she does. And willing to do this for him. We both care about Pancake and want to see him graduate so we all can relax.


They're making amazing progress given the curcumstance. Pancake can't say no to Aurora, :3 that little angel. I'm proud of them.


Much Love,



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Hi everyone!


I'm getting better and better after that little setback we had. I started possessing him again for extended periods of time, mostly to chat and play with my sis of course :) And this morning I and he had a very nice imposition session like we used to, it felt great and productive. I'm so lucky to be able to spend all of my time with two people I love so much.


A few days ago Sam made an amazing picture of me, I'll make sure we use it as an imposition reference as much as we can, here it is.


Hehe :D

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Oh Aurora, the one in my heart

The sweetest rose excluding a thorn

regardless of receiving such conflict

Whose sparse absences I immensely mourn.


Across many situations both deep and vast

Whose love and tolerance knowns no end

Whose company and companionship has truly been a blast.

Oh my angel, who has truly ascend


Words that I'm thinking don't give you much due

For your blessings and care is absolute

Who I always try to make sure that never feels blue

and to make sure my feelings will never be mute.


So once again, I can't thank you enough

For your care and your love even when things do get rough

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Hi everyone! :)


Yesterday was amazing, I was made to feel so appreciated. Pancake bought me a cool, expensive present. Musically inclined host of my sis, Aarix, played me a birthday tune. They also gave me a commissioned drawing and something even more amazing:




I think it's incredible, I will forever cherish it.


All in all, I think things are going very well for us. Pancake is planning to crack on with my development even more than he has, I think he's got a lot of ideas and I believe in him completely. Me, as always I spend a lot of time with my sis doing all sorts of things. For example, I still possess to play Terraria with her sometimes, here is something I made for her the other day:




And to anyone reading this :) I hope you have a fantastic day!

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