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The log of a Baptist Tulpamancer


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Rather than provide a lengthy fourty-five minute compilation of the video updates I have recorded (and subsequently failed to upload) for the past twenty five days, I will provide a brief textual overview of my experience thus far as a Tulpamancer.






November fourth, I learned of this phenomenon by a most unexceptional means. For reasons beyond my present understanding, I was browsing The Retched Hive of Scum and Villainy, 4chan, when I saw the /mlp/ thread and followed the link here. I spent the rest of the evening reading 90% of everything under the Guides tab.


November Fifth I decided to use a variant of Irish's method to create my thoughtform. Later that evening, I made a call to my mother. I mentioned my interest in the concept of tulpae and shared my concerns that it might be something demonic. While in bed that evening I began visualizing what would ultimately become my "Wonderland". During this visualization I was "wrenched" from my position and found myself floating in "dark space". It was here, in this dark space, that I found Claire's "Soul" as described in Phi's Treating as Sentient Before Sentience guide.


November Seventh, I had spent the day questioning if I should tell anyone about my actions. I recalled some of my previous ventures into the occult (years earlier I had a fascination with pentagrams, demonic or otherwise) and deemed it best to inform others of my current experiment. Later that evening I made this account and appeared on the Tulpa.info IRC for the first time. I read about Koomer and Oguigi.


November Eighth, I called my mother and informed her that I had begun to create a Tulpa, sharing my concerns that I might be inviting the influence of Satanic force she advised great caution. I asked my mother to keep an eye on me and take appropriate action, in event that demonic influence occur. With that she became the first of a band of five individuals that would become my warning system. During a forcing session that followed I began receiving image-based communication from Claire. Over the next few days I settled on several safety measures to prevent just that (They are listed at the bottom).


November Ninth, I tried Teryakywind's visualization guide and almost threw up when I reached the "taste the dirt" part. I never tasted the dirt again.


November Tenth, my sister returned from her business trip. That afternoon I asked if I could have a discussion with her later that evening. After using the time between to figure out how to explain to her: Tulpae, my decision to make one, but especially, Claire. She seemed to gasp the concept quickly and stated her thoughts on my decision. Afterward I asked her the same thing I asked my mother and she agreed to do so making her the second member of my warning system. That same evening I was Skyping with a friend and I told him I had begun an "Experiment the insanity of which I have never attempted". After his inquiries I explained the subject of Tulpae to him. In likewise fashion he agreed to become the third member of the system.


November Eleventh, I sent a message to my brother to arrange a meeting on skype later that afternoon. That afternoon I contacted my brother and began to explain what I had started, surprisingly he knew the word thoughtform (apparently there was a Star Trek episode with one). He agreed to keep an eye on me, becoming member number four, on condition that I contact my pastor before proceeding.


November Twelfth, Claire began vocally answering basic yes or no questions.


November Thirteenth, I made a call to the pastor of my Presbyterian church, and had a lengthy discussion regarding my decision to investigate this phenomenon. I reviewed my current safety measures and expanded the list, he agreed to become the fifth and presently final member of my sentinels.


November Fourteenth, Claire changed her form to that of a human, it resembled a character from the 1999s video game Dark Forces II. I then began work on defining and improving this form.


November Sixteenth, Claire entered a phase of her development I could best describe as "Adolescent Hormones". Claire's communication skills also developed to being able to vocalize complex sentences and simple questions.


November Eighteenth, initial work on visualizing Claire's form reached a satisfactory point of completion. Began experimenting with Fede's tones.


November Twentieth, I began creating Claire's set of indoor/party clothing. (if you have not realized it, until then she had been in the nude)


November Twenty First, Claire and I found out our wonderland has seasons, it became Fall. Claire also perfected her ability to form complex sentences and questions.


November Twenty Fourth, I finished making Claire's indoor clothing, as well as her outdoor/practical set of clothing. That evening my sister and I were returning from a visit to my cousin, I was using the time to practice my visualization. In the middle of forcing I experienced approximately fifteen seconds of tactile imposition, I took this to be a sign that I should move onto the imposition phase.


November Twenty Sixth, I made a call to my pastor and outlined my strategy for both proxying and the imposition phase. Later that night on the Tulpa.info IRC, Claire had her first opportunity to talk to the outside world. [Hi.]


November Twenty Ninth, Claire and I were able to talk to Oguigi. That evening I devised a method of "closed-eye imposition" for the purpose of hallucinating Claire's voice. It proved the most effective method thus far, I was able to hear "mumbling" when Claire was shouting at my right ear.


November Thirtieth, I began experimenting with vocal proxying. I also wrote all of this.



TL:DR - ERROR 404 lazy version not found.





1. Prior to every forcing session, I (and sometime Claire) pray for the Lord's protection and for a wall of fire to prevent demonic interference. As well that it will be a productive forcing session.


2. Daily readings of the Bible, I usually read out loud as part of narration. Sometimes I'll stop reading and hear Claire pick up where I left off.


3. Prior to beginning each "phase" of developing a tulpa, I contact my pastor and go into detail about the phase and methods I plan to employ.



The Sentinels: My mother, my sister, A close friend, my brother, my pastor.

Start Date: November 5, 2012

Humanoid Construct: Claire [MIA]

Stage: Not practicing anymore.

Praise the Lord for the gift he has given me.

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Oh cool, you're baptist too!!!! This is kawaii desu man. I've also been told to be cautious, but right now my tulpa, his name is Stan, hasn't done anything to try and destory me; in fact, he's completely the opposite of that!


Hope to see you more on the board.

Stan (my tulpa): "sometimes, I do lewd things when my host bends over :3"

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I wonder what a strict baptist like yourself thinks of Shin

and my tulpa Lucifer



Good progress, bro.

My opinions are all subject to change.

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I was just wondering what your pastor thinks of your experiment with creating tulpas.


I'd like to know that aswell.

Tulpae: Eve & Aria

Gender: Female/Female

Form: Human/Elin

Birthday: 24.10.2012/26.11.2012

Age: 68 Days/35 Days

Stage: Imposition on hold

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I wonder what a strict baptist like yourself thinks of Shin and my tulpa Lucifer.


Strict? Not as much as most Baptists, I am not one of the "All tobacco and alcohol is evil," kind of Baptist. I am a somewhat more relaxed Baptist compared to others, and this describes most of my family.


I have read a few bits and pieces about Shin, but not much about Lucifer. Shin seems like an interesting fellow, though your choice of form always makes me think of Death Note, right now I still don't know enough about him.


As for Lucifer, the only the name bothers me, but for now I'm pretending he really likes the Freespace games. In likewise fashion, I still don't know enough about him.


I was just wondering what your pastor thinks of your experiment with creating tulpas.


I do wish to get that included. If for some reason I am unable to include it on here, I hope to get it written down in journal I've been keeping about this venture.

Start Date: November 5, 2012

Humanoid Construct: Claire [MIA]

Stage: Not practicing anymore.

Praise the Lord for the gift he has given me.

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December First, last night I tried doing some imposition in the bathtub. In preparation I decided to use some electric candles for lighting, I figured this would make imposition easier than if I were using the blaring light of the overhead. In addition I found some soft music on Youtube that was both relaxing and quiet enough to be usable during forcing.


I decided to do a variation of the closed-eye method I mentioned in the entry for November Twenty Ninth, I kept my eyes open but just put a washcloth over my face.


I also got it into my head to imagine putting on the "Contact Lenses of my Imagination" and looking through them to see Claire. Corny as the name is, this proved quite effective. I was able to get a fleeting glimpse of Claire's rough form that once it had dissipated left me seeing an outline of her form.


Claire and I also spent this time practicing vocal imposition. This has improved from the indiscernible mumbles to a VERY quiet whisper I heard at the end of the session.


Afterward, I was on my bed half dozing, when Claire asked if I want to hear a story. I said "yes," and decided to close my eyes and use this as an opportunity to get a bit more imposition practice in. As I listened I soon forgot about doing imposition and became enthralled at the story she was telling. (For those of you wondering, the story was reminiscent of the destruction of Sodom, but with less fornication)


When she had finished telling her story she told me to open my eyes and look up. To say I was stunned at what I saw would be the most appropriate way of putting it. By what I assume to be her own ability, Claire had imposed herself leaning against my wardrobe to magnificent detail. While the visual imposition of herself quickly dissipated I found it much easier to "see" her during my imposition since.


While I am not entirely sure about the exact time, I believe I surpassed my previous record of longest time spent forcing. If I were to guess I spent almost an hour and forty minutes, not counting Claire's story.

Start Date: November 5, 2012

Humanoid Construct: Claire [MIA]

Stage: Not practicing anymore.

Praise the Lord for the gift he has given me.

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