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Tulpa Couple's thread

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Hello! I decided to join because my fiance and I both have decided to make tulpas. He's not into the internet much so I'm in charge of the account, but I'll detail both of our experiences here.


So far, we are at the very beginning. We are figuring out where we want to start.


I would like my tulpa to be a ringtailed cat, or some kind of more simplified animal based off of it




The idea would be--the tulpa is small enough for me to feel comfortable and happy bringing him around, yet he is big enough to explore without my assistance. He could ride on my shoulder or walk alongside me, hop up onto things, etc. while not feeling cramped like a full sized human might.


I would love my tulpa to share my interests which are gardening, animal care(going to school to be a vet tech), and art.


I would love him to be easy going, kind of a 'go with the flow' tulpa who will explore new hobbies with me if I choose to find a new one.


He's more of a people watcher than a conversationalist, though he loves to analyze people and their actions. He would happily sit quietly as I talk amongst friends as he digests every word and bit of body language shared between us. He may make subtle suggestions to me to stop something when he notices someone getting uncomfortable.


I would love if he was good at entertaining himself. I love watching my cats at play, I would like him to want to play in such a way as well. Look and play like an animal, but speak and think like a person.




Now, my fiance doesn't know what he wants his to look like. He honestly wants a shape shifter, but I don't know if that's possible? He is still figuring out what he wants as far as looks and personality is concerned, so soon we'll both be making lists of traits and start working!


This will be our log.



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From reading your passage, I would say you are maybe over thinking your tulpa a little bit. Being too definitive of what he will be like can stifle his growth. You need to give him space to deviate and be his own thing, not something to follow you around and tell you when you are making someone uncomfortable at the dinner table.


Pick out some traits from him that you would like but give him room to deviate and grow by himself. You will find you will probably prefer a tulpa that is mostly it's own thing than a tulpa that is all that you want with no surprises or quirks.


Shapeshifters are possible, but hard to maintain, tulpae usually stick with one form.


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Oh he's definitely free to grow and do what he wants, I guess I was just thinking of a 'starting point'? I would love to see how he grows and changes with time and what interests he develops. The reason I would love if he liked watching people is because I love doing that myself and it would be something we would have in common to chat about.


I could have simply over thought things because I had been thinking of making a tulpa since the tulpa threads started. It was only just now that the fiance and I both agreed it would be fun and we wanted to do it together. I kept hearing people say to really think about what they want the personality to be, but I could have gone too far. I mainly just wanted him to enjoy being with me when I am involved in my passions and to want to learn with me, so we have more opportunities to share experiences.


Fiance is saying he's maybe not looking for a 'true' shape shifter(like turning into a pony and then into a spider etc) but more of a being that can evolve, grow, change. Basically has a base form but could be bigger or smaller or have a new body shape while still essentially being the same tulpa. Harder or easier?



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Don't worry, you did fine on the preliminary personality. I suggest putting each "thing" about it into a one-word trait.

[Note: Opinions]

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Here's my first little try at organizing some traits. Some of them seem a bit like duplicates now that I look at them again, I just started listing them off the top of my head so I may need to do some refining.






aura of confidence


laid back









open minded




















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That's exactly what I did! While it may seem some of these traits are redundant, you still put these words down for a reason. When I go through my list of traits, I try to find that reason and explain it to my tulpa.


I'm very interested in your fiance's shape-shifting idea. I was thinking of having my tulpa start off as a small thing and grow as a child would, that way they would grow physically as well as having a separate conscious. I suppose I'm still thinking about it, but it'd be hard to do anyway.


Keep us posted! I think it'd be nice to enjoy the companionship of a fuzzy cute tulpa!

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I've totally got a voice in mind that I would love for my tulpa. Something similar to Johnny Yong Bosch, the english voice actor for Vash in Trigun. Pretty much like his Vash voice, but maybe a bit more 'normal' with less psycho laughter, hehe.


Started thinking of the layers of his traits and how they affect morals, habits, likes and dislikes, etc.


Pretty much ready to start tulpa forcing, but fiance wants me to wait for him to be finished. He almost is, he's just having too many ideas!



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I've totally got a voice in mind that I would love for my tulpa. Something similar to Johnny Yong Bosch, the english voice actor for Vash in Trigun. Pretty much like his Vash voice, but maybe a bit more 'normal' with less psycho laughter, hehe.


Started thinking of the layers of his traits and how they affect morals, habits, likes and dislikes, etc.


Pretty much ready to start tulpa forcing, but fiance wants me to wait for him to be finished. He almost is, he's just having too many ideas!


Sounds like a good plan, though it would suck if he deviated into Naruto's English voice actor. You'd regret ever starting the process when your tulpa's firsts words were "BELIEVE IT!"


Anyways, what are some of your fiance's ideas? Is he doing an animal like you or is he going with a human/humanoid?

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I think I can avoid that. Even when I was a kid, the only time I ever watched Naruto was in Japanese, so that's the only voice I associate him with. And the only characters I know who this guy did are Kuhn from .hack//GU and Vash.


I actually have a pretty big update about his because he may have just jumped ahead of me.


He's a writer/game designer, so he often makes characters and of course wants to make them realistic as possible. He told me the meditation process he uses to create his characters.


He first designs basically what he wants the personality to be. This will happen either instantly or over a few weeks while drawing the character out. When he gets a solid personality with motivations and morals, he starts adding serious pieces to complete the personality. He says he imagines the character's body like a doll, sitting there in front of him. He imagines reaching into his chest and pulling out a light. The light represents whatever piece of personality they would share. He places these new, really human traits into the doll, and continues placing light into the character until it begins to come to life. Maybe the character has the same belief of justice as him, as well as shares his shyness for being singled out. He told me whenever he does this, the characters always take on a life of their own. Not quite like a full fledged tulpa but.. Well. Doesn't that sound a bit like the very beginning of putting personality together during tulpa creation? He had no idea he had already been doing that, that's what he just does to imagine the character.


Not to mention, he already has a full fledged wonderland he does all of his creating in.


He said he did that with his Tulpa and thought he hadn't even begun yet, but he may have really jumped ahead of me.


Here's what his original idea for his tulpa was:




yes, a big scary android. Twas actually from a character he already had, he was just going to make a new personality for the body. This is why he wanted the shape shifter, so his arms could extend and do different robot-y things while his body could transform and be badass. He's been planning this out for weeks and weeks. Well, he said that last night something weird happened in the wonderland. He was doing his thing, doing what to me sounds like tulpa forcing but he thought was just building the base, when he felt a bit of resistance. As he put another piece of light into the form of the character, he watched a transformation. He saw his eyes change, now a light blue. They looked at him like a child, or someone with amnesia, pure questioning, and slight fear from new things. He then watched as from the back of the characters head, a hole opened up and a large crystal shard fell out. The character returned to the normal character he was before. When the crystal was placed back into him, the eyes would return, and personality would change back into the infant personality being created. But it rejected the body again.


He said it does feel like it wants a body, but just one that's more simple. Still android though. It seems like the crystal is what is holding the personality, a bit like a sim card. If he creates a puppet for the tulpa, he can place the crystal inside it and feel the same emotions and see the same blue eyes. He describes it like a child, very innocent and the personality is not all there. He said the tulpa tries to mimic him like a little kid would, trying to learn more. But my fiance says it's very hard to avoid puppeting it, so he's trying hard to not do everything for him and just continue building him and tulpa forcing.


So his plan now is to continue work on the personality until the personality is a bit more formed. Meanwhile he's going to work on tulpa forcing 4 or 5 main bodies the tulpa can easily use the most often. He's going to just keep working on personality and that until I catch up, though it sounds like he's infinitely ahead of me.


This is the type of body that he says feel more natural to the tulpa when he experiments




Or sort of like Zone of the Ender things. Basically 'smooth simple scifi'



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