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Tulpa.info Forums; How to Use Them


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Tulpa.info; The Forums and How to Use Them





If you've only recently joined this wondrous site, you're likely confused about everything. Well, I'm here to rectify that. Here I shall describe each board and the threads inside of them. I shall also build on the general rules established by Pleeb in order to make y'all better contributors to this community.



The Boards and their Contents



[align=center]There are 9 boards in which posts are accrued. There are the "Forum Announcements" board, the "Forum Questions and Comments" board, along with the Guides, Q&A, Progress Report, Research, Off Topic, Metaphysics and Tulpa Art boards.


The two top board, the Forum Announcement board is where Pleeb and his army of Mods and Admins hang out to tell each other what they've done, such as banning members, addressing new boards in the forum, or attributing to the literal 1000 threads concerning the site Redesign which every member's pretty much concluded will never happen. Don't quote me on that last one though. This board has interesting reads, but gets mundane after a while, since you can't reply to anything.


The next board down, the Forum Q&A board is the board where everybody complains to the Mods and Admins about things such as the fact that they were banned, asking for new boards in the forums, glitches in the site, and the, once again, Site Redesign which once again, will probably not happen. Ever. This board is the birthplace of many a flame war, and is probably not the best spot to hang around.


Moving on, the Guides board is where you're at currently. It's the glorious birthplace of a million amateur threads about what to do in the creation of tulpae. Unfortunately, this place has a few issues. 1. Nobody knows what they're doing in the end, because nobody really elaborates when they write the guides. 2. Everybody ends up using the methods on the "Guides" area of the main site. 3. Fede's method is in this board. And 4. This board has the feature of being able to comment on threads. This is a bad idea. For the most part, however, this is a pretty good board.


The NEXT board is the Q&A board, which is a wondrous field of the SAME QUESTION BEING ASKED OVER AND OVER AGAIN IN A "GROUNDHOG DAY" ESQUE MANNER. The majority of replies end up saying "We've had this thread before" or "*Sigh, this thread again." A few members come to this board to ask questions about forcing, but most of the threads end up being about either sex or parroting. Do not expect much from this board.


Ah, the General Discussion board. The precursor to the Off Topic board, in that its entire point is to discuss inconsequential things which may or may not be tulpa-related. Plenty of questions are placed here, most likely to avoid having to look at the Q&A board. The topics here are typically sophisticated and mature. *Snirk.* I'll just end this one on the note  that this is one of the "better" boards to post on.


Research! For SCIENCE! This board is where people talk about perhaps maybe trying to attempt a bit of experimentation on their tulpae perhaps, not really. This board contains typical experiments, as well as possible ways to PROVE tulpae. It's fun to read, though.


The PR board is a place where a bunch of newbies blog about their personal lives and make fools of themselves for fun. This is the second most popular board, for some reason. Members come here to tell people their progress while forcing, hence the name. There is a rule about not blogging about your life aside from tulpae, but rules are apparently made to be broken. Expect walls of text and a surprising lack of humor.


The Tulpa Art board is the third smallest board, where a bunch of people gather around to talk about drawing their tulpae. This board also has a striking lack of pictures of tulpae. A few threads have actually managed to get pictures, but for the most part threads are perpetual description holes where nothing is accomplished. This is easily the best concept for a board, but one of the worst boards nonetheless.


Hell is the place where we all go when we die, because we are bad people. It is accessible via death, and the Metaphysics board. This is a board which is so horrifying, so terrifying, so asinine, it's dedicated entirely to Pseudoscience. You read that correctly. It is a place where people spread their occult hypothetheories which are so bad that simply going there is similar to staring at Hillary Clinton in the eyes. With both actions, your soul will be sucked straight out of your pupils. Reigning supreme as the worst board to ever go on, it continues to taint that little blue header at the top of this page which says "for science!" Seriously, EXPLAIN WHAT CHI IS AND WHY IT CANNOT BE VIEWED.


Finally, the Off Topic board is the most popular board by far. Everyone's gone there, and will continue to do so for as long as the earth exists. There is no real point to this board, but it continues to be the best board. Spend all of your time here.



How Not to be a Yogurt Cannon While Using this Site



There is a tenant which should be kept, a clear code of moral while utilizing this blessed site we were given. While the above paragraphs were not entirely serious and were more satirical than anything, this section is really serious. You've learned which boards to spend most of your time on, the General Discussion, PR and Off Topic boards, but here is the etiquette to be used when browsing.


Do not assume what you believe is automatically correct. This is rule number one. This site is for science and for science only. Science requires the Scientific Method which requires testing. Seeing as none of us have any real means of testing, we can only assume. Just remember, that Meta board lurker's theories are just as valid as yours. Nothing you say is for sure correct, so do not assume that it is. I have had issues with this, I'll admit, but failing to abide by this rule makes you look like a prick.


Do not randomly shitpost. This means, do not go around and post reaction photos on non Off-Topic threads. This is an actual rule set up by Pleeb, but it's there for a reason. You look awful when doing this. Maybe once or twice, but seriously, it's stupid. Avoid.


Do not start a flame war. This ties into the first rule, since most wars originate based on split opinions, and it makes you look like a douche. If you're hurt inside based upon someone's opinions or an insult, don't react. That's like, rule 1 of the internet in general, because nobody likes flame wars.


Don't post metaphysical stuff on regular boards. "For Science," remember?


Post a lot. Nobody likes inactive members. Be more like Laquer, who now has nearly 1000 posts and joined in February! Off Topic posts don't count, which is unfortunate, so if that's your excuse, that you hang around the Off Topic board too much, start posting on PRs and General Discussion threads. It's a site about TULPAE for God's sake!


Don't talk about how much sex you've had with your tulpa. For God's sake, don't even MENTION it! IT'S JUST MASTURBATION! NOTHING ELSE!!!


Finally, don't roleplay. This is the number one most important rule in the entirety of the rules I've gotten here. The site is made so that you can make legitimate tulpae. If you legitimately think you have 50 tulpae having a war and they're getting pregnant left and right, fine. If you're PRETENDING that you have 50 tulpae having a war and they're getting pregnant left and right, delete your account and have a nice day.



TL;DR. These were all the basic rules of not being a douchebag on Tulpa.info. This also included the basic layout of the site and places you should avoid. This thread was inspired by the "Where Are We Going?" thread on General Discussion. Remember, this site is to help you make a tulpa, so go out, read a nice guide, and go FORCE.[/align]

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Seems a little too much like Albatross' guide, but I'm sure it'll be useful, nonetheless.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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Can't wait to see you get a huge warning for this guide. I found it helpful though.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Guest MegaBusta

What am I even reading?


"Do not randomly shitpost."


This whole thread ^


Was this really worth it?


You'd be surprised by how many people legitimately need a guide to know this.

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There shouldn't even need to be a guide for this in the first place.


I was hoping this guide would be filled with information on how act with a certain degree of intelligence and professionalism on this forum. Instead, I get my hopes crushed.

My Tulpa

And then it cuts to a scene where you're sitting in a padded cell.


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Was the chi bit directed at me? Could be. I don't touch the meta board and only know that my chi thread got stashed there (which I abandoned soon after posting). But, uh, if there's other chi threads, point me there so the heckling can ensue.


You can't see chi because it doesn't have a visual component, unless you impose it like a tulpa. Or something. Most people assume and treat chi like some kind of spiritual mumbo jumbo. So that's how most people define it. That isn't interesting. At the very least, chi is a concept that allows you to do a myriad of things much quicker and easier through the use of symbols. Things like muscle control, breathing, application of physics and various placebo-esque effects.


"Chi" is a catch-all term that includes air/breath, energy, blood, synapses, and spirit/soul, among others. It can be bent into just about any definition the particular person wants it to be. I still contend that there is no metaphysical aspect to it, and anything that people think is metaphysical simply seems that way.


Also, the forum's idea of science as a whole is warped. It just looks like what people think science is, mostly influenced by pop-culture. The hard sciences may be like this? But, that's unlikely. Subjectivity is now a huge part in that shit. Especially the social sciences, which our whole endeavor of tulpa-anything is much closer to anyway.

“Just sick enough to be totally confident”


"Same thing; a soul's made of stories, not actions."

Progress Report

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10/10, would blindly worship as holy text again.

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Working on: Imposition

Hieldy (Moogle)

Working on: Possession/imposition

Samantha (Griffon)

Working on: Deafness/form


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