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Tulpa Creation Times and Beliefs


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There was some more discussion going on in irc. A log is here, but the gist is this:


A tulpa may not take as much time as Irish and Dane said. For example, Robo has his tulpa sentient and speaking in one week, with only a day given for personality.


When the community got started, Irish and Dane got their guides made. They both said that tulpae would definitely take dozens of hours. That's not necessarily true. Sentience and vox could be taking so long for some people in part because they're expecting it to.


This topic is for talking about the interactions between belief systems and, in this thread's case, tulpa creation times. I encourage others to try and change their belief system in regards to how long it may take to make a tulpa. I am undergoing an experiment to change my beliefs through a combination of self-hypnosis and affirmations to ensure neutrality (and possibly a bias towards the shorter end of the spectrum), and then attempt to finish my tulpa in two weeks.


Yes, Fede, this means I'll stop focusing on my wonderland.


If my experiment fails, then no real results have been gathered. There may be too many independent variables involved for me to successfully do this. If it succeeds, then I have my tulpa a lot sooner than I expected (and of course brings more evidence for this theory).


So, anyone else willing to try? Those with fully (or even partially) complete tulpae can also try for a second one as well.

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Guest Anonymous

I figure I'll try it since I haven't even started yet. However, I'd be cautious about accidentally convincing yourself you completed a certain step in an unnaturally short amount of time because you convinced yourself it was possible. I'm assuming your belief on the amount of time it takes does have an affect, but I wouldn't try to convince yourself that something like personality could be completed in a 1-4 hours or anything to that affect.

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Guest applesauce99

So this is back to suggestion and affirmations? I'm impatient, so I'll give it a try.

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ShyGuy, I find your theory plausible. There have been several rumors about Dane's and Irish's guides being ineffective and hindering. (Especially because of the expectations they shed off on the reader)

Still, you have to consider, that Robo is one of our younger members. (from what I can tell)


As far as i reckon, it becomes more difficult to get DID the older you are. Not sure why exactly, but the general age until this is possible is around 7 - 11 Years. So we should take this into consideration, when we talk about forming "another consciousness".


Maybe Robo could elaborate his expectations and "beliefs", as you might call it. I will be checking out his progress report.

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There has been many exceptional things happening in recent times, Robo's super fast tulpa development definitely being one of them, and while I do believe the expectations and preconceptions have some sway in the development of a Tulpa, I'd hesitate to claim that all cases of tulpa creation can be shortened to the amount that Robo has taken, much like how I doubt everyone will have an easy time making 5 Tulpa at once like JD1215 did. While the time can definitely be shortened a bit, telling people that they can make a thought form with minimal effort might be getting people's hopes up, and would likely result in more people getting frustrated because their tulpa hasn't started talking a week after they started and stopping as a result


Personally, I stopped counting hours not too long after I started, and have adopted a "it'll be done when it's done" perspective regarding my tulpa. As well, I've only been employing the guides in a minimal fashion, since they're guides and not stone carved law. FAQ-man even urges the reader beforehand to try and do it one their own, rather than rely on a guide.


From what I've seen, tulpa creation seems to be a very loose and personal process that is literally different for everyone. The only similarity I've seen in many successful cases is that the person spent a good deal of time directing a large amount of concentration to a single thought, allowing it to become it's own consciousness. As such, I don't believe that any one way is THE true one way, and while we can help people optimize their process a bit, no guide will be perfect, and no one will follow any guide 100%.


Hopefully growing research on this subject will not create more folk that espouse their way as the only correct one, or turn tulpa creation into some kind of competition about who can make the smartest, prettiest, and best thoughtform in the shortest amount of time.

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Oh, I see you went ahead and made the thread ShyGuy. I noticed how some of the creators around here were getting very short hour counts, and I was simply speculating and it lead to this, since I need evidence that the belief system is involved. I should have a guide of sorts for belief changing up some time so that I can get people to attempt to go neutral on beliefs, and see how that affects hour count.

Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.

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I agree belief and expectation could alter the time of how fast a tulpa can gain sentience. Like if a skeptic decided to tulpaforce with the doubt that what s/he did would work, it'd probably take a lot longer, or even be impossible for him/her to create a tulpa. With that I also think it could go the other way, if you have the right mind.


I certainly believe I can get a response within two weeks, but then again I'll be nearing 50 hours by that time anyway.

Time tulpaforced: 124 h 00 min

Responses:(Possible) different kind of tones

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Well to start, I'm 19 years old, so I'm not sure if that would make me a younger member or not.


I agree that my tulpa hasn't taken very long to make, I was quite worried about that for a short period of time, so I just stopped counting hours and took on the, "It's done when it's done" mentality sock seems to have taken as well. Also, I have Aspergers, so that makes it much easier than other people for me to put a lot of mental energy into something I hyperfocus on, In this case, tulpa development. I've not gone an hour without thinking about Mitsuki for about three or four days now (not counting sleep), and I was thinking about her/developing her in every spare moment I had during her creation process.


My beliefs... I'm not sure exactly what you want from me, so go ahead and ask if I leave something out. I believe that I've had personalities in my head before, I had several psudotulpas for some time before they were destroyed by my subconscious annoyances. I cleared out my existing wonderland before I started tulpa development. I didn't really think about how long it would take to make, and I tend to grossly underestimate how long something will take if you put in a statement like "100 hours" so I didn't really conceptualize how long that really was.

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Oh. My. God. I think I had sentient tulpa that even said a few words and was affected by the prism thingy. I had it before some folks on /mlp/ told me that I am creating not a tulpa but a servitor and I decided to create it from scratch. I am 15 year old, and have Aspergeres.

Oh, I mean tulpa created in around ten hours of meditation.

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