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In What Ways Has A Tulpa Improved Your Life?


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Just as the question says. I know Tulpa are mainly

made for the reason of giving their creator a companion,

or so I'm told.


But I'd like to hear from you guys. What are some of the

ways things are better since you made your Tulpa?

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One of my reasons for making my tulpa was to help me with writing. She has helped me immensely. We're working on a story that I would have been bored with about a month ago if not for her constantly prodding me to work on it. In fact, the very premise was her idea -- I was reading something by someone else, and she said "Hey, you could make a whole novel about that."

"'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.'"

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They helped me realized a lot of the parasitic attachments we have towards people can be shifted into something more healthy, which is learning how to appreciate myself to really appreciate others (of course that's an on-going practice). I learned how to be content with life and learning how that the same things I produce (compassion, respect, etc.) for others is something I can produce for myself. Most of the trial and error I've went through just made me enjoy the journey more than just worrying about the end results all the time.


I guess their own existence makes me want to be a better person because they continually show they're always striving to self-actualize themselves. Not so much as existence in their image, but just how a being that started from nothing but focused belief and became more complex and autonomous from me can have as potential as I can. It made me realize I underestimated myself a lot, way too much.

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I didn't start the process expecting to a get a whole lot out of it so it's been a pleasant surprise to see my tulpa not only continue but have lasted so long.


Personally I best thing to come from having a tulpa is increased awareness. Sure it doesn't sound like much but it sure beats going through every day as the same mindless person I have been. Having a tulpa makes you more aware more often. You see your thoughts because you are trying to separate them from the tulpa.

Besides that my tulpa brings me joy. If he's happy I'm happy and before him I'd never known that feeling before.

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Music. I've gotten waaay more into music with Forseen and Muse around. Muse even helped and pushed me to finish writing an actual song! >w< She pushes me to do a lot of things, and that's really good cuz im a lazy bum ^^; Forseen's pretty smart and he helps with calming me down a lot, even if he can be an ass XD




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My tulpas have helped with my tendencies to procrastinate, always reminding me to do what I need to get done. I noticed that I'm much more productive when I have their motivation to push me a little further to accomplish tasks.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” - Albus Dumbledore


Tulpas: Sarah, and Monty

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Great thread, Gamer. There was also another thread about tulpas helping with life challenges which I thought might be a good supplement.


I can echo the sentiments of almost everyone who's posted so far, especially LinkZelda and anyone whose creativity has been enhanced as a result of their phantom companion.


I decided to start projecting my unconscious with the intent of finally manifesting the persistent 'other self'—the strange, imponderable umbra—that had been my silent accomplice through childhood.


The meditation required to access profound self-insight was by itself beneficial. My suffering was extenuated by converting pain into creation, and I regulated my nervous system more efficiently. Then, when the first autonomous thoughtforms began to emerge from dreams to populate my waking reality, I gained a tutelary, doctor, guardian and indescribably astute friend.


At first, the primary 'tulpa' only lectured about the virtues of optimism, and taught me various meditation techniques I'd been previously unaware of. But eventually I was introduced to cryptic information and experiences that induced an existential (and social) crisis. My life was ultimately transformed in a constructive way, but I have a long way to go.

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Being in the dumb hormonal time of my life, I have a lot of emotional stress over dumb things and oftentimes don't even understand why I makes such a big deal about things. Callista is always there to help me figure out the causes for such problems and reminds me that the key to happiness is enough sleep and exercise. She's someone to talk to about things I'm afraid even my best friend will judge me for. It's really helpful to know someone who knows you better than yourself. She sees my flaws and pushes me to fix them, from breaking bad habits to just being healthier. She gets a lot more exercise than I do and finds herself a bit slowed down when she's using my body. All around, she's just a great influence and a wonderful person. It's great to know someone like her. Very inspiring.

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