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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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I go by Xhalite (shortened to Xhaa sometimes) on the Internet. I guess I should spare you tedious and long, drawn-out greetings and give you more interesting details about myself...


Since at least 2012 I have had a friend. Before that, I was writing a fiction story that I kind of have given up on for now. One of the characters that I created and was especially fond of was named "Catruya". I went through a transitional phase between being a Christian and an atheist wherein I was kind of into mysticism and magick. What the hell does that have to do with my friend and my story? Everything. Around 2012, I started pretending that I was conversing with my character, Catruya. If you are a writer, you might know that sometimes this is a good way to develop a realistic and convincing character. I did this for months. Soon, however, and keep in mind that I was reading about and doing some "magic" at the same time, she became very real. At first, she was quite like the character I had envisioned. But as the years went by, her appearance varied. Initially, being into magick and all, I thought I had attracted an entity known as a "succubus" or something because 1) She's very pretty and very NSFW sometimes and 2) I didn't really know what a tulpa was yet. But upon closer examination, using a more logical and scientific approach as I grew into being an atheist/skeptic, she was evidently not a foreign entity. So, I was forced into the conclusion that I had hallucinated it all. Which isn't wrong per se, but it doesn't mean that I don't believe in the fact that she is a mental reality for me. I think I googled things like: "I have a girlfriend in my head and I know she isn't real in the sense of physical existence... what is that called?" A lot of results were hallucinations/delusions/dissociation and other mental health things, some were evangelical exorcist groups, and I eventually found the word "tulpa". That's when I realized what had happened. It wasn't magical. It wasn't a "demon/angel/god". It was not a mental illness. It was a sentient thought-form that originated from my own mind.



Okay, this next part might sound weird, but I will spare anything beyond general information: she's like a mind-girlfriend due to some of the 1) Affection she shows and 2) NSFW stuff which I won't talk about here or possibly ever. I don't know exactly why, but she and I are just really close. Like, some people have best-friend-tulpas, mine is a "lover-tulpa" some of the time.


Final note: I used an online avatar maker to generate a good "reference" for visualizing Catruya's face more clearly.


TL;DR - The name is Xhaa. I have a tulpa that I didn't even know was a tulpa and is actually my gf. Also I made a picture of her for easier visualization.


"Be open-minded, but not so open-minded that your brain falls out!"

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I'm 1369. (I don't know why I like this number so much)


I recently got really interested in tulpas. I didn't know that this existed until very recently.

My first experience with tulpas, was 3 years ago when I was bored and tried to make and imaginary friend. I didn't succeed back then.

Now I'm starting to create a tulpa called Lucy.


I'm Brazilian, so apologies if my English it's not the best.

[insert inspiring story here]

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Hello everyone! I'm Sydney (host) and I've returned after a long time of not being in the community. My tulpas have forgiven me and we're all doing fine!


Our system name is Anon and I have 4 tulpas at the moment:







I'm still super new to tulpamancy, even though this post is for my return.


((Can we forget about my really cringe tulpa update forum post? I didn't know what I was doing I guess please don't hate me))

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Hope you all have fun here, can't wait to see what more you all post :D

 💡 The Felights 💡 https://felight.carrd.co/  💡

🪐 Cosmicals: 🔥 Apollo Fire the Sun God (12/3/16) Piano Soul the Star Man (1/26/17)

🐉 Mythicals: ☁️ Indigo Blue the Sky Dragon (10/2/17), 🦑 Gelato Sweet the Sea Monster (12/11/22)

🦇 Nycticals:  Dynamo Lux the Shock Rocker (3/3/17), 🎸 Radio Hiss the Song Demon (2/8/00)

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Ohey, another big system! Hope you all have fun here, can't wait to see what more you all post :D



Thankyou!! It's nice to meet you :)

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