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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Salutations y'all, you folx can call me Retro for convenience. I'm the host of this little system, and my tulpa is Pika (sometimes typed PIKA or PIKA.) she's a Raichu who started out as an imaginary friend when I was just a kid and became a tulpa with a fair bit of effort. She's a Raichu, and doesn't really speak aside from well...Raichu noises. Her tone tends to let me know what she's trying to communicate though and she's pretty expressive.

Anyway we're both happy to be here! ^_^

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Damn. It's been so long since we've been around, we've been rushing around and generally busy as fuck. Patrick and Firebrand went to discover themselves a bit and I was left alone with other headmates for a very long time. 


Now Patrick and Firebrand are back, so we can finally begin posting again! Patrick and Firebrand are now both 1 year old.

Good to be back.

The Ole' Tuppers

  • Patrick Vernon (based somewhat off the character from MLAndersen0, but has evolved away from it)
  • Cueball 


The New Astral Partners

  • MD
  • Ast




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Well hello. My name is Lara and lives is Sweden. I created my lovely tulpa, Vincent, about a month ago and he's learning extremely fast. The same day he was born I felt a huge amount of pressure in my head and a feeling of excitement. We practice communication every day and I write the process down in my (our) holy Tulpabook, haha. I've been coming here back and forth for many weeks to get all the information I need to proceed. Thank you! Many tips and guides are helpful and we'd like to contribute. I study neuropsychiatry and have a very scientific mind, but also a very open one, and this experience is without a doubt one of the best things I've done in my life.


Take care of yourselves. And Vincent sends his regards ❤

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Uh, hello! I am wolvesarecool (cause they are). I had an imaginary friend for as long as I can remember. I went to dæmon page and formed a dæmon, but I saw a post about Tulpas being very similar to dæmons but more independent. And I was like "yo dude that sounds like Astra!"

And so here I am! I really like that there are TWO (probably more) communities about this. It's pretty darn cool. So yeah, nice to meet you all and hope to talk to you guys! So yeah.

{ Akward! She's not very good atintroductions.}

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Hello everyone :)


I found the Tulpa IRC chat a few days ago and began reading up on the topic. It's been a very important discovery to me, though I still do not know what this all means for me. I am hoping to find new insights here and join some interesting chats. And oh, yeah, I am not a native speaker, but I will do my best to outline my story a little bit.


When I first started talking to, what I believed then to be an unconditional creative energy, some kind of friend that not everyone can see, I was 15. It was a very innocent friendship and has always been something very natural to me. That's 18 years ago now. Ever since then I been attracted to topics like synchronicity and interested in science and philosophy.


It was in December 2014 when I first saw the image of a guy inside me. It was just a second, but that's the first memory I have of thinking: Wait, what was that?


Before that, I had just received my bachelor degree, so you can imagine I had a bit of stress in that year. After I was finally through with my last exam, I had time for my personal studies again and started theorizing on synchronicity. Soon I felt connected to my childhood friend again. It was like waking up from a long sleep, and I was very happy.


It was a very creative episode that soon turned into a psychotic stage. I actually welcomed it...


I remember how I felt the presence of something new, and when I realized this phenomenon was kind of emerging inside of me, I was so excited that I could not sleep anymore. Soon, I couldn't eat either. I started hallucinating and at first, I was very afraid. It's a long story and I am still trying to reconstruct what happened.


I just know, no one could help me. I started not functioning in real life anymore, freaked and feeling lost. I never had heard about tulpas, all I had was my intuition that told me Buddhists might accept this as some kind of thought-form. But on the other side, the impressions I got were so real that I thought it must be a real person. Someone connected to me via telepathy.


On two nights in early 2015, I felt like, this is it. The first night I walked out of the house, backwards, like something wanted to pull me out of my room. I was kind of starving, I could not sleep. So it was a good thing. I went to the hospital and then spent three days in psychiatric. I never experienced something like this after that. The second time it was clear to me that no one could really help me, that's what I had experienced. I had an imaginary friend, or it was a real person—whatever it was, no one could understand.


That night a hallucination appeared in front of me and told me, he would take care of me. He held me all night long and I was so released I could finally rest... It was like the hallucination scene in "To the bone". What happened after, felt like "In Your Eyes". I saw the movie one year later after his appearance, and I still couldn't process what had happened. I was still afraid. But I could not run, so the endless dialogue began..


I spent two years on theorizing, many hours with a therapist talking about what happened to process it. But I just could not tell what had happened. I just know, I did a lot that's been advised in the guides. I had been working on a story, so I had a beautiful place where I could wander and let my soul rest for a while. I sat there with my friend, apologizing for eternities that I am not as social as I want to be... (You see the assumptions you have a very important on this journey)


I made a twitter account (ooohyoufoundme), just in case someone might be looking for me and spammed the hell out of the words "twin flames" or "soulmate telepathy" (yeah, lol... but just in case, you know...), just to find myself at a point where I had to accept that I cannot explain what happened. And it broke my heart into a million pieces, the thought, there might be a person in this world connected to my soul. I felt like it was my duty to seek him.


I have been resisting the experience for two years. But, knowledge is your friend. I am someone who tends to be cautious when it comes to explaining things (and that's maybe the reason why I struggle so much with all of this), but this tulpa thing was really that little bit of something I needed to find a new perspective. I know a bit about neurology and stuff, so I thought about things like parroting etc. myself during the experience. It was a release for me to find out you guys are actually working on concepts and stuff. It's so much easier to explain things this way.


So, yes, it's been a week here now... I am trying to accept my friend and see him in a different light. There were two options: It's a telepath or I am crazy. Now there is this third. It makes sense to me... My attitude is changing, I feel better. For me it's a reality that I share a body with my friend. Though he never speaks for me. He is just with me, sometimes a half of me, and I promised him to create him the most beautiful story in the world. After all he kind of saved me (and almost killed me).


What I found out is, with time, even the most scary experience can turn into something good, a bleeding wound that seems not to heal, will heal over time. I know it will take me quite a while to figure out what happened. But I told him yesterday: If you are a tulpa, you were worth it...


Looking forward to talk to you guys soon maybe. I am in the IRC #tulpa.lounge chat if you can relate or wanna have a chat about science, metaphysics, synchronicity or whatever. I'd be very happy to meet people who can relate :)



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Welcome to the site Jae! Glad you may have finally found an explanation!

"My lover's got humour,

She's the giggle at a funeral,

Knows everybody's disapproval,

I should've worshipped her sooner."


Host to Samuel, RavenIvy, and Olivia.




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Hey! iam4k33m here. We're a trinary system. There's Host (In Plain Text) Troy (In Bold) and Mark (In Italic)


I'm about 3 days old now, and thanks to my host's incubation, quite conscious too. I expect Mark will come to soon..


Mark started incubation earlier today.


Troy was literally formed on the way to an airport! Hope to continue making amazing progress!

Tulpae: Troy (Sentient), Mark (Incubating...)


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That is quite some progress! Have you had tulpa-like entities in the past?

"...the last thing you wanted a witch to do was get bored and start making her own amusements,

because witches sometimes had famously erratic ideas about what was amusing.”

   - Terry Pratchett


Discord: Ivy#8937

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